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NYT Crows As O-Care Passes House

From a giddy New York Times:

Speaker Nancy Pelosi smiles during a press conference at the U.S. Capitol, Saturday, Nov. 7, 2009 in Washington after the passage in the house of health care reform.

Sweeping Health Care Plan Passes House


November 8, 2009

WASHINGTON — Handing President Obama a hard-fought victory, the House narrowly approved a sweeping overhaul of the nation’s health care system on Saturday night, advancing legislation that Democrats said could stand as their defining social policy achievement.

After a daylong clash with Republicans over what has been a Democratic goal for decades, lawmakers voted 220 to 215 to approve a plan that would cost $1.1 trillion over 10 years. Democrats said the legislation would provide overdue relief to Americans struggling to buy or hold on to health insurance.

“This is our moment to revolutionize health care in this country,” said Representative George Miller, Democrat of California and one of the chief architects of the bill

On the House floor, Democrats exchanged high-fives and cheered wildly — and Republicans sat quietly — when the tally display showed the 218th and decisive vote, after the leadership spent countless hours in recent days wringing commitments out of House members…

The successful vote came on a day when Mr. Obama traveled to Capitol Hill to make a personal appeal for lawmakers to “answer the call of history” and support the bill…

“Today’s may be a tough vote, but it was in 1935 when we passed Social Security,” Representative John Dingell, Democrat of Michigan and the dean of the House, said as the debate drew to a close late Saturday.

Some Democrats said they voted for the legislation so they could seek improvements in it. “This bill will get better in the Senate,” said Representative Jim Cooper, a Tennessee Democrat who has been outspoken in his criticism of some provisions of the bill but decided to support it. “If we kill it here, it won’t have a chance to get better.” …

Senator Harry Reid of Nevada, the majority leader, said he would bring a bill to the floor as soon as possible…

Lawmakers credited Mr. Obama with converting a final few holdouts during his appearance at a closed-door meeting with Democrats just hours before the vote. Democratic officials said that Mr. Obama’s conversation Saturday with Representative Michael H. Michaud, Democrat of Maine, was crucial in winning one final vote.

Many Democrats also credited Speaker Nancy Pelosi for pulling off a victory that proved tougher than many had predicted. “She really threaded the needle on this one,” said Representative Jim McGovern, Democrat of Massachusetts…

The wall of Republican opposition gave Democrats little room to maneuver, and they worked to corral as many party members as they could

The House vote was a significant step in the long-sought Democratic goal of enacting broad changes in the way health care is delivered in the nation…

It seems only fitting to post the New York Times article announcing this landmark achievement.

Since they have done as much as any to get it passed – against the wishes of the majority of the American citizenry.

Let’s hope these Democrat Congressman remember them when they are looking for work next year.

That is, if The Times is still in business

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6 Responses to “NYT Crows As O-Care Passes House”

  1. Tater Salad says:

    Here’s a list of the Democrats who are (reportedly) undecided or on the fence. Time to jam the phone lines. If they’re not in your district it doesn’t matter. Call ’em anyway. Call as many as you can. Someone who wants to force you to purchase health insurance shouldn’t get the luxury of not hearing from you just because he or she doesn’t “represent” your district. To hell with that.

    AK Artur Davis 202-225-2665
    AL Parker Griffith 202-225-4801
    AR Marion Berry 202-225-4076
    AZ Raul Grijalva 202-225-2435
    AZ Harry Mitchell 202-225-2190
    CA Sam Farr 202-225-2861
    CA Dennis Cardoza 202-225-6131
    CO Jared Polis 202-225-2161
    CO John Salazar 202-225-4761
    CO Betsy Markey 202-225-4676
    GA Jim Marshall 202-225-6531
    IA Leanard Boswell 202-225-3806
    ID Awalt Minnick 202-225-6611
    IL Melissa Bean 202-225-3711
    IL Bill Foster 202-225-2976
    ILD aniel Lipinski 202-225-5701
    IN Baron Hill 202-225-5315
    KS Dennis Moore 202-225-2865
    MD Frank Kratovil 202-225-5311
    MI Dale Kildee 202-225-3611
    MI Mark Schauer 202-225-6276
    MI Bart Stupak 202-225-4735
    MN Collin Peterson 202-225-2165
    MN Jim Oberstar 202-225-6211
    MO Ike Skelton 202-225-2876
    MS Gene Taylor 202-225-5772
    NC G.K. Butterfield 202-225-3101
    NC Brad Miller 202-225-3032
    NC Bob Etheridge 202-225-4531
    NC Heath Shuler 202-225-6401
    ND Earl Pomeroy 202-225-2611
    NM Harry Teague 202-225-2365
    NY Yvette Clarke 202-225-6231
    NY Eric Massa 202-225-3161
    OH Marcy Kaptur 202-225-4146
    OH John Boccieri 202-225-3876
    OH Dennis Kucinich 202-225-5871
    OH Zack Space 202-225-6265
    PA Kathy Dahlkemper 202-225-5406
    RI Jim Langevin 202-225-2735
    SD Stephanie Herseth Sandlin 202-225-2801
    TN Steve Cohen 202-225-3265
    TN Lincoln Davis 202-225-6831
    TN Bart Gordon 202-225-4231
    TX Chet Edwards 202-225-6105
    UT Jim Matheson 202-225-3011
    VA Gerry Connolly 202-225-1492
    VA Tom Perriello 202-225-4711
    VA Rick Boucher 202-225-3861
    VT Peter Welch 202-225-4115
    WA Brian Baird 202-225-3536
    WI Steve Kagen 202-225-5665
    WI Ron Kind 202-225-5506

    UPDATE: Jim adds, You can add to that:

    Joseph Cao (Louisiana Republican) 202-225-6636 504-483-2325 HE HASN’T MADE UP HIS MIND YET!

  2. proreason says:

    “advancing legislation that Democrats said could stand as their defining social policy achievement bereavement”

    The stenographer at the Slimes must have been extra loopy after taking an unusual amount of drugs to stay awake during the Saturday night cram-down.

    I corrected the typo in its copy.

  3. Yarddog1 says:

    If these idiots pass a health care bill and exempt themselves every rational American should take to the streets in protest.

    If it is good enough to be forced upon the unwashed masses it is certainly good enough for those who wrote the damn thing.

    “Let Them Eat Cake” is certainly becoming unbearable.

    • Liberals Demise says:

      They should be the ones who are forced to work out the bugs in the system before passing it down to the peons.
      And if a few die here and there due to bad legislation …….. so be it!

    • Tater Salad says:


      H.R. 615 – Members of Congress who support and vote for this healthcare bill shall be forced to accept the same type of healthcare as they are cramming down our thoats. They won’t bring it to “committee”. We call that being a hypocrit!

  4. Tater Salad says:

    The liberals should be ashamed to pass this healthcare bill because it will take healthcare for veterans and screw it all up. Question: Will there still be VA Hospitals, now and in the future under socialized healthcare??

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