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NYT: “Evolved” Anti-War Hillary Is Booed Less

From her bootlick minions at the New York Times:

Clinton Gets Better Reception on Iraq


By Patrick Healy

June 20, 2007

Here’s a totally unscientific but not unimportant measure of Senator Hillary Rodham Clinton’s evolution from Iraq war supporter to antiwar partisan in the last year: She was booed more lightly and gently at this morning’s Take Back America gathering of liberal activists than she was a year ago.

Not that everyone showed her the love today: As Mrs. Clinton brought up Iraq toward the end of her half-hour speech, about 10 protesters stood up in the front rows of the audience and held up signs reading, “Lead Us Out of Iraq Now!” And there were boos, for both Mrs. Clinton and, among her supporters, for the protesters.

“I love coming here every year,” Mrs. Clinton told the crowd, her demeanor relatively relaxed, amid the noisy catcalls. “I see the signs – lead us out of Iraq now – that’s what we’re trying to do.” …

…Mrs. Clinton has done a fairly dramatic turnabout on Iraq. She has embraced a deadline to withdraw the troops and even voted last month to cut off funding for most operations in Iraq. She is also sponsoring legislation, with Senator Robert Byrd of West Virginia, to strip President Bush of the authority that she and other senators granted him in October 2002 to pursue military action in Iraq.

These moves have put her closer in line with her two main rivals for the Democratic presidential nomination, Senator Barack Obama and former Senator John Edwards…

Mrs. Clinton sped through parts of her speech this morning. At times it seemed like she did not want to pause and take a breath (indeed, a few times when she did, she was heckled over the war).

When she came to the Iraq portion of her speech, she drew applause at first for saying, “we’re going to end the war in Iraq and finally bring out troops home,” and then noted that she voted against more spending for combat because “I believe the best way to support our troops is to start bringing them home.”

She then said that “the American military had done its job” and the Iraqi government had failed in its responsibilities – at which point several protesters stood and raised their signs, and the din began. After a minute or so, the protesters took their seats again. As disruptions go for Mrs. Clinton at her campaign events, it was a fairly mild one.

The rest of her remarks were largely stump speech. Mrs. Clinton promised that, as president, she would lift federal limits on stem-cell research. She said of the Bush administration, “it’s a stunning record of secrecy and corruption, of cronyism run amok,” and she called for a new “culture of competence and caring.” …

Note the language our objective reporter uses:

Senator Hillary Rodham Clinton’s evolution from Iraq war supporter to antiwar partisan…

Ms. Clinton has “evolved.”

No, no political agenda there.

By the way, have you ever noticed how our media watchdogs insist that the entire country is now against the war. And yet all of the major candidates for the Republican party are still vehemently support the war.

When and where are they booed? I guess we aren’t supposed to notice that.

And speaking of things we aren’t suppose to notice (or remember):

She said of the Bush administration, “it’s a stunning record of secrecy and corruption, of cronyism run amok…

It’s a wonder lightning didn’t strike her dead.

Has there ever been a more corrupt and crony-riddled administration than her and her husband’s?

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