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CIA ‘Threatened’ Detainee With Drill

The latest bit of disinformation (as of this hour) from the New York Times:

Torture devices used by Saddam Hussein’s interrogators.

Report Provides New Details on C.I.A. Prisoner Abuse


August 23, 2009

WASHINGTON — A Central Intelligence Agency inspector general’s report set to be released Monday provides new details about abuses that took place inside the agency’s secret prisons, including details of how C.I.A. officers carried out mock executions and threatened at least one prisoner with a gun and a power drill.

C.I.A. jailers at different times held the handgun and the drill close to the detainee, Abd al-Rahim al-Nashiri, threatening to harm him if he did not cooperate with his interrogators, a government official familiar with the contents of the report said.

Mr. Nashiri, who was implicated in the bombing of the Navy destroyer Cole in 2000, was one of two C.I.A. detainees whose interrogation sessions were videotaped — tapes that were destroyed by C.I.A. officers in 2005. It is unclear whether the threats with the gun and the power drill were documented on the tapes.

In a separate episode detailed in the report — completed in 2004 by the inspector general, John L. Helgerson, but emerging now after a lawsuit by the American Civil Liberties Union forced its release — C.I.A. officers fired a gunshot in a room next to a detainee, leading the prisoner to believe that a second detainee had been killed.

It is a violation of the federal torture statute to threaten a detainee with imminent death.

The C.I.A. declined to comment on specifics of the report, which were first reported Friday evening by Newsweek.

Paul Gimigliano, a C.I.A. spokesman, said: “The C.I.A. in no way endorsed behavior — no matter how infrequent — that went beyond the formal guidance. This has all been looked at; professionals in the Department of Justice decided if and when to pursue prosecution.”

A federal prosecutor is now investigating the destruction of the C.I.A. tapes, but the Justice Department has thus far declined to open a formal investigation into the abuses in C.I.A. prisons.

That may be about to change, as Attorney General Eric H. Holder Jr. is considering whether to appoint a prosecutor to examine the allegations in Mr. Helgerson’s report, and to investigate a number of cases where detainees died in C.I.A. custody.

President Obama has insisted that C.I.A. officers who adhered to Justice Department interrogation guidelines should escape prosecution, and Mr. Holder is not expected to single out Justice Department lawyers who approved the brutal interrogation techniques.

This would give any future investigation a somewhat narrow mandate: aiming only at C.I.A. officers who carried out abuses that exceed the interrogation guidelines.

Mr. Helgerson’s report is said to document in grim detail a number of abuse cases, and its release on Monday is likely to reinvigorate a partisan debate on Capitol Hill.

Even as White House officials say that they are hesitant to dwell on the detainee abuse during the Bush administration, the A.C.L.U. lawsuit has forced officials to make public a number of classified documents from that era.

Besides the inspector general’s report, other documents expected to be released Monday are a 2007 Justice Department memo reauthorizing the C.I.A.’s “enhanced” interrogation techniques, documents that former Vice President Dick Cheney has said provide evidence that the interrogation methods produced valuable information about Al Qaeda; and Justice Department memos from 2006 concerning conditions of confinement in C.I.A. jails…

As we read this, it appears that these drills were never actually used against these innocents. The evil CIA torturers were just playing pretend.

Which makes this a lot like the earlier ‘caterpillar torture’ canard, which also was never actually implemented. A fact you would never know from our watchdog journalists.

And, indeed, just like the latest rounds of reports about the CIA’s ‘hit squads,’ our watchdog media is worked up about something that never happened.

In point of fact, those fabled CIA assassination squads got as far as a PowerPoint slideshow. (Which, if that mean they were real, then Al Gore has ended global warming.)

Meanwhile, lest we forget, the other side doesn’t bother to pretend about such things as power drills. They actually used/use them. (Which, come to think of it, is probably why the CIA thought it would be an effective threat.)

A detail we noted back in September 2006, as reported by none other than the United Nations, via none other than Al Jazeera:

UN: Human rights worsening in Iraq

Thursday 21 September 2006

The United Nations assistance mission for Iraq (UNAMI) has said that human rights violations in Iraq are continuing on a massive scale amid growing violence in all sections of society.

"Human rights violations, particularly against the right to life and personal integrity, [have] continued to occur at an alarming daily rate in Iraq," the report, released on Wednesday, said.

Bodies found in the Baghdad morgue "often bear signs of severe torture including acid-induced injuries and burns caused by chemical substances, missing skin, broken bones – back, hands and legs, missing eyes, missing teeth and wounds caused by power drills or nails," the report said.

