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NYT: Bergdahl Found To Be Healthier Than Expected

From the New York Times:

As Bowe Bergdahl Heals, Details Emerge of His Captivity


WASHINGTON — Sgt. Bowe Bergdahl has told medical officials that his captors locked him in a metal cage in total darkness for weeks at a time as punishment for trying to escape, and while military doctors say he now is physically able to travel he is not yet emotionally ready for the pressures of reuniting with his family, according to American officials who have been briefed on his condition.

This latest claim (made via anonymous sources) is being trumpeted by the news media as proof that Mr. Bergdahl was tortured. (Even though some might contend that being put in a cage is not quite torture.) The rest of the article doesn’t mention any evidence of any physical damage sustained from the torture.

Sergeant Bergdahl, who was released last Saturday to American commandos in Afghanistan in exchange for five Taliban detainees held at Guantánamo Bay, Cuba, remains in a military hospital in Germany without access to news media — and thus is oblivious to the raging criticism from some in Congress about the prisoner swap and even from members of his former platoon who say he deserted them.

Note how The Times tries to make it sound like the criticism first arose in Congress rather from his former platoon mates. (Who the Obama administration and the news media are trying to smear as a bunch of psychotics.)

In an editorial over the weekend, "The Rush To Demonize Sgt. Bergdahl," the editors of The Times even went so far as to claim: "“Republican operatives have arranged for soldiers in his unit to tell reporters that he was a deserter who cost the lives of several soldiers searching for him.” Note that The Times has no problem (falsely) demonizing Republicans.

From the initial briefings given to senior military and civilian officials in the past week, Sergeant Bergdahl, 28, in some ways seems healthier than expected.

Whoops! There goes Obama’s excuse for doing this deal so quickly he didn’t have time to inform Congress, as required by law.

He suffers from skin and gum disorders typical of poor hygiene and exposure, but otherwise is physically sound, one official said. He weighs about 160 pounds on a 5-foot-9 frame, and is sleeping about seven hours a night.

He shows few if any signs of the malnourishment and other ailments that Obama administration officials said he was suffering when they saw a video of him that the Taliban made in December and released a month later — a video so alarming, American officials have said, it made his release an urgent priority…

Note that the NYT pretends that Obama just started pushing for this swap in January. In reality, they have been pushing for it since March 2012. (As we have previously demonstrated.)

Two American officials, including one senior Defense Department official, who have been briefed on the reports spoke Saturday on the condition of anonymity because of restrictions on the public release of information about Sergeant Bergdahl’s health and an impending investigation into any possible misconduct surrounding the circumstance of his leaving the outpost…

As always, we are supposed to believe anonymous administration officials who leak stories to the New York Times.

“He’s said that they kept him in a shark cage in total darkness for weeks, possibly months,” said one American official. CNN reported Friday that Sergeant Bergdahl said he was held in a metal box or cage, but the officials on Saturday offered new details. He was kept there apparently as punishment for one or possibly two attempted escapes, as first reported by the Daily Beast website last week and confirmed by an American official.

According to reports, Bergdahl tried ‘to escape’ the first time in June 2010. Four years ago.

“It’s safe to assume” that Sergeant Bergdahl was “held in harsh conditions,” a senior Defense Department official said Saturday. “These are Taliban, not wet nurses.” Details of other mistreatment were not released…

Why not?

In any case, the NYT has been relentless in Bergdahl’s defense. Here are a few other Times articles on the subject from over the last few days:

The Rush to Demonize Sgt. Bergdahl
(The aforementioned editorial.)

Bergdahl Was In Unit Known For Its Troubles
(Where-in Bergdahl’s unit is blamed for his leaving his post.)

President Obama Was Right
(An op-ed by the in-house conservative, David Brooks.)

Concern for Health of Bowe Bergdahl Drove Prisoner Exchange …
(Which we know is untrue, since Obama had been pushing for this since 2012.)

The Ambiguities of the Bergdahl Case
(We’ll never know the truth.)

Can Bowe Bergdahl Be Tied to 6 Lost Lives? Facts Are Murky …
(The Times says the can’t be tied to them.)

Perhaps The Times thinks Bergdahl is gay because of his interest in ballet. (In fact, one of his female ballet teachers became his roommate. What woman ‘rooms’ with a straight male?)

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