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NYT ‘Edits Out’ 3 To 1 Romney Voting In Israel

From the New York Times:

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Among Americans in Israel, More Forceful Backing for Romney

By ISABEL KERSHNER | Tues October 23, 2012

JERUSALEM — Americans living in Israel went to the polls this week, dropping sealed envelopes into improvised ballot boxes at community centers in this city and at other locations around the country. Instead of a unifying experience, though, participating in the November presidential elections from afar seemed to accentuate the distance between the American Jewish voters here and those back in the United States.

In other words, they are supporting Romney, which just goes to show how out of touch they are.

An American Jewish Committee Survey conducted in early September showed nearly two-thirds of Jewish voters were supporting President Obama, in line with support in past elections.

You would never know it from this article, but the ‘tease for this Times article (see screen grab above) read: "Americans in Israel Seem to Back Romney — Perhaps as a response to lobbying efforts, over twice as many Americans living in Israel voted by absentee ballot this week as in 2008, and according to surveys, two-thirds of them chose Romney."

And note that this says "according to surveys" — that is plural.

But there is no mention of any of these surveys in this article. In fact, the only mention of "surveys" or "two thirds" is the line above where we’re told the support is for Obama.

According to exit polls since 1992, about three-quarters of Jewish Americans have supported the Democratic presidential candidate.

Historically, the vote from Israel has hardly counted. The number of eligible American voters here is now estimated at about 160,000..

But this time as many as 75,000 Americans in Israel have registered for a ballot, spurred on perhaps by the critical issues on the American-Israeli agenda but also by the efforts of iVoteIsrael, a get-out-the-vote group that says it is nonpartisan but that critics accuse of working quietly for the Republicans.

Whatever the reasons — whether the background of tensions between Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu and the Obama administration, the looming threat of a nuclear Iran or simply the greater turnout because of efforts by iVoteIsrael — a number of people casting their ballots at an event sponsored by the group said they supported Mitt Romney, the Republican challenger.

"Two thirds" has now become "a number of people." — Which, of course, should not be news. This article would have never been written if that was all the news it contained.

“In the United States, like most people, I voted Democratic,” said Dr. Naftali Neal Fish, a clinical psychologist and hypnotherapist who came to Israel from Philadelphia in the 1980s. This was his first time voting abroad. Citing both the crisis with Iran and the economic situation in the United States, where American-Israelis still pay taxes, he said he voted for Mr. Romney.

Orit Straus, an interior decorator who came here with her family three years ago from St. Louis, said she had voted for Mr. Romney “because I feel he is better for Israel.”

Meir Simchah Panzer, from Virginia, said that there was probably little substantive difference between the candidates but that he was voting for Mr. Romney “by default; I see somebody who seems genuinely to care and to have principles.”

Daniel Laufer, 26, from North Miami Beach, Fla., said he voted for Mr. Romney because of his “economic record” and because he had become “disenchanted with Obama’s Middle East policies.”

But now The Times feels obligated to explain such bizarre thinking. And, naturally, they blame it all on Republican dirty tricks:

iVoteIsrael has sponsored debates around the country and reached out to potential voters through social networks, community e-mail lists and local publications. Its activists have gone door to door, run phone banks, canvassed outside shopping malls and registered parents at Little League games. It has provided drop boxes for registration forms and ballots in locations like pizzerias and private homes, including in several West Bank settlements.

It has not endorsed any candidate, and the Web site of the United States Embassy lists it as a nonpartisan group offering voter assistance…

But critics from the Democratic camp have noted that some of iVoteIsrael’s messaging, particularly on its Facebook page, has a distinct anti-Obama flavor, including an appeal to vote from the hawkish former United Nations ambassador, John R. Bolton, who has endorsed Mr. Romney.

Adding to the uncertainty, iVoteIsrael has also been vague about the sources of its financing. Its parent organization, Americans for Jerusalem, is a registered 501(c)(4) organization that does not have to disclose its financial backers. But the Sunlight Foundation Reporting Group said last week that Americans for Jerusalem appeared to have ties to Ronald S. Lauder, the conservative American businessman, philanthropist and supporter of Republican causes. Mr. Lauder’s office said it had no comment…

That is all they have. And never mind that this group has undoubtedly been given donations by liberals, as well. In fact, we would bet they have gotten more donations from liberals.

Hillel Schenker, vice chairman of Democrats Abroad Israel, said that in 2000: “Florida was stolen. I don’t think it was the absentee ballots but the manipulations.” Moreover, the skeptics note, most American-Israelis are likely to vote in states like New York, California and Illinois, where they will have zero impact.

David A. Harris, president and chief executive of the National Jewish Democratic Council, said, “I’d argue that unfortunately for the Romney-Ryan ticket, Americans living in Israel are unlikely to be the difference makers.”

In other words, these Democrat operatives say the number of Americans voting in Israel is not going to change the election. But don’t you think it is significant that the very Jews who will be the most affected by Obama’s policies are voting for Romney by a rate of three to one?

In fact, it is so significant a point The Times decided they had better not tell their readers about it. They decided it was news that was not fit to print. And so they airbrushed it from their own story!

This article was posted by Steve on Wednesday, October 24th, 2012. Comments are currently closed.

3 Responses to “NYT ‘Edits Out’ 3 To 1 Romney Voting In Israel”

  1. bclark says:

    What you’re seeing is called the page ‘description’. There was no scrubbing and in fact the whole description still exists on the NYT article right now. Go back to the NYT article and find the “View Source” option in your browser. Looking at the HTML source of the page you’ll see something called ‘<meta itemprop="description" name="description" content="…"' and in that content="…" you'll see the exact description shown in Yahoo News. Yahoo computers pull out this description from the page and displays that in it's search results, there's no edits or conspiracy here it's just how Yahoo works.

  2. untrainable says:

    Evil Republicans and their dirty tricks. How dare they put a picture of John Bolton and a plea to vote on a website. They must not understand the power of the moustache. When John Bolton tells me to do something, I am immediately rendered incapable of exercising my own free will. I do what the master tells me… WTF?

    As far as their financing, are they doing anything illegal for a 501C4? Nope. Then my question would be…. SO? Is Obama doing anything on his website to prevent illegal foreign contributions to his campaign? Nope. Guess that’s not fit to print either.

  3. Mithrandir says:

    You notice the farther away you live from high-crime inner-city neighborhoods, the MORE liberal you are? The closer you are to the welfare-dependent cesspool, the more conservative you are?

    Same in Israel, the closer you are to the terrorists, the more you realize how Republican you really are. The farther away, the more liberal.

    I don’t know when liberal Jews are going to figure out that the democratic party shadow platform is anti-Christian, anti-Jew, anti-life, and seeks to divide the rest of the demographics with inventing wedge issues to reduce their power. “The War on Women.”

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