The monthly report said that terrorist attacks, the growth of militias, the emergence of organized crime had resulted in the large-scale and indiscriminate killing of civilians.

Every month the Iraqi police continue to find hundreds of bodies bearing signs of "severe torture and execution style killing" the report said…

The report also said that torture is common in official detention centers and that the bodies of many Iraqis executed extra-judicially executed by death squads, insurgents and militias bear also signs of severe torture…

In its latest human rights report for the months of July and August, UNAMI said that 3,009 Iraqi civilians died violently in August.

This was a slight decrease from the 3,590 civilians reported killed in July, the report said.

Remember all the outrage from the New York Times and the rest of our watchdog media about this report?

We don’t either.

They prefer to get exercised about things that never happened.

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6 Responses to “CIA ‘Threatened’ Detainee With Drill”

  1. BillK says:

    From the “nothing the CIA does can possibly be justified” Associated Press:

    Report: CIA Conducted Mock Executions of Detainees

    WASHINGTON — The CIA’s internal investigator found that agency interrogators conducted mock executions of terror suspects and in one case threatened a detainee suspected in the USS Cole bombing with a gun and power drill, congressional officials said late Friday.

    The disclosures are contained in a 2004 report by the CIA’s inspector general, which has been kept secret and is to be released next week, two officials told The Associated Press. They spoke on condition of anonymity because the report has not yet been cleared for release.

    The report’s findings were first reported by Newsweek on its Web site Friday night.

    In one case, interrogators brought a gun and power drill into a session with suspected Cole bomber Abd al Rahim al-Nashiri, the report says. The homicide bombing of the warship USS Cole killed 17 U.S. sailors in Yemen in 2000.

    In another episode, a gunshot was fired in a room next to a detainee to make the prisoner believe another suspect had been killed, according to the report, which a federal judge has ordered to be made public Monday in response to a Freedom of Information Act lawsuit filed by the American Civil Liberties Union.

    Nashiri was one of three CIA prisoners subjected to waterboarding, a brutal interrogation technique that simulates drowning that was among 10 techniques approved by the Bush administration’s Justice Department in 2002. President Barack Obama and Attorney General Eric Holder have denounced waterboarding as torture.

    “The CIA in no way endorsed behavior– no matter how infrequent– that went beyond formal guidance,” said agency spokesman Paul Gimigliano. He declined to comment on the contents of the IG report.

    Threatening a prisoner with death violates U.S. anti-torture laws.


    I see no proof here that any prisoner was directly threatened.

    But no, even this is unacceptable.

    Next up – it will be deemed “torture” to withhold the Sweet & Low from a prisoner’s coffee.

    Meanwhile, we fight this:

    Taliban Cut Off Fingers of 2 Afghan Voters

    KABUL — Taliban militants cut off the ink-stained fingers of two Afghan voters in the militant south during the presidential election, the country’s top election monitoring group said Saturday.


    The AP really has learned from Vietnam; fighting in any way to “win” is strictly forbidden.

    Unless it means ramming through legislation that the majority of Americans vehemently oppose, whether gay marriage, open borders, or ObamaCare.

  2. Liberals Demise says:

    He can thank Allah that he never met my 36 Louisville Slugger.

  3. beautyofreason says:

    I seem to remember a dozen NYT articles condemning the 40-second water boardings of THREE men in Guantanamo. But there were no articles, not on the BBC or the NYT on the THREE men whose eyes Hamas gouged out in torture rooms after Israel left Gaza. Or the sixty who lost their kneecaps in those same rooms from close range gunshots.

    It really leaves one to wonder where liberals stand on human rights when they go crazy over non-issues in U.S. interrogation but remain silent as rogue governments torture, rape, and kill – as long as those people are non-Western and fighting for a liberal interest group (ex. Palestinians).

    I’m actually surprised that the NYT has come down hard on Iran – during Bush their articles went along the lines of “Iran is not so bad, not like the Nazi comparisons, and due to a mistranslation Mr. A may not have technically said he wants Israel wiped off the map.” Blah blah. Now they’re a lot harder on Iran but I suppose Barry the golden boy is in office now and libs have the opportunity to pretend to be tough….

  4. They did not include in that report that they had an operative steal all their red M&M’s. Then he made them listen to Yanni for almost 15 minutes.

  5. proreason says:

    I hope they didn’t call the bad foreign guys names.

    The CIA should be required to stick with the same rules of civil discourse as the Koz children.

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