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NYT: Bush Is Finally Learning Rules Of The Game

From an absolutely delight New York Times:

A New Reality in Washington, but Can It Last?


May 19, 2007

WASHINGTON, May 18 — Six months after Republicans lost control of Congress, President Bush is learning the rules of a game that, for six years, he seemed to have forgotten: the Capitol Hill edition of “Let’s Make a Deal.”

In the last eight days alone, talks involving cabinet secretaries and other high-ranking White House officials have produced two surprises: a major compromise with Democrats on trade and Thursday’s fragile bipartisan accord on immigration. The question now is whether the sudden burst of deal-making will extend from these easier targets to the most intractable issue in Washington: the war in Iraq.

It is still far from clear whether the Bush administration and Congressional Democrats can be flexible enough to reach an accommodation on war spending — and indeed, the Iraq talks stumbled on Friday. What is clear is that both Mr. Bush and his rivals are shying from the path of confrontation. Democrats, for the most part, are refraining from muscle-flexing, showers of subpoenas and other displays of new clout. And a White House hungry for legislative victories is working hard to negotiate a vastly changed political landscape.

“The president has become belatedly pragmatic,” said Ross Baker, an expert in presidential-Congressional relations at Rutgers University. “I think it took a while for him to recognize that the ground rules have changed, but he seems finally to have come around to the realization that he’s not working with a docile Congress of his own party, but with people who really have decided that they are going to challenge him.” …

How absolutely laughable. Name one thing that the Democrats have compromised on. Ever.

Whenever the America-hating New York Times commends the administration for its new tone, you know it has caved and is headed in the wrong direction.

And of course the “Paper Of Treason” hopes this will ultimately lead to our surrender to terrorism in Iraq.

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