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NYT Finds Two ‘Weapons Experts’ To Back Obama

From an eager to help out anyway they can New York Times:

Rockets in Syrian Attack Carried Large Payload of Gas, Experts Say

By WILLIAM J. BROAD | September 4, 2013

A new study of images apparently from the Syrian attack last month concludes that the rockets delivering toxic sarin gas to neighborhoods around Damascus held up to 50 times more nerve agent than previously estimated, a conclusion that could solve the mystery of why there were so many more victims than in previous chemical attacks.

"A study of images"? And we are supposed to go to war over a study of images?

The study, by leading weapons experts, also strongly suggests that the mass of toxic material could have come only from a large stockpile. American, British and French officials have charged that only the Syrian government and not the rebels was in position to make such large quantities of deadly toxins…

Isn’t that handy? Were these the same experts who told us about Iraq’s weapons of mass destruction?

The new study was conducted by Richard M. Lloyd, an expert in warhead design, and Theodore A. Postol, a physicist at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology.

A former defense contractor and a professor of physics. Right.

They based their investigation on scores of online videos and photographs posted since the Aug. 21 attack sent thousands of sick and dying Syrians to hospitals in the Damascus suburbs…

They studied videos uploaded to YouTube and photos on the internet? Okay then. Case closed.

In interviews and reports, the two weapons specialists said their analysis of rocket parts and wreckage posted online suggested that the warheads carried toxic payloads of about 50 liters (13 gallons), not the one or two liters (up to half a gallon) of nerve agent that some weapons experts had previously estimated...

Shortly after the attack, some analysts said they doubted if the identified rockets could have carried enough nerve agent to have caused the mass casualties. Mr. Lloyd and Dr. Postol say their analysis explains how the misidentification of a central rocket part resulted in the excessively small payload estimates.

Those other experts (who do this for a living) are clearly stupid.

In an interview, Mr. Lloyd said the manufacture of the rockets, if not the deadly nerve agent, appeared to be within the capabilities of both the Syrian government and the rebels…

Oops. So what does their study prove again?

But Stephen Johnson, a former British Army chemical warfare expert who is now a forensic expert at Cranfield University, at Shrivenham, said if the estimate of a 50-liter payload was correct, only the Syrian government could have achieved such a large volume of production.

“That’s a fairly substantial amount to produce yourself and beyond the opposition in its wildest dreams,” he said. Suggestions that the Syrian rebels seized or secretly obtained such amounts, Mr. Johnson added, lacked credibility. “It’s more supportive of the argument that it was the government,” he said.

Whew! That was close. Too close. And never mind that there have been numerous reports of the rebels have access to the Syrian chemical weapon stockpiles.

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  1. canary says:

    I could not resist checking out this NYT reporter the “By WILLIAM J. BROAD”

    Introduction: “I played with matches as a kid and got pretty good at making fireballs…”

    – See more at: http://williamjbroad.com/about-the-author/#sthash.nvmwKhWi.dpuf

    He’s a dang Yoga Guru. (A Guru is someone that demands to be worshiped)

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