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NYT: Economy Better, But Obama’s Rating Worse

From the New York Times:

Obama’s Puzzle: Economy Rarely Better, Approval Rarely Worse

By JACKIE CALMES | JAN. 27, 2014

WASHINGTON — President Obama will pronounce on the state of the union for the fifth time on Tuesday, and never during his time in office has the state of the economy been better — yet rarely has he gotten such low marks from the public for his handling of it.

Gosh, that is sad.

Not only have economic indicators shown progress toward pre-recession health, but many forecasters are predicting what one called “a breakout year” for growth. A new study from a Federal Reserve economist even put a more benign spin on a negative trend, the shrinking labor force, by attributing the decline not to discouraged unemployed workers who have quit looking for jobs, but to the first baby-boomer retirements.

Here we go with yet another new excuse.

Demand for labor is up and the unemployment rate is below 7 percent for the first time since November 2008. Consumers, buoyed by rising home prices and stock values, are spending more; so are businesses. Exports are growing as Europe regains health. The fiscal drag from state and federal spending cuts has abated. And contrary to Republicans’ claims, many forecasters do not see the health care law as “a job-killer.”

As usual, whom are we to believe? The New York Times or our lying eyes?

Economically speaking, said Scott A. Anderson, chief economist at Bank of the West, “the state of the union is the best we have seen in years.” …

Oh, our sides. Well, then we guess we don’t have to worry about income inequality, huh?

Mr. Obama and his speechwriter could not phrase it better, or simpler.

Which is precisely why The Times dug up this nobody to cite.

Yet taking credit is complicated, given the clear evidence in national polls that most Americans are not in a mood to give him any…

Boo hoo. Tell that to George Bush, whom the media claims gave us a recession, when not a single one of his policies caused the recession.

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3 Responses to “NYT: Economy Better, But Obama’s Rating Worse”

  1. GetBackJack says:


    (goto urban dictionary)

  2. canary says:

    Disgusting NYT headline blaming the peoples’ minds as puzzled.

    But, then the NYT failed to headline or report that NSA agents spied on their own significant others and potential lovers’ phone calls and e-mails !

    Just more shame and disgust Obama keeps lying they only spy on terrorists.

  3. Astravogel says:

    Very small violins playing in the distance…

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