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NYT Crows: Koran Protests Turning Violent

From a positively giddy New York Times:

Afghan Protests Against Koran Burning Turn Violent

September 10, 2010

KABUL, Afghanistan — Numerous protests broke out in Afghanistan on Friday and two of them turned violent in response to plans by a Florida pastor to burn copies of the Koran, even after the pastor announced he had suspended those plans.

In western Afghanistan, one civilian was killed and three were wounded by gunshots at a protest outside a NATO base in Bala Buluk in Farah Province, according to a hospital official there.

In northern Afghanistan, five Afghan protesters were wounded by gunshots, three of them critically, when hundreds of men tried to force their way onto a NATO reconstruction base in Faizabad, the capital of Badakshan Province, Afghan officials said.

There were few details on what happened regarding the death in western Afghanistan, except that it was the result of a protest over the threat to desecrate the Koran…

In Faizabad, in addition to the five wounded protesters, four policemen were wounded defending the NATO base from attack, officials said. Muhammad Amin, a spokesman for the provincial governor, said earlier reports that a protester had been shot to death there proved false.

Aga Noor Kentooz, the provincial police commander in Faizabad, also said that although a mob tried to force its way into the base, no one was killed there. He added that the wounded civilians were hit by shots fired from inside the base, and the injured Afghan policemen were hurt by stones thrown by the crowd.

The NATO-led International Security Assistance Force disputed the reports…

In Faizabad, both Afghan officials’ accounts said the trouble came after several thousand people left morning prayers for the Id al-Fitr holiday and attended a peaceful demonstration against the plans for the Koran burning

Ever notice how often these violent protests occur after “prayers”? Friday prayers, end of Ramadan prayers, it doesn’t seem to matter. Somehow they always get whipped up by a visit to the Religion Of Peace.

And yet the Muslims behind the ‘Ground Zero Mosque’ keep telling us how it will be a place for bridge-building.

After the demonstration in Faisabad broke up, groups of several hundred young men, both on foot and piled into automobiles, stormed toward Airport Road and the NATO reconstruction team base, which is staffed by German soldiers who are part of the NATO-led international force.

After overpowering Afghan security forces on the outer wall of the compound, the crowd, armed with sticks and throwing rocks, tried to storm the inner wall, the Afghan officials said.

Commander Kentooz said “foreign security forces” inside the base then fired warning shots, and when that failed to work they fired into the crowd. Mr. Amin put the number of wounded at five civilians hit by gunfire, and four Afghan security officers hurt by stones from the crowd

Well, they can fight them now or they can fight them later – when they might be carrying more than sticks and stones.

The demonstrations were lightly attended for the most part, although officials in Kapisa Province said a crowd of 10,000 gathered there on Thursday. Television footage, however, showed only a few hundred, and government officials there said the protest was organized by people connected to the governor, who had earlier been the target of an American-supported anticorruption investigation

Funny how The Times saved this tidbit for the 26th paragraph in a 29 paragraph article.

It’s almost as if they are trying to spread free and anxiety with their disinformation.

This article was posted by Steve on Friday, September 10th, 2010. Comments are currently closed.

12 Responses to “NYT Crows: Koran Protests Turning Violent”

  1. BannedbytheTaliban says:

    So here in America you have normal people who believe in the freedom of speech condemning a bastardization of it in the form of burning the koran (I’m sure somewhere a mullah is putting a fatwa on my head for refusing to capitalize koran). Meanwhile where are the voices of the islamic world condemning the violent reaction to the act? Are there any, or does the entire muslim world believe it is ok to ‘kill those who insult islam?” Why aren’t our heroic media mavens and exalted leaders condemning the muslim violence and intolerance of the freedom of speech, religion, and expression? Does Mr. Obama think it is acceptable to show your displeasure with bombings and beheadings?

  2. AcornsRNutz says:

    “There were few details on what happened regarding the death in western Afghanistan, except that it was the result of a protest over the threat to desecrate the Koran… ”

    According to whom? Did they stop and interview every one of these hundred or so “protestors” and ensure that they were not there simply to blow up and kill a bunch of infidels?

  3. proreason says:

    A protest doesn’t even count unless Rage Boy is there.

  4. Rusty Shackleford says:

    This is all an outgrowth of the pervasive mentality of what I faced growing up from liberal teachers. “Don’t antagonize the bully…jut ignore him” and when I did so, the bully took that as a green light to make me eat grass or cough up my homework.

    Then came the day I had had enough…he was doing his usual thing, and he was a couple years older and much larger than me. But I had brought a baseball bat to school that day (back when you could do such things) and I clocked him right over the head with it. Hey, I was 8. I had no idea that I could’ve killed him..but it did knock him out. No one else saw it, and I never told anyone.

    However, from then on, that kid never bothered me again. Not in the rest of the 8 years I continued to go to school with him. He never looked at me, never uttered a sound.

    So, the trick to appeasement is to appease yourself first of the incessant bully. If ignoring them only results in more problems, then you have to take action. Personally, I do not care what any muslim, christian or any faith thinks. The religious argument is simply an avenue and excuse to somehow justify bullying. However, with this administration, the current line of “thinking” for lack of a better word, is to appease them…”Ohh….don’t offend them!”

