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NYT Wants Homosexual Marriage Stories

From the homosexual activists at the New York Times:

A vintage photo of same-sex couple Del Martin and Phyllis Lyon ...

Your Stories: Gay Marriage in California

By Mike Nizza

June 16, 2008

Phyllis Lyon and Del Martin’s story of finally tying the knot after 55 years may be reigning supreme at the moment, but there are plenty of other same-sex couples who plan to get married in California in the next few days, now that a court order legalizing the unions is taking effect. In fact, thousands of couples are expected to stand before hundreds of officials recently deputized to perform the solemn ceremony across the state. As the mayor of West Hollywood told The Associated Press, “We’re expecting a crush of newlyweds.”

If you are among them, we’d love to hear about your journey to same-sex marriage. How long have you waited to tie the knot? What does the transformation from partner to spouse mean to you? Has your view of marriage changed over the years? What kind of ritual are you taking part in, where and when, and what do you have planned afterward? How many weddings will you be attending during California’s “New Summer of Love“? How do you expect your future to differ from same-sex marriages in Massachusetts?

TEXT Start writing your description of events in the comments field at the foot of this page.

(Please note that this thread is not intended for general commentary and debate on the subject of same-sex marriage.)

PHOTOS Send an E-mail to ledepix@gmail.com with photographs attached.

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Just in time for the homosexual marriage parade in California, and of course our annual Gay Pride Day Week Month Year.

Still, observe how the New York Times manufactures the news.

Day in and day out.

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