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NYT: Boehner Doesn’t Get ‘Patted Down’!

From an outraged New York Times:

Incoming Speaker Takes Commercial Flight, but Skips the Pat Down

November 19, 2010

WASHINGTON — Representative John A. Boehner, the soon-to-be Republican speaker, pledged recently that he would fly commercial airlines back home to Ohio, passing up the military plane used by the current speaker, Nancy Pelosi, a Democrat. But that does not mean he will endure the hassles of ordinary passengers, including pat downs and other new security screenings.

You see! He is just as much of a prima donna as Nancy Pelosi. (So what if he skips flying back to San Francisco every weekend on a 757, with his extended family and friends and expensive wine and food.)

As he left Washington on Friday, Mr. Boehner headed across the Potomac River to Ronald Reagan National Airport, which was bustling with afternoon travelers. There was no waiting for Mr. Boehner, who was escorted around the identification-checking agents, the metal detectors and the body scanners, and whisked directly to the gate.

The Republican leader, who will become the second person in line to assume the presidency after the new Congress convenes in January, took great pride after the midterm elections in declaring his man-of-the-people plans to travel home as other Americans do. In a time of economic difficulty, it was a not-so-subtle dig at Ms. Pelosi, who has access to a military jet large enough to avoid refueling for her flights home to San Francisco.

But he is not giving up all the perquisites of power.

Mr. Boehner, who was wearing a casual yellow sweater and tan slacks, carried his own bag and smiled pleasantly at passengers who were leaving the security checkpoint inside the airport terminal on Friday. Among the travelers not invited to bypass the security line was Representative Allen Boyd, Democrat of Florida, who lost his re-election bid two weeks ago.

What a hypocritical bastard.

Are you still reading? Most people would be by this point. Which is why The Times felt it was now safe to slip in a few inconvenient details.

Only Congressional leaders or members of Congress with armed security details are allowed to go around security. The same privilege is afforded to governors and cabinet members if they are escorted by agents or law enforcement officers.

The hell you say. You mean they aren’t going to take the time to check people who are armed to the teeth for weapons? The outrage!

But you really have to ask yourself why did the New York Times thought this was newsworthy? And, if The Times had to highlight this "privilege," why did they pick the relatively unknown Mr. Boehner, who experiencing it for the first time, instead of focusing on Ms. Pelosi or Mr. Reid who have been enjoying it for years?

Michael Steel, a spokesman for Mr. Boehner, said the Republican leader had neither requested nor received special treatment at the airport security line.

“The appropriate security procedures for all Congressional leaders, including Speaker Pelosi and Senator Reid, are determined by the Capitol Police working with the Transportation Security Administration,” Mr. Steel said in a statement, referring to Harry Reid of Nevada, the Democratic leader.

You might also wonder why the article cites a spokesman for Mr. Boehner for this pertinent information. Couldn’t they have quoted an airport security expert? Surely this is not a partisan claim, but a well established fact.

But we should know by now that The Times will never pass up any chance to use the news of the day to propagandize against their enemies – or rather, the enemies of their Democrat masters.

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9 Responses to “NYT: Boehner Doesn’t Get ‘Patted Down’!”

  1. David says:

    I can’t believe the 13 year olds at the NYT didn’t run with the headline you have!

  2. BannedbytheTaliban says:

    Maybe I’m just a little cynical, but it seems odd that the administration is doing everything in its power to make flying a hassle while it says building high speed rail is going to save the economy and the planet.

    • proreason says:

      I’ll call that cynicism and raise you two.

      I find it strange that this new humiliation has only appeared so soon after the Moron’s electoral defeat. Obviously it had to have been in the works for quite a while. Maybe I’m just a little cynical, but I think he postponed the decision until it was clear how much punishment the bitter clingers deserve.

      Moreover, everybody knows there are better way to make air travel safer, ALL of which are not just better, but don’t involve porno pictures and fondling. Any of us could cite several. So why have we chosen the most expensive and most intrusive method. It’s clear to me that it’s a strategy, not a solution. Rush said something typically wise today in an off the cuff remark. I’m paraphrasing, but he said something to the effect of “it’s a good way to prepare people to be controlled, isn’t it?”

    • Rusty Shackleford says:

      One driving factor may be that all US airlines are doing well financially this year. I wondered what his royal lowness would do once he found out that air carriers stood to make a profit this year. Thanksgiving travel has been a boon to the airlines so, naturally, let’s get everyone away from the airport because of ridiculous overzealous security procedures that are more eyewash than they are effective. Plus, like Rush commented, they are putting on a show to make people choose or “prefer” the scanners…another ridiculous waste of money.

      Profiling is and always has been the answer. Plus, armed military on all US flights. It’s cheaper, it’s effective and it makes sense. What we have now is the latest haven for otherwise unemployable people (largely, not all..but largely). Most of the TSA workers I’ve met I wouldn’t let them cut my grass let alone correctly evaluate a security risk. The uber-socialist mentality again thinks that the general masses can be taught how to “think security” with education and special scenario-tailored training though history has proven that some people have an instinctive knack whereas many do not. Kind of that thing that makes a good cop a great cop.

      But, here we are. And I stay home. Make air travel so unpleasant that the citizens will opt to not fly at all. Or if they do travel, they’ll take the car. I’m sure in there somewhere the gubbmint geniuses are thinking this will be a boon to bus and train service so watch for the obedient and strategically placed headlines for that. “Security Screening Helps Boost AmTrak Revenues” and similar. Even if it’s not true. They’ll make it up…just like they do about most everything else nowadays.

      So I was wondering what wonderboy would do to hurt our last quarter revenues…and now I know.

      Nice job, jackass. :-

    • proreason says:

      “US airlines are doing well financially this year”

      Yes, the boy king is the human gatling gun of marxist destruction.

      It is always overly simplistic to assume that his attacks on freedom are uni-directional.

      Aside from the ability to lie utterly without conscience, his greatest talent appears to be the ability to wreck so many aspects of America’s heritage concurrently.

    • tranquil.night says:

      A Police State. Plain and simple.

      As Steyn quoted, “This is how freedom dies, not with a bang but with a whimper.” The bang comes later.

      Was at Monday Night Football last night. 8 TSA agents and 10 more private transit sitting at the trolley, talking amongst themselves, doing otherwise nothing. Just watching.. us.

      Meanwhile only three trolleys are running for 20+ thousand people waiting to be herded to go 3-5 blocks.

      Oh noes! Hey wingnuts your dear Majority Leader didn’t get the love pats! Rage at the Ruling Class! Its the medias Operation Chaos!

      So yeah, welcome to the black parade. Thats not a racialist clause either.

      Carry on. Nothing to see here.

  3. Mithrandir says:

    I wish the media would treat the Republicans like DEMOCRATS.

  4. Reality Bytes says:

    I bet Bill Clinton gets it – as often as he can – (bite lip, squint, point thumb) – as often as he can.

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