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NYT: ‘Birthers’ And Bigots Oppose Obama

From the foremost conductors of our orchestrated press, the New York Times:

Members of the Tea Party movement in San Francisco questioned the president’s birthplace in a May protest.

In Defining Obama, Misperceptions Stick

August 18, 2010

WASHINGTON — Americans need only stand in line at the grocery checkout counter to glimpse the conspiracy theories percolating about President Obama. “Birthplace Cover-Up,” screams the current issue of the racy tabloid Globe. “Obama’s Secret Life Exposed!”

Of course there have never been such stories in the supermarket tabloids about Presidents in the past. Like so much that is happening to Mr. Obama, this is completely ‘unprecedented.’

The article claims, without proof, that Mr. Obama uses a phony Social Security number as “part of an elaborate scheme to conceal that he is not a natural-born U.S. citizen.” Despite evidence to the contrary from Obama aides — they posted his birth certificate, from Hawaii, on the Internet during his presidential campaign — polls show that as many as one quarter of Americans still believe Mr. Obama was born outside the United States.

Now comes fresh evidence of misperceptions about the president taking root in the public mind: a new poll by the Pew Research Center finds a substantial rise in the percentage of Americans who believe, incorrectly, that Mr. Obama is Muslim. The president is Christian, but 18 percent now believe he is Muslim, up from 12 percent when he ran for the presidency and 11 percent after he was inaugurated.

The findings suggest that, nearly two years into Mr. Obama’s presidency, the White House is struggling with the perception of “otherness” that Candidate Obama sought so hard to overcome — in part because of an aggressive misinformation campaign by critics and in part, some Democratic allies say, because Mr. Obama is doing a poor job of communicating who he is and what he believes.

Obviously we need to investigate the funding behind those who are spreading this misinformation.

By the way, we thought that we had to elect Mr. Obama as President because he was such a wonderful communicator. Whatever happened to that?

The president’s recent comments on the controversy over whether to build an Islamic community center and mosque near ground zero in Lower Manhattan have most likely intensified suspicions about him. Yet the Pew survey, completed before Mr. Obama spoke out in favor of the right of Muslims to build the center, shows that misperceptions were building even before then.

“This is an expression of the people who are opposed to Obama having an increasingly negative view of him,” said Andrew Kohut, the Pew center’s director…

The White House has at times seemed to throw up its hands at the so-called birther conspiracy. “We don’t spend a lot of time worrying about what to do about people that don’t think the president was born here,” Robert Gibbs, Mr. Obama’s press secretary, said in April

It’s now clear why the Obama people have not put the ‘birth certificate’ nonsense to rest. They knew it would come in handy some day when they needed to ridicule their opponents.

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13 Responses to “NYT: ‘Birthers’ And Bigots Oppose Obama”

  1. Melly says:

    Turnabout is fair play. How soon they forget how they (press/media/bloggers) barraged Bush 43 regarding his intelligence. I typed in “Bush stupid” as an internet search and the listings are endless.

    For instance, this is from “Slate:” (http://www.slate.com/id/2100064)

    And if you don’t care to pursue the matter any further, that view will suffice. George W. Bush has governed, for the most part, the way any airhead might, undermining the fiscal condition of the nation, squandering the goodwill of the world after Sept. 11, and allowing huge problems (global warming, entitlement spending, AIDS) to metastasize toward catastrophe through a combination of ideology, incomprehension, and indifference. If Bush isn’t exactly the moron he sounds, his synaptic misfirings offer a plausible proxy for the idiocy of his presidency.

    So Barry is tagged as a Socialist, militant, Muslim sympathizer…….poor guy.

    Americans have misperceptions not simply because of internal biases but because of the important role being played by variations in the stimuli they received from their external sources of news. MSM is particularly frustrated as they for once are not controlling what the majority of people feel towards a President and his policies.

  2. Obviously we need to investigate the funding behind those who are spreading this misinformation.

    You know, the TEA Party, the mosque opposition, Obama’s critics are all funded by some shadowy, ultra-wealthy, anonymous cabal.

    If that’s true, why the heck aren’t I wealthy? I’m a member of all three and I’m not getting a dime. Who can I go to for my payday?

    • wardmama4 says:

      Me too englishqueen (welcome back) – I sure could use a few bucks right now.

      Uhm my question on the ‘without proof’ – did Obama/WH sue this paper for (which is it, libel or slander – I believe its libel if written)? No, so this inquiring mind wants to know – if it is false why no lawsuit? This is a particularly personal attack and if a lie – should be dealt with.

      But like that BC – Obama keeps it festering and going – because it gives the Left a position that they can deride and insult and minimize a large group of Americans (or at least, create just another divide).

