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NYT Says Caroline Is Cerebral And Wry

From (a suddenly chastised) New York Times:

In this Nov. 7, 2007 file photo, Caroline Kennedy autographs a copy of her book, ‘A Family Christmas,’ during a book signing at the JFK Library in Boston.

For Kennedy, Self-Promotion Is Unfamiliar


Published: December 30, 2008

In her bid to be appointed the next senator from New York, Caroline Kennedy has zigzagged across the state and talked with dozens of officials and community leaders. She has aired views on topics from the Iraq war to the auto industry bailout and submitted to a round of press interviews.

But after a lifetime of being wooed by others — to speak at events, to write books, to lend her aura of celebrity and glamour to this or that cause — it seems clear that Ms. Kennedy is still finding her stride in what is, for her, a kind of reverse challenge: selling herself.

Interviews with more than a dozen people who have met or spoken with her in recent weeks reveal a fairly uniform portrait of the private Ms. Kennedy in her first turn as a very public woman. Most described her as courteous but reticent, unfailingly gracious but not exactly passionate…

Few of those interviewed described Ms. Kennedy’s performance over the last two weeks as somehow disqualifying. But it appears to have eroded any sense — real or created — that her selection for the job by Gov. David A. Paterson is inevitable. And many described her approach as striking for someone who is not only seeking a high office, but one held by Hillary Rodham Clinton, who in her own first bid for the Senate never left New Yorkers wondering how badly she wanted the job, and how hard she was willing to work to get it…

Others pointed out that Ms. Kennedy was also laboring under a colossal weight of expectations. Some people seem to expect her to be more, well, Kennedyesque — gregarious and extroverted. But Ms. Kennedy’s own political style seems to have more in common with that of Daniel Patrick Moynihan, who once held Mrs. Clinton’s seat: cerebral, restrained, wry.

In an age when flamboyant displays of warmth and empathy seem almost like an obligatory feature of campaigning, Ms. Kennedy simply seems to prefer keeping her feelings to herself.

“She’s never been aggressive,” said Maura Moynihan, a friend and college classmate of Ms. Kennedy’s and the daughter of the senator. “She’s never been an egomaniac. She’s never pushed her way before the cameras.”

“Caroline,” she added, “has never had to sell herself, but she has spent her whole life trying to help other people. She is a person of extraordinary integrity.” …

In some of her meetings, Ms. Kennedy has displayed a playfulness that is still more familiar to her close friends than to the public. Byron W. Brown, the mayor of Buffalo, said that when they met recently in his city hall office, he asked if it was O.K. if he called her Caroline

“Is it O.K. if I call you Byron?” Ms. Kennedy responded

Oh, that famous Kennedy wit!

But will someone remind us, what has Caroline Kennedy Schlossberg ever done besides sell herself? Or at least her famous name?

In this Sept. 28, 2005 file photo, Caroline Kennedy signs copies of her book ‘A Family of Poems,’ at a Barnes & Noble bookstore in New York.

All of the “books” she has “co-written” were done for self-promotion. Even the book complaining about the invasion of her privacy.

Her “fund-raising,” such as it was, of course relied upon the strength of selling her, or at least her maiden name.

But, no, apparently the DNC was not happy with how their lickspittle minions at The Times has been portraying the Princess Select of late, and so we have gotten this hilarious re-write.

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8 Responses to “NYT Says Caroline Is Cerebral And Wry”

  1. Liberals Demise says:

    “Political style seems to have more in common with that of Daniel Patrick Moynihan”…..ah, correct me if I”m wrong; isn’t he a criminal? “OH… that famous Kennedy wit!!”
    “Mind if I call you Liberal?”
    “Not at all!! Mind if I call you Cold?”

  2. proreason says:

    Obamy has touched her with his scepter.

    She would have to commit murder to not get the Seat.

    Oh wait, murder isn’t enough to stop a Kennedy. Maybe if she instigated a nuclear war? Oh wait, Jack just rolled that into his legend.

    It looks like she’s in.

  3. RedRight08 says:

    Maybe she can take time out for a much-needed facelift. While they’re at it maybe they can replace the half of her brain that is missing.

  4. eaglewingz08 says:

    They dare to compare Caroline to Sen. Moynihan! He was no wallflower, you know, and he had forty years of first rate scholarship on his record. He is famous for his Melting Pot books and his phrase to describe liberal destruction, ‘defining deviancy down’ is still used to this day. Oh, then again, Caroline’s ‘you know’ is also used to this day, so I guess that makes them both equal. And this from the same press that brutally disparaged Gov Palin. I am waiting for SNL to see their merciless barbs on Sweet Caroline, but somehow I think they’ll never make it to airtime.

  5. Anonymoose says:

    You know, Caroline is like, you know, smart because she’s a Democrat, you know. And she’s, you know, got a good speaking style, you know, and, you know, knows how to talk in front of people. You know, she’s got her heart in the right place, you know, and that’s all it, you know, takes to be a good politician.

    Still, the offspring of Kennedy doesn’t grate anywhere near on my nerves as much as “Gorgeous and Gracious” Michelle.

  6. 12 Gauge Rage says:

    Can we really expect anything credible from the NYT, that liberal tripe pulp that dares to proclaim itself as a respectable newspaper.

  7. BigOil says:

    But after a lifetime of being wooed by others — to speak at events, to write books, to lend her aura of celebrity and glamour to this or that cause

    Surely these NYT writers are joking. I’d much rather endure an hour of BJ Clinton’s bloviating than torture myself with a minutes worth of listening to this Kennedy royalty try to piece together a coherent sentence.

    Miss Schlossberg is proof positive a silver spoon in ones mouth is not necessarily accompanied by a brain in ones head.

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