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NYT: Cites Getting Medicaid As O-Care Success

From the New York Times:

Amid the Uproar Over the Health Law, Voices of Quiet Optimism and Relief


Since his chronic leukemia was diagnosed in 2010, Ray Acosta has paid dearly for health insurance: more than $800 a month in premiums, plus steep co-payments for the drug that helps keep him alive.

Mr. Acosta, 57, owns a small moving company in Sierra Vista, Ariz., which he said had barely made it through the recession. He was thinking about dropping his coverage, but the insurance company beat him to it, informing him recently that it would cancel his policy at year’s end.

He sought advice from an insurance agent who had used his moving company. She connected him with an application counselor at a community health center, who found — to Mr. Acosta’s astonishment — that he qualified for Medicaid under the new health care law, the Affordable Care Act, which gives states the option of expanding the program to include more low-income adults…

So, to review. Mr. Acosta, who owns a moving company, had insurance that was paying for his leukemia treatments. But he didn’t want to pay the $800 a month premiums to stay alive. But, luckily, thanks to Obama-Care, his insurance plan was cancelled anyway.

And now Mr. Acosta qualifies for Medicaid. So he will get everything for free. And everyone is happy. (Except, maybe the taxpayers.)

For many, particularly people with existing medical conditions like Mr. Acosta, the coverage is proving less expensive than what they had…

Well, then let’s just put everyone on Medicaid.

Not all who need health insurance are happy with their new options. Many have complained that the prices are too high, especially if they earn too much to qualify for federal subsidies. And many will have a limited choice of doctors and hospitals under the new exchange plans, which have “narrow networks” to hold down premiums.

But Mr. Acosta… says the health care law has given him a cautious sense of hope…

Because he’s getting covered for ‘free’?

He lives alone and has turned to his siblings at times for help with his insurance and medical costs. And those costs have at times been high: He sees an oncologist in Tucson twice a year and sometimes needs expensive tests that his current insurance does not always cover. He has also recently been stretching his medication, a drug called Gleevec, which helps make his type of leukemia manageable, to ensure he would have some on hand if he became uninsured.

“After being gouged all these years, trying to make ends meet, to all of the sudden get this?” he said. “I’m really blown away.” …

$800 a month to treat leukemia is "gouging"? Never mind that, according to CNN, the drug Mr. Acosta takes, Gleevec, can cost cost over $100,000 a year. That is a detail The Times somehow neglects to mention.

What a wonderful Obama-Care success story this is!

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2 Responses to “NYT: Cites Getting Medicaid As O-Care Success”

  1. BannedbytheTaliban says:

    Good luck finding a doctor that takes new Medicaid patients, especially one with CLL and a $100,000/yr prescription bill.

  2. mr_bill says:

    Wait until next year when the states have to put together their budgets. They’ll realize that all these new sign-ups are going to cost a fortune and the federal block grants aren’t going to cover the new expenses. Then we’ll hear the sob stories about how the teachers are going to have to be thrown out in the streets unless there are tax increases. The firefighters (the ones that weren’t put out of their jobs by obamacare) will be told they have to take pay cuts, wailing and gnashing of teeth, etc. etc. But we will never be told that the state budgets are in trouble because of obamacare.

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