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NYT: ACORN Voter Fraud Not All That Bad

From the front page, above the fold of the New York Times:

Group’s Tally of New Voters Was Vastly Overstated

Published: October 23, 2008

On Oct. 6, the community organizing group Acorn and an affiliated charity called Project Vote announced with jubilation that they had registered 1.3 million new voters. But it turns out the claim was a wild exaggeration, and the real number of newly registered voters nationwide is closer to 450,000, Project Vote’s executive director, Michael Slater, said in an interview.

The remainder are registered voters who were changing their address and roughly 400,000 that were rejected by election officials for a variety of reasons, including duplicate registrations, incomplete forms and fraudulent submissions from low-paid field workers trying to please their supervisors, Mr. Slater acknowledged.

In registration drives, it is common for a percentage of newly registered voters to be disqualified for various reasons, although experts say the percentage is higher when groups pay workers to gather registrations. But the disclosure on Thursday that 30 percent of Acorn’s registrations were faulty was described by Republicans as further proof of what they said was Acorn’s effort to tilt the election unfairly…

Democrats and officials with Acorn accuse Republicans of trying to manufacture a controversy to deflect attention from alleged voter suppression activities in several states. Election officials and experts say there is little chance that significant numbers of supporters of either party would actually try to vote through a fraudulent registration

Mr. Slater and Acorn officials have defended their voter registration work. They said that it remained technically difficult to weed out duplications without better access to election records, and that their internal auditing identified many of the fraudulent registrations, which they flagged for election officials to review.

“Everybody knows that when 1.3 million applications are submitted, not every single one of them gets on the rolls,” said Brian Kettenring, a spokesman for Acorn. “That’s common sense.” …

In interviews this week, Acorn officials said they had an extensive program to detect fraudulent applications, which included calling the registrants to verify information provided on the forms. They also said they had combed through electronic records from the group’s field offices across the country, and that their internal audit did not show evidence of pervasive voter registration fraud.

Most of the registrations that were rejected were duplicate forms, followed by incomplete forms. The Acorn officials said their investigation found about 9,000 voter registration cards that were determined to be fraudulent. A lawyer for the group estimated that perhaps 5,000 to 6,000 more cards employees turned in were fraudulent. Acorn officials said that 20 percent to 25 percent of the applications it submitted were likely duplicates, 5 percent were incomplete, and 1 percent to 1.5 percent were fraudulent. Mr. Slater said the estimates were based on past registration drives and a sampling of this one.

Acorn officials said they were unable to provide a state-by-state breakdown identifying where the fraudulent voter registrations were submitted, but a spokesman said that at least some bogus cards cropped up in all 18 states where the group had major registration drives. Acorn conducted smaller drives in three other states.

Mr. Kettenring, the Acorn spokesman, said the number of fraudulent cards did not vary widely from state to state, but he identified Acorn’s office in Gary, Ind., as a particular trouble spot. After Acorn officials identified the percentage of problematic cards to be “unsatisfactorily high,” they shut down the office for three weeks beginning in late August, and brought in new management and canvassers before reopening it.

The group also said it was forced to fire 829 of the 10,000 canvassers it hired during the election for job-related problems, including falsifying registration forms. Acorn officials say they pay canvassers an hourly wage and not by the number of forms they obtain.

Mr. Kettenring said Acorn intended to change the language on its Web site to reflect that 400,000 of the 1.3 million registration submissions would likely be rejected by election officials, but said the group did not intend to be misleading

Of course the entire point of this article is to assure the readers of the New York Times that even if ACORN/Project Vote is committing voter fraud, it really isn’t that big of a deal.

They have only “registered” a quarter of the number they claim.

But if ACORN/Project Vote will lie about how many people they have registered, what else are they lying about?

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10 Responses to “NYT: ACORN Voter Fraud Not All That Bad”

  1. Liberals Demise says:

    Is it just me or has anybody noticed in every ACORN picture there are the 1 or 2 tokens in it? And they all have their big mouths open!! Win or lose these are the people who will torch up the area. 400,000 out of 1.3 million ? This should make ALL of the rest suspect! This group is a 501C Tax Exempt status and there for has NO BUSINESS endorsing ANY person for POTUS!! This is against Federal Law!! Let this be an example to those who are willing to take a stand that because you are black you can flaunt the law. It may have worked for the likes of Jesse and Al and their ilk but I hope that this ends their reign of pulling the “you cant touch me cause Im black” syndrom!! May I be so bold as to use Maxine Waters words at an ACORN conference where she and ACORN endorsed obama,” We’re gettin’ rid of your asses!” Yes….race was played in this election and it wasn’t perped by the GOP.

  2. curvyred says:

    30.8% are bad, sure nothing systemic at all about their “fraudelent registrations”


  3. Reality Bytes says:

    I was going to say they need to work harder but you know that’s not really in the cards now is it?

  4. DEZ says:

    Yup, they are only cheating a little bit, and that makes it OK!
    God help us all!

  5. Phil Byler says:

    The NY Times downplays ACORN fraud ebcause ACORN fraud helps left wing Democrats. Actual facts have nothing to do with it.

  6. 1sttofight says:

    So if you rob a bank and don’t take every penny of money in it, you are not really guity of bank robbery, Right? Right?

  7. yonason says:


    I guess we’ll have to wait till they set up the concentration/reeducation camps.

  8. wardmama4 says:

    I guess that the NYTs is attempting to compete with Congress for the lowest positive approval ratings ever.

    And like the NY Post and their MILF comment – once again the Left is just making the degradation, dumbing down, amoral anarchy – ‘mainstream’ and ‘acceptable’.

    All in just another issue/area that the Left works overtime on it’s attempt to destroy America.

  9. Anonymoose says:

    Why is it suddenly becoming an issue about “Republican suppression of votes?” I haven’t seen or heard anything coming up, other than just Acorn wants attention deflected off them.

    I’ve never been turned away from voting, or had any trouble getting registered. It’s simple common sense how to do it. I’m beginning to think if someone can’t figure out how to register, then maybe they shouldn’t be voting in the first place.

  10. 1sttofight says:

    Republican suppression of votes means only the living democrats can vote and then only once.

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