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NYS (Re) Bans Assault Weapons, 8 Bullet Mags

From a joyous Associated Press:

NY seals 1st state gun laws since Newtown massacre

By MICHAEL GORMLEY | January 15, 2013

ALBANY, N.Y. (AP) — New York lawmakers agreed to pass the toughest gun control law in the nation and the first since the Newtown, Conn., school shooting, and now dare other states and Washington to follow.

"This is a scourge on society," Gov. Andrew Cuomo said Monday night, six days after making gun control a centerpiece of his progressive agenda in his State of the State address. The bipartisan effort was fueled by the Newtown tragedy that took the lives of 20 first graders and six educators. "At what point do you say, ‘No more innocent loss of life.’"

Sen. Jeffrey Klein, leader of the Independent Democratic Conference in the Senate, said it is landmark legislation. "This is not about taking anyone’s rights away," said Klein, a Bronx Democrat. "It’s about a safe society … today we are setting the mark for the rest of the county to do what’s right."

The measure, which calls for a tougher assault weapons ban and restrictions on ammunition and the sale of guns, passed the Senate 43-18 on the strength of support from Democrats, many of whom previously sponsored bills that were once blocked by Republicans.

Lest we forget, New York state already has a ban on assault weapons. As do California, Hawaii, Maryland, Massachusetts, New Jersey, and Connecticut. There are local assault weapons bans in 17 local areas, including Denver, Colorado, and Cook County (Chicago), Illinois.

The Democrat-led Assembly gaveled out before midnight and planned to take the issue up at 10 a.m. Tuesday. It is expected to pass easily.

The governor confirmed the proposal, previously worked out in closed session, also would mandate a police registry of assault weapons, grandfathering in assault weapons already in private hands.

It would create a more powerful tool to require the reporting of mentally ill people who say they intend to use a gun illegally and would address the unsafe storage of guns, the governor confirmed…

How will this be enforced exactly? And where is the ACLU?

"It is well-balanced, it protects the Second Amendment," said Senate Republican leader Dean Skelos of Long Island. "And there is no confiscation of weapons, which was at one time being considered…

Well, to be fair, you have to register them before you can confiscate them.

Cuomo said he wanted quick action to avoid a run on assault weapons and ammunition as he tries to address what he estimates is about 1 million assault weapons in New York state…

Which is pretty hard to believe, especially since they are already banned in New York state. But perhaps that tells you how broad the definition of assault weapon has become.

Under current state law, assault weapons are defined by having two "military rifle" features spelled out in the law. The proposal would reduce that to one feature and include the popular pistol grip…

Because it’s the pistol grip that kills people.

Private sales of assault weapons to someone other than an immediate family would be subject to a background check through a dealer. Also Internet sales of assault weapons would be banned, and failing to safely store a weapon could be subject to a misdemeanor charge.

Ammunition magazines would be restricted to seven bullets, from the current 10, and current owners of higher-capacity magazines would have a year to sell them out of state. An owner caught at home with eight or more bullets in a magazine could face a misdemeanor charge.

Once again, the most popular guns used for self defense are semiautomatic handguns with 10 bullet capacities. Although, this bill seems to be only concerned with so-called assault rifles. For now.

In another provision, a therapist who believes a mental health patient made a credible threat to use a gun illegally would be required to report the incident to a mental health director who would have to report serious threats to the state Department of Criminal Justice Services. A patient’s gun could be taken from him or her

But ‘nobody is having their guns taken away from them.’ Just crazy people. (And never mind some say our country was founded by ‘nuts with guns.’)

In the gun debate, one concern for New York is its major gun manufacturer upstate.

Remington Arms Co. makes the Bushmaster semi-automatic rifle that was used in the Connecticut shootings and again on Christmas Eve when the two firefighters were slain in Webster. The two-century-old Remington factory in Ilion in central New York employs 1,000 workers in a Republican Senate district.

These are acceptable losses. Gun manufacturers are headed the way of tobacco companies. In fact, it won’t be long before they are sued like tobacco companies.

Assemblyman Marc Butler, a Republican who represents the area, decried the closed-door meetings by Senate Republicans and the Democratic majority of the Assembly as "politics at its worst." …

All New York politics is "politics at its worst."

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7 Responses to “NYS (Re) Bans Assault Weapons, 8 Bullet Mags”

  1. BannedbytheTaliban says:

    The less than 8-round requirement is aimed specifically at two 8-round weapons: the 1911 and M1 Garand.

  2. Petronius says:

    An assault rifle behind every blade of grass. That’s my motto.

    Ye can take me freedom but ye canna’ take me haggis.

    But hey, if I’m an “undocumented” gun owner in New York state, can I get free health care, in-state tuition, tax rebates, ammo subsidies, and some Fast & Furious guns?

  3. artpa says:

    I am unclear on what an “assult weapon” is as are those. Most modern hand guns have a capacity of 10 with another in the pipe, the law enforcement glock has 15 with another in the pipe… are these banned?

    • JohnMG says:

      Yep. Pretty much.

      But don’t worry. All you have to do is refuse to obey the new law and you become a ‘criminal’. As a ‘criminal’ you won’t have to concern yourself with such mundane things as the rule-of-law and your worries will be over.

      As an added bonus, as a bonafide ‘criminal’ you’ll be qualified to run for and hold any office, as a Democrat, up to and including POTUS. It’s a resume enhancer.

  4. canary says:

    To think NYC the number one target of Islamic Extremist attacks of mass destruction is disarming it’s citizens.

    Gun laws should be a State diversity issue. Rural areas have to worry about increasing arson fires, and the possible need for a long range scope rifle in order to hit a hand or foot.

    Not every city has the NYC terrorist trained police dept and federal law enforcement.

    These gun laws should be called a The Govt. Pork Barrel of Guns.

    All the laws being proposed include gun grabbing. And it will cost a fortune to citizens to implement the proposed laws by the federal govt.

    All American citizens will literally pay billions to enforce these regulations which will make their federal govt rich.

    All the weapons will end up in the hands of the African army’s who are leaving their weapons to Al-Qaeda as they bail and run. We will be arming Al-Qaeda and Islamic extremists who will hide their guns under layers of dresses and outfits.

  5. bousquem25 says:

    The whole ban is basically going to shut down any semi-automatic gun in the state. I guess a 8 round magazine is now “high capacity” by NYS standards. Seems like the only legal guns now will be a few bolt action rifles and revolvers. Next up on the block will probably be either seizure of guns or banning call guns that use a centerfire cartridge like England did. Then rimefires were banned and pump shotguns.

  6. Anonymoose says:

    No one currently makes seven round magazines aside from single stack mags for some handguns, so I guess if you own a gun that you could use with a 10 round magazine, now you’re stuck with none. Your dangerous registered assault weapon is now a club unless you insert a single bullet at a time. Brilliant thinking.

    The Garand has had 5 round hunting clips made for some time–but who knows if they decide that since it’s capable of holding 8 rounds if they’ll ban that also.

    What about attached tube magazines? That 60’s .22 semi-auto I guess is banned also.

    All this $%@!! so Cuomo can endear himself to the Democrats and look good for 2016.

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