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NYT Calls Eastwood Speech Off-Color, Rambling

From the always high-minded New York Times:

Surprise Speaker Delivers the Unexpected

By MICHAEL D. SHEAR and MICHAEL BARBARO | Fri August 31, 2012

TAMPA, Fla.—Clint Eastwood’s rambling, head-scratching endorsement of Mitt Romney on Thursday set off immediate questions and finger-pointing among Romney supporters: Who booked Mr. Eastwood? Did anyone have an idea of what he was going to say? Did anyone read his remarks before they were broadcast?

Now we know Mr. Eastwood’s speech hit home. Since the news media doesn’t have the guts to try to discredit his speech by doing a ‘fact check’ on it, they will resort to their usual trick of finding surrogates to be horrified for them.

The actor, in one of the more unusual moments in Republican convention history, offered a speech in which he pretended to have an off-color conversation with an imaginary President Obama sitting by his side in an empty chair.

“Mr. President, how do you handle promises that you made when you were running for election?” the onetime Dirty Harry said, mumbling to a befuddled crowd of thousands in the convention hall and millions of television viewers.

The crowd didn’t sound any too befuddled to us. In fact, they sounded delighted.

As thousands of “OMG!” tweets started flying, Mr. Eastwood, 82, asked the invisible Mr. Obama why he had not closed the prison at Guantánamo Bay, Cuba.

“What do you mean shut up?” he said, continuing to talk to his imaginary companion. A moment later, he stopped again, saying, “What do you want me to tell Mr. Romney?”

“I can’t tell him that. He can’t do that to himself,” Mr. Eastwood said. “You’re getting as bad as Biden.”

We still half expect to see our media guardians ‘fact checkers’ to claim that some people can do that to themselves.

On Twitter, one person said, “If Romney is elected, Clint Eastwood will be named Secretary of BlargleflagglemurplePANCAKES!!!”

Another wondered: “OK, who is going to reality check the Clint Eastwood speech?”

The ‘Paper Of Record’ is now resorting to the comments from the vulgarian mouth-breathers on Twitter to try to undercut a very effective speech. And we thought ‘The Old Gay Gray Lady’ couldn’t sink any lower.

One Romney aide said that Mr. Eastwood had been booked months ago and that the expectation was that he would deliver a more standard endorsement, as he did earlier this year.

Another aide tried gamely to find an upside, saying that the Eastwood appearance offered a moment of unpredictability in a convention that was otherwise surprise-free.

We are supposed to believe that two anonymous Romney aides rushed to the New York Times to tell them how appalled they were? Sure. What’s so far-fetched about that?

Speaking of Twitter posters, here is more evidence that Mr. Eastwood’s remarks found their mark. It’s a tweet from Obama or his twitter lackey:

This is a grown man? The plaque on the back of the chair says "The President – January 20, 2009." You think he would act that way some time. But you would be wrong.

By the way, speaking of Twitter, ‘Invisible Obama’ (@InvisibleObama) now has more than 40,000 Twitter followers.

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19 Responses to “NYT Calls Eastwood Speech Off-Color, Rambling”

  1. untrainable says:

    Personally I thought Eastwood speaking to Obama with the visual of an empty chair was pretty effective. Though an empty suit might have been an even more representative prop.

    But I’ll say it again, though I give him credit for coming out of the hollywood shadows openly in favor of Romney (or anti-Obama, at least) A Hollywood A-Lister’s opinion really doesn’t mean much. We don’t live in the United Socialist States of Hollywood, so who cares. That said… “When someone’s not doing the job, you’ve gotta let ’em go.” was a nice kick in the common sense.

    I would also suggest that Clint stick to a script. Improv isn’t his forte`.

  2. GetBackJack says:

    I can’t remember … did Clint say Chicago, golf, food stamps?

  3. Clint Eastwood spoke to an empty chair intended for an empty suit.

  4. Anonymoose says:

    The visual device Eastwood used is an old one, your opponent does everything possible to be put on the spot so you artificially put them on the spot–people assume what the opponent will likely say and agree with it. Matter of fact the NYT just did that by claiming the Republicans were in disarray wondering who booked him, if they knew what he’d say and so on. Any cites to those statements? Anyone actually say that?

    And yes, an empty chair suits Obama perfectly.

    Eastwood could have polished his speaking performance better–he was clearly improvising most of it. But then he is 82 after all–still I could tell his mind was as sharp as ever. That’s not stopping them from going on about claiming he’s senile and the “talking to the chair” routine was a sign of it. Just like in the last election McCain “Let” himself be captured by the VietCong and Bill Ayers was just a merry prankster with cherry bombs. The Left will spin and twist things anyway possible to win the election, and I am so absolutely sick of them.

  5. canary says:

    The New York Times slandered Clint Eastwood’s speech having both the video and audio.
    They call an explained Obama sitting in the chair to Eastwood talking to an imaginary friend?

    It’s the celebrity media having to dig for anything they can find. Eastwood is an Icon.

    I’ve never heard Justin Beaver sing who made it on youtube, and this country will have no problem
    spending ten minutes watching it for themselves.

    Problem is today young thugs & gangs don’t know what “make my day” means. Their loss.

  6. BannedbytheTaliban says:

    Mr. Eastwood to Mr. Obama – “Get off my lawn!”

  7. canary says:

    The GOP needs sell t-shirts, mugs, & bumper stickers fast and not make excuses for a very bi-partisan speech and skit that Clint Eastwood gave.

    • captstubby says:

      maybe some of that Clint Eastwood water Sen. Rubio drank.

