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NYT: Blacks Have No Problem With Spitzer, Weiner

From the New York Times:

Among Blacks, Spitzer and Weiner Find a More Forgiving Crowd

By KATE TAYLOR | August 8, 2013

… Repeated polling has found a racial gap in the races for mayor and comptroller: black voters are far more likely than white voters to view Mr. Spitzer and Mr. Weiner favorably, and more likely to say they deserve a second chance. And the statistical evidence is reinforced on the campaign trail: last week, for example, the predominantly black audience at a mayoral forum in Laurelton, Queens, cheered Mr. Weiner and jeered at another candidate, George T. McDonald, a Republican, who called Mr. Weiner a “freak.”

Well, they just said Mr. McDonald is a Republican.

Interviews with black ministers, political leaders, scholars and voters suggest two major factors at work: an emphasis in black congregations on forgiveness and redemption, and an experience, particularly among older black voters, of having seen their revered leaders embroiled in scandal.

The second we can see. But we’re not so sure the black community is famous for its forgiveness. (Cf. Zimmerman, George.)

“You can’t think of any major black leader that did not have some kind of legal or other kind of media attack, so we are not as prone to believe the attacks as other communities,” the Rev. Al Sharpton said in an interview.

Yes, the Reverend Al has had his share of unfair legal and media attacks.

Mr. Youngblood agreed, saying, “When we as African Americans look at our history, our own Dr. Martin Luther King, or own Dr. Adam Clayton Powell, there has always been something in a person’s life that others sought to use against their greater good.” …

In other words, some people have tried to use the corruption of black leaders to stop the entitlements gravy train. And we can’t have that.

The Rev. Dr. Marvin J. Bentley, the pastor of Antioch Baptist Church in Corona, Queens, said that he thought that the heightened attacks on Mr. Weiner in recent weeks had galvanized some African-Americans to stick with him, seeing him as a fighter who would not back down.

We thought they opposed ‘stand your ground.’

“I think on the larger scale the African-American community is a little embittered with the political process now, so it’s kind of, ‘If you don’t like this guy, we’ll take him,’ ” he said. Then, with a reference to George Zimmerman, the neighborhood watch volunteer who was acquitted in the fatal shooting of an unarmed black teenager, Trayvon Martin, in Florida, he added: “When you look at the Zimmerman situation and other kinds of factors, and stop and frisk, these are some of the things that we’re still reeling over and angry about. And to see Weiner being beat up, I guess you could say, attacked, because of his own indiscretions or not, I think that there’s a backlash that’s coming from the African-American community.” …

So blacks support Weiner because of Trayvon Martin. — Now we have heard it all.

For several weeks, polling has showed a gap in the way black and white voters view the candidates. Shortly after Mr. Weiner acknowledged that his online behavior had continued for more than a year after he resigned from Congress, a Quinnipiac poll of likely voters in the Democratic primary found that 64 percent of white voters said that Mr. Weiner should leave the race, while only 42 percent of black voters did.

More recently, a Quinnipiac poll in the comptroller’s race found that 66 percent of white voters said that Mr. Spitzer’s prostitution scandal was a legitimate issue in the comptroller’s race. Only 43 percent of black voters said that it was. And this week, a New York Times/Siena College poll found Mr. Spitzer with strong support among black registered Democrats — 57 percent backed him, compared with 37 percent of white voters.

Fredrick C. Harris, a professor of political science at Columbia and the director of its Center on African-American Politics and Society, said he thought that the high number of black men who had been incarcerated made the notion of second chances in life more important in black communities. He and others noted that African-Americans were very loyal to President Clinton during the Monica Lewinsky scandal.

“I don’t think that African-Americans are more morally lax in their views about these issues than white voters,” he said of sexual scandals. “I just think they come at it from a different perspective, and they have a different socialization, given their everyday experiences, as well as their religious values.” …

Apparently, most blacks don’t care what kind of pervert or thief Santa Claus is. Just as long as he delivers the presents on time.

