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NYS Obama-Care Premiums To Go Up 13% Next Year

From the New York Times:

Insurers on New York State’s Health Exchange Seek Significant Rate Increases

By ANEMONA HARTOCOLLIS [sic] | July 2, 2014

Some New Yorkers are in sticker shock after receiving notices from their insurance companies saying that they have asked for significant rate increases through the state’s health exchange next year.

The exchange, which has prided itself on being affordable, is now facing requests for increases as high as 28 percent for some customers of MetroPlus, a new entry to the individual insurance market and one of the least costly — and most popular — plans on the exchange this year.

What’s this? The NYT is admitting that New York State Obama-Care premiums will go up at least 13% and even twice that next year?

We thought those were lies being foisted on the public by rightwing talk radio. But now it turns out that Obama’s lie about Obama-Care driving down the price of health insurance was an ever bigger lie than his promise that we could keep our doctors.

Beth Leibson, a Manhattan resident, received a letter from MetroPlus saying it was working on raising her rate by 28 percent. She said this was a higher one-year increase than any rate rise she had had with previous insurance, including insurance under the federal law known as Cobra, where she paid the entire bill. “It seems to me that this defeats the purpose of ‘affordable’ health insurance,” Ms. Leibson said.

The purpose of Obama-Care was to make more people dependent on the government via mandating insurance, and then giving out taxpayer subsidies. It had nothing to do with healthcare or making health insurance more affordable.

Over all, including plans inside or outside the exchange, insurance companies asked for average rate increases of 13 percent in 2015, the state’s Financial Services Department said Wednesday…

The rates do not account for any government subsidies, which Mr. Anderson said would also go up for some customers who qualify for them.

What great news! So the taxpayer will get to give more money to the evil insurance companies for premiums for people they don’t even know.

In their proposals, the insurance companies justify their rate requests by citing the rising cost of medical care, aging demographics, high use of costly hospital services, and the fact that New York has one of the most expensive health care markets in the country…

Of course, no one would ever blame Obama or his endless mandates that determine what has to be covered.

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  1. GetBackJack says:

    13% Only 13% Boy, the NYT is caught redhanded smoking Thai Stick in the Press Room

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