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NYT Fires Jill Abramson, Then Trashes Her In Print

From a very bitchy New York Times:

Times Ousts Its Executive Editor, Elevating Second in Command

By DAVID CARR and RAVI SOMAIYA | May 14, 2014

The New York Times dismissed Jill Abramson as executive editor on Wednesday, replacing her with Dean Baquet, the managing editor, in an abrupt change of leadership. Arthur O. Sulzberger Jr., the publisher of the paper and the chairman of The New York Times Company, told a stunned newsroom that had been quickly assembled that he had made the decision because of “an issue with management in the newsroom.”

Ms. Abramson, 60, had been in the job only since September 2011. But people in the company briefed on the situation described serious tension in her relationship with Mr. Sulzberger, who was concerned about complaints from employees that she was polarizing and mercurial. She had also had clashes with Mr. Baquet…

