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NYC’s Homeless Aid Program Close To End

Buried in the ‘NY Region’ section of a strangely un-outraged New York Times:

Clock Ticks for a Key Homeless Program

May 31, 2011

With New York City’s shelter population near all-time highs, the Bloomberg administration is on the verge of ending its signature housing program for homeless families, saying the program’s generosity might have contributed to the problem.

The hell you say.

The program, called Advantage, started in 2007 and offers subsidies for up to two years to help people in shelters afford their own apartments, provided they work or take part in job training. But several months ago, the administration warned that if the state followed through with its plan to stop its financial support, the city could not afford to maintain the program and would cut off aid even to those already participating…

“You never know what motivates people,” Mayor Michael R. Bloomberg said during a recent radio show. “One theory is that some people have been coming into the homeless system, the shelter system, in order to qualify for a program that helps you move out of the homeless system.”

In other words, people were moving out of their homes into homeless shelters, to get a monthly subsidy.

Advantage has provided rental vouchers worth up to about $1,000 a month, for up to two years, to homeless people who found jobs. In March, the city announced the program’s suspension, saying that it would issue no more vouchers, and that people who already had vouchers would lose them. After that announcement, the city said, the number of applications for shelter fell

More than 21,000 families have participated since Advantage began. At first, they contributed only $50 a month toward rent, but the rules were later changed to require them to pay 30 percent of their income in their first year and 40 percent in their second year to “emphasize self-sufficiency,” Mr. Diamond said…

So at one point ‘homeless’ people were getting $950 a month and free rent. But when that got scaled back, many of them just stopped being ‘homeless.’

It would seem that some people won’t even be homeless unless there is some profit in it.

[The Coalition for the Homeless, an advocacy group] has pressed the Bloomberg administration to give homeless people preference for public housing and vouchers for Section 8, a federally financed subsidy program using private housing, as previous administrations had. The administration said that was not feasible, because the Section 8 program had a waiting list of 125,000 people and public housing had a list of 144,000.

Just in case anyone had gotten the impression that New York City was actually cutting down on the number of people in taxpayer funded ‘public housing.’

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4 Responses to “NYC’s Homeless Aid Program Close To End”

  1. Helena says:

    NY is realizing welfare programs CREATE dependency? Duh! This makes me so mad I am sputtering as I type.

  2. Liberals Demise says:

    Do gooders get bum rushed at every turn.
    Only America would tolerate such a massive waste of resources with no focus.

  3. TerryAnne says:

    I’m “digging” the crafty wordsmithing used in this one: signature housing program…generosity…help…lose them…

  4. tranquil.night says:

    Yet another sad an ironic homage to how the profit motive will always trump an imposed good of the whole pseudo-morality.

    For being such devout children of Nature, they sure are dreadfully ignorant of her ways. For being so supposedly knowledgeable, the Wizards of Smart sure do get ‘unexpectedly’ fooled and flummoxed by the problems they claim to be trying to help often, regarding the “poor” and lesser, as they see them.

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