      Like Bush Lied – it is just another important part of the game of politics as usual – create angst, questions, suspicions, and then smear the people who either believe it or hold them up (depending if it is a D or R in office) – to divert, distort and amuse the masses while the real damage goes on behind the scenes.

      The difference here is – that the intell Bush used – until Sept 11, 2000 – the Leftists in charge themselves quoted it, supported it and used it – thus when combined with no ‘war crimes’ trials – proves that it was just a political move to incite and ‘gin up’ the fringe left activists.

      The Big Os birth certificate – is simply a Constitutional issue and the powers to be let us down – demanded all the required forms for McAmnesty but let The Big O off with a certificate of live birth – which is the sole basis of this ‘conspiracy’ – why the diff, why the pass, and now it does become – what are the Dems and The Big O hiding?

      I do not oppose The Big O for his color – I oppose him as he is actively destroying each and every foundation and belief of America and oh, btw – our economy sucks worse now 19 months later? So what good at all is this head Klown in DC doing?

  3. canary says:

    Just hope muslims read the New York Times and start believing Obama is a Christian & not a muslim president..

  4. Right of the People says:

    If believing this clown is the worst ever to occupy his present office makes me a bigot, then so be it. I’ll wear that badge proudly.

    While I don’t really care if he was born here or not, I do believe he was groomed for this his entire life and not by the forces of goodness either. I just want him and his posse to go away as soon as possible and take his trained monkeys in congress with him.

    • RabidAmerican says:

      ..And can you imagine the incredible amount of effort it would take to ‘groom’ someone and all that entails? ‘THEY’ would have to start way out there, many years in the past to reach this point where today; to have this ‘groomee’ ready to pounce on our dumbed-down public.
      Consider: a group so intent, would never put all their ‘eggs in one basket’. I wonder how many ‘others’ are out there–‘groomed’–but didn’t quite fit contemporary circumstances and as such, got passed up this time around? What are these other ‘groomees’ doing with their lives right now? How many are waiting in the wings for their shot at bringing America down to third-world status?

    • proreason says:

      “I wonder how many ‘others’ are out there–’groomed’–but didn’t quite fit contemporary circumstances and as such, got passed up this time around? What are these other ‘groomees’ doing with their lives right now? How many are waiting in the wings for their shot at bringing America down to third-world status?”

      I believe this to be true. As you say, it just wouldn’t make sense to put all the eggs in one basket.

      If I were doing it, I would select people with this profile:
      – possessing a natural ability to control their emotions and appear calm and collected
      – good verbal capabilities
      – natural liar
      – natural actor
      – follow instructions naturally
      – easy to hypnotize
      – attractive but not to the level of a movie star
      – non-offensive
      – slightly taller than average
      – slightly more intelligent than average
      – some deep-rooted emotional scars from early childhood that could be exploited
      – a true believer
      – demographics matching my natural supporters

      In the training, I would weed out people who:
      – question my authority
      – lack self-conficence
      – not personally appealing
      – would not accept my ideology 100% without question
      – could not continually improve verbal skills
      – could not master the highest levels of prevarication

      The training would be age appropriate and would focus on:
      – ideology
      – loyalty
      – verbal and deception skills
      – knowledge of political issues from the perspective of my ideology
      – instilling rock-solid self-confidence
      – instilling ruthlessness

      At one time, I thought Blago was one of them. But he is such a wild man that he doesn’t seem to fit the profile. Devlal Patrick fits the profile perfectly. It would be interesting to know his background.

      I expect that anybody who was trained would have a mysterious background. There would be long gaps in their personal history where they would have disappeared from view. Tracing details of their life would be impossible.

      The only thing about Obama that doesn’t fit the concept of being a trained monkey is that it is shocking that all of his friends and associates are so radical. If I was controlling him, I would not have done that. But perhaps they thought it was less risky to have him associate swim with fellow radicals than to be exposed to how real Americans live and think.

  5. proreason says:

    If there is a wierder life story than Obama’s, or one better hidden from view, for any American, citizen or not, I’d like to hear about it.

    You could learn more about the grocery clerk’s life in a 2-minute conversation than you know about Obama after 6 years on the national stage. And most of what you do know about his life is contradicted every time somebody tries to check it out.

    It’s way, way beyond the issues with his birth certificate.

    You really have to ask yourself why they won’t publish so many documents like his school transcripts, passports (without the critical information blanked out), and medical records.

    The only clarity about the guy’s life story is that it’s clear he is hiding almost everything about his past.

    And then, everything we do know about him proves that he was brought up in a sewer of radical associates, which is very consistent with who he has hired, and how he has governed.

    It’s plainly obvious that there is a national conspiracy in the media to hide whatever it is that he is hiding.