    • canary says:

      I can’t twitter but did see a line of dumb women.

      I didn’t understand Obama getting rid of Winston Churchill as he and Republicans were against slavery and fought to end it. It was Winston’s remark most Democrats have no brains.

      And Obama never wanted to see Africa modernized and liberated, nor Indonesia. Obama has wanted them to be poor and oppressed for the sake of tourists.

      The arrogance of Obama to make fun of white tourists in khakis. When it was his first trip in spite of his fathers letters telling him to come to Africa where he belonged according to Muslim custom.
      The selfish son, told over and over by relatives he was just as stubborn and ignorant as his father, forced his aunt to go on a “tour” to see somewhat authentic Africa, in spite of her objections she did not want to pay her money to see land that could have been farmed.

      This tour was the closets Obama has gotten to an African woman with a fly buzzing around her which made him grab the bread she offered him and tossing a 25 cent American quarter at her for payment.

      He was bombed out his head on moonshine and herbs when he went to the large stretch of cattle land his family owned. Goats my foot. They told him the horrible story of his grandfather chopping a goat in half that ate a blade of grass his cattle ate. The stories of his grandfather buying young girls with cattle repeatedly to hunt down and rape. Cattle. A goat herder is a lie. A big fat lie Obama has told.

      What balls to make fun of white’s in khaki

  8. canary says:

    More evidence Obama hates women. On his trip to Africa where the people have to guard their children from human traffickers and the cartels that make children into child soldiers, knowing in the U.S.A. he’d have been jailed for such an act, talked his aunts to sneak on a playground to meet his little brother, and in spite of the poor women teachers screaming for him to leave, and his aunts pulling at Obama to leave, the arrogant man Obama’ a stranger to young child, rubbed that poor child’s head after the poor child’s/ mother aka grandmother (Obama’s real grandmother) told him not too. She had been so beat by Obama Sr. and the family who turned against her for finally running away. She took her two children with her, but they turned back. Obama stood in defiance and rubbed an unknowing child’s head on that playground.

    Obama made an oath he would someday help that little boy, and to this day never has. The poor man has been ridiculed for smoking pot and being a relative of Obama’s. Yet he expects absolutely nothing from his older rich brother. He has said his brother Obama is responsible for only his own father. He knows the white man has made Africa a better country to live in. He is against Obama’s dreams of one world order. That little boy Obama tried to grab and brainwash grew up better without him. Poor but at least he has pride.

  9. River0 says:

    As a retired actor, I’m filled with admiration for Clint’s acting ability and poise. Not to mention his devastating indictments and inarguable points of departure from the ‘Bummer.

    To stand in front of 20,000+ people – and millions of watchers – and basically ad-lib something like that is tremendously courageous, and he was masterful. Sure, he lost focus a few times (he’s 82!), but regained it gracefully. He was a pure voice of sanity and wisdom from the heart of America and its storied history. He would be perfect as Andrew Jackson, if Jackson were a worthy character for a film.

    The Left is apoplectic because he deflated them dangerously, and they know they lost a big one. The whole convention was a great success.

    How about Isaac (which means ‘laughing’ in Hebrew) showing up on the exact day as Katrina? Some ‘coincidence’! I’m not sure what it means, but it means something.

    I think Clint changed history and will go down as a genuine hero.

  10. wirenut says:

    Mr. Eastwood’s improv came from what we have all been thinking. A small man in a big office! It was done well and funny. Review it again and you will see, not the ramblings of a fosscil, but the wake up call of a patriot. Well done! That’s the way I like most of my presumptusous progressive “fiend’s”.
    Only on a skewer and well done.

    • canary says:

      Wirenut, I agree. I hope that people watch the actual skit. And a recent article says Romney enjoyed and laughed. The younger generation may not understand his “make my day” part, but that; insinuating Obama and Biden are crazy was great.

      Many did not catch Eastwood’s “uh uh uh” and not using a teleprompter or speech was making fun of Obama’s “uh uh uh”

      And I guess every media using the term Eastwood was “rambling” did not read Obama’s 2006 book where he says Michelle and his puppeteers constantly were on him for his rambling, though Obama felt it made the media love him and be more nice than he deserved.

      The crowd made it clear they enjoyed and shame on any handlers making excuses that they did not know it was rehearsed.
      Romney laughed and so did everyone and he should tell his aids to quit making excuses.

      I think what was once news has become a thing of the past for the last 6 months.

  11. captstubby says:

    “The president, in an interview with USA Today, suggested he was not offended by the actor’s performance during the closing night of the Republican National Convention — in which Eastwood engaged in a one-man repartee with an empty chair meant to represent Obama”.

    The Campaigner In Chief saw nothing odd because he had for 4 years have a metal and plastic box tell him what to say to a empty chair audience of people who he thinks believes his B.S.

  12. jimreport says:

    Zero’s response photo is pretty representative of how he’s presided with his back turned.

  13. wirenut says:

    Jimreport, the fact that his back is to our country is not outstanding. The fact, that his chair has to be labeled, only shows. He has know idea of what sitting at the head of the table, means. How shallow can “won” get?

  14. canary says:

    Star and celebrity struck Obama has fallen in the same trap of Hollywood being number one in media to appeal to the growing
    worrisome priority of a country becoming dumb.

    So, will this be discussed in H.S. government classes for the next 4 weeks.

    • canary says:

      You can bet the Democrats will have entertainment lined up and the media won’t say a negative word.

  15. Reality Bytes says:

    Truth is, Clint riffed off of Jimmy Stewart’s “Harvey the Rabbit”.


    Funny! I prefer Harvey to Obama too.


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