    And why not?

    Screw ’em.

    Does that include not putting up my US flag tomorrow in honor of the dead of 9/11/2001? Will that offend them, too? And if it does, so what?

    There is no bigger useless argument to me than to justify something through one’s religion. That’s a clear indicator that independent reasoning has flown out the window and won’t be back. I would’ve been just as happy if the baptist minister simply had a secular koo-ran burning than to do it on church grounds. I still think he has the right to do it….it’s not something I would do…but neither would I feel compelled to put out the fire if I found a bunch of koo-rans burning.

    No matter what we do or don’t do, they are offended. It’s a closed-end situation. Ever since WW II and even before, the West has tried in many different ways to come to an understanding with the middle east and aside from them repeatedly changing the rules, they are beyond arrogance and obnoxiousness.

    • AcornsRNutz says:

      The bully analogy harkens something I was taught myself as a kid, not by commie teachers but by my father. You are responsible for your own actions . In the end I can only be responsible for what I do, and same goes for them. If I get ticked about a muslim’s actions, I say “that made me mad” and let it go. If they get offended and decide “I am going to kill a hundred infidels”, that is there decision, and I don’t place blame on the person who offended them. So Westboro babtists, Pastor Jones, Imam Rauf, and muslim terrorists as whole, here is my stance: Screw you all.

      When the muslim “backlash” happens, I get to be among the first to comprise the “American backlash”, and then we’ll get to put this whole thing to rest.

    • tranquil.night says:

      “I surely get hurt when I see these pictures. This is terrorism for me. The people who do this are showing their own culture, so why do they tell us that we are uncivilized?” – Rage Boy

      Yep, sounds like how typical bullies justify their actions. I remember having to step to my first bully – it was surprising how fast his disposition changed. That’s how most bullies are. Then every once in a while there’s one who just wants the first excuse to unleash their unbridled hate. That’s who we’re facing. Tens of millions living not by laws of freedom or even equality, but revenge sevenfold.

      There is no satisfying Rage Boy or his ilk. In most cases, they just have to be destroyed.

    • beautyofreason says:

      It was my first year of high school. There was a strange boy who followed me around and insulted at random. This short fry made obnoxious comments about my weight, flashed a laser light in my eye during class and generally acted like a jerk. I ignored him.

      One day, after about four hours of sleep the boy-shrimp came up to me and started cursing within a foot of my face; I don’t remember the content but it was incessant, and included something about my mother.

      I was pretty annoyed so against my better judgment, I clocked him in the nose. Being a girl and weighed down by a 15-lb backpack, I couldn’t exactly cause a lot of hurt. But he got the message, slithering back to his friends, chuckling “oh my gosh, she punched me.”

      Yeah, I punched him. From then on I was known by the kids on the school bus as the girl who punched that bully. And Tom Thumb didn’t bother me for a year after that, until I remained staunchly pacifistic and ignored this goon’s behavior. Then he would say something rude to me a couple of times as he passed down the hallway, but never to the level it was before.

      The point is, bullies grovel when you stand up to them. It seems to me that Americans ought to stand up to bullies like the Muslims who push Shariah law – they have nothing to offer our civilization until they value freedom of religion and freedom of speech.

      I don’t particularly agree with a Koran burning, nor the burning of ANY book but I find it hypocritical that the non-Muslim world is told to just deal with death threats while Obama sends the FBI to quiet an insensitive preacher in a small state.

  5. Right of the People says:

    “It’s almost as if they are trying to spread free and anxiety with their disinformation.”

    No way would the Slimes do that! (sarc)

  6. Georgfelis says:

    What we are seeing is a parallel to the Iranian hostage taking. The “protesters” who stormed the Iranian embassy were cranked up by an iman, and armed with “sticks and stones”, and really did not expect to actually take over the embassy. They expected the Marines on guard to fire into the crowd, and use the wounded as political points. Instead they wound up like the dog who chased the car, and caught it.

    Commander Kentooz, you were very smart to have fired upon the rioters as they came over the wall. You may have saved the life of everyone in that compound.

  7. Mithrandir says:

    On the video, isn’t is amazing how Reuters and the AP just happen to be there to tape all of 25 people marching around in anger?

    Of all the things to video tape, how were they able to be at the right place at the right time? It is as if the terrorists and these new organizations work together to get the best propaganda shots.

    PALLYWOOD VIDEO: It’s all fake!

  8. Nimblicity says:

    20-something Muslims died in 9/11.
    If one of them had a koran in his desk, what do you suppose happened to it?

    “Muslims Murder 24 In Mosque ”
    Suppose any korans might have been present within the blast radius of those bombs (in this rather non-isolated incident)?

    I guess destroying korans is like speaking ill of one’s parents; when you do it, you’re justified; but others do so at peril of your wrath. Such an adolescent mentality…

  9. Tater Salad says:

    Final numbers for Ramadan 2010:

    Ramadan 2010 Scorecard
    Day 30
    In the name of
    The Religion
    of Peace
    In the name of
    All Other

    Terror Attacks 226

    Dead Bodies

    (Final numbers pending)

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