    Future generations will consider the deliberate coverup of his past to be the most shocking failure of the American people in our history. It could not have happened without the active, willful, arrogant, determined, deep-rooted complicity of the American media. Every single one of them who participated is just as much a criminal as the Moron himself. It’s a national disgrace.

    • tranquil.night says:

      “The only clarity about the guy’s life story is that it’s clear he is hiding almost everything about his past. And then, everything we do know about him proves that he was brought up in a sewer of radical associates, which is very consistent with who he has hired, and how he has governed.”

      Indeed! If it looks and quacks like a duck..

      This was one of those wignut conspiracies that they just quipped at from afar to make it seem like a radical view that was too ridiculous to be discussed openly. It’s actually a very legitimate question that were it to actually ever be vetted properly in public there’d probably be much more open curiosity and doubt.

      Now, as Steve is noting today we have multiple conductors of the State Propoganda Network making a full-court press out of this Birthers & Bigots narrative to paint 60-70% of America as radical.

      That’s an important graduation from reporting with political bias and lies. Since the Statist’s gun is out of bullets here domestically, our media is engaged in an effort to build international support for this regime and hatred for the American people by misrepresenting and insulting us across the globe. Realistically they have been working against us in this fashion since the early months of the War on Terror.

  6. Liberals Demise says:

    If that’s the case and DingleBarry is only half black……..that makes me half a bigot!

    As for the birth certificate…….buzzards are hatched. So are turkeys!

  7. Natural Born Citizen says:

    If BHO SR is his father than BHO is ineligible to be POTUS as a natural born citizen. He would be a dual citizen at best based on his fathers British citizenship. Our representatives all take an oath to protect and follow the Constitution and yet they don’t understand the eligibility requirements for POTUS? The accepted definition of a natural born citizen is US citizen born on US soil to two US citizen parents. None of the court case’s about BHO’s eligibility have been overturned on merit. It’s obvious he is hiding something, and yet the MSM has zero journalistic integrity or curiousity to inquire about the sealed documents. He was the editor of the Harvard law review, and wrote two bestselling books but we can’t read his college thesis? It is his responsibility to prove he is eligible. By not revealing his long form birth certificate, (something all citizens normally have to do a few times in there life inorder to prove their birth) it appears he is answering the question of his eligibility. If he is eligible and is propogating internal strife by delibertly not fufilling his obligation to prove his eligibility than he has wasted millions of dollars and is unworthy of leading us. The fact that the WH is now putting out a partially redacted current US Passport tells me they are worried that their smear campaign on “birthers” is not working and this story is not going away. Everybody should contact there representative and demand proof. Until enough Americans stand up and demand proof BHO will continiue to hide behind lawyers.

    • hushpuppy says:

      ‘If BHO SR is his father than BHO is ineligible to be POTUS as a natural born citizen. He would be a dual citizen at best based on his fathers British citizenship.

      Since so much about who he is is hidden, and there are only hints and small clues scattered here and there – I don’t think any of us should assume that Obama, Sr is the DNA donor that created Dinglebarry.

      One thing that is clear is that he is a world-class liar – and for his purposes he’s letting everyone assume Sr is his father because if it were to ever come out the Frank Marshall Davis – Member of the CPUSA, it would really hit the fan.

      Here’s a challenge for everyone: Rethink everything you think you know or assume to be true that Obama Sr is the biological father. The Dreams of my Father (being Frank Marshall Davis) will make more sense and fit better.

      Study the photos of Frank Marshall Davis – especially from the nasolabial fold to the throat of both FMD and Barry. Then study photos of Obama Sr.
      See what I mean? Now add this to your library: http://www.aim.org/aim-column/obamas-communist-mentor/


      Photos of Bambam, FMD and Obama, Sr

      Especially these URLs:

      And Frank Marshall Davis admitted in his autobio that he had threesomes with Stanley Ann Dunham. There are nude photos of her at FMD’s house all over the ‘net.

      So re-consider that when Dingleberry refers to the Dreams of my Father, it is FMD and not Obama, Sr. Obama Sr needed an American to get needed documentation, and Stanley Ann needed a name for her unborn child Barry.

      The switcheroo – and you thought only soap operas were nuts!..

  8. Move_Zig says:

    Obama has not released enough information to qualify him for a driver’s license, much less a basic secret clearance and well, the Presidency of the United States.

    One thing is clear is that he has been fighting disclosure tooth and nail, whereas any other candidate would have made full disclosure. Even the most basic inquiries reveal that much of his touted story is at best vastly overstated, if not completely untrue.

    He could end this overnight by releasing his records.

    But he will not, indeed, cannot, because he has a lot to hide.

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