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7 Responses to “NYT: Blacks Have No Problem With Spitzer, Weiner”

  1. Noyzmakr says:

    ….an emphasis in black congregations on forgiveness and redemption….

    That’s just bulls#*t! It has more to do with three generations being raised by women whose children have no male figures to look up to, see an endless parade of thugs who share their mothers bed and are raised being screamed at and cursed to the point where they have NO morals or ethics and don’t know they don’t have them.

    What Weiner, Spitzer, Jesse Jackson, Bill Clinton and all these other wizards of depravity have done are nothing outside of the everyday norm of life to these people. What they see these politicians and celebrities doing is normal everyday life in the hood. They aren’t forgiving anybody! They don’t see anything that needs forgiving.

    It just kills me to see people prop blacks up as if they’re somehow closer to the Almighty by weaaring coloful suits and big hats then outwardly being religious once a week. Matthew 7:22-23

  2. JohnMG says:

    And this report surprises…………who, exactly?

    How could they (black community) possibly chastise such depravity in others without pointing a damning finger toward their own behavior? Therefore, giving a pass to the likes of Spitzer, or Weiner, (Jackson, Sharpton, Fharrakan, Lee, Simpson, Martin, Jackson Jr………….damn this list could go on forever) automatically absolves them of any moral imperative to reform or repair to a higher standard of behavior.

  3. untrainable says:

    “I don’t think that African-Americans are more morally lax in their views about these issues than white voters,”
    “I just think they come at it from a different perspective, and they have a different socialization, given their everyday experiences, as well as their religious values.”

    Sooo… they ARE more morally lax in their views. But there is a REASON for it. So a-morality is OK if you have a reason. The media makes excuses to make a lack of morality sound like the mighty moral high ground. Unbelievable. Different socialization? Do they mean that the black community is socialized to not know the difference between right and wrong? Well who raised them? Frankly it sounds like a pretty racist statement to me.

    And isn’t it interesting that Christian values (referred to here as religious values) are something praiseworthy when exhibited by the black community under the blanket of “forgiveness” for a democrat. Yet that same forgiveness would be, in itself, a sin if they were to forgive a Republican (which I don’t think has ever happened). And if you’re white and you have religious values you are attacked and berated by these same excuse makers (Bitter Clingers, etc… et al) Where was all the forgiveness and where were the religious values after Katrina. Remember all the people in the black community who forgave GWB for sending a hurricane to kill them? I don’t either.

    The bottom line here is democrats can do what they want, but without exception Republicans hate blacks… even if those Republicans ARE blacks. It’s just a matter of being socialized by a liberal/progressive education system, backed up soundly by the race industry, and the left wing media. Sickening.

  4. yadayada says:

    im very curious if they would be so forgiving if weiner’s opponent was black or another demoncrat. say if it were like a primary runoff.
    i believe it’s more a matter of politics than forgiveness.
    Also curious is the tossing around of King and Powell’s names. were attacked by demoncrats in their day much more so than by republicans.

    • Noyzmakr says:

      If Weiners opponent was crack smoking, bribe taking former mayor and current councilman of DC Marion Barry (D) they would vote 99.9% for Barry. Weiner’s Jewish and blacks hate jews, asians, darker skinned blacks, anyone who holds them accountable for their actions and whites, of course, unless they know there will be a quid pro quo in the form of welfare or life long government union jobs that they aren’t qualified for….with a cushy pension.

      I think maybe untrainable nailed it.

  5. canary says:

    They just had former Mayor Barry Marion. He seemed to have a speech impediment.

    It was a bunch of women of all colors on CNN defending Weiner. I’m sure CNN looked high and low to find women who had no sympathy for Wiener’s wife, only poor little Weiner

    I can picture the strange demonic narcissistic bastard telling his wife he will inflict Sharia law on her. Probably, when ever he mistreats Numa, he tells he his willingness to practice Islam in disciplining her is showing how much he loves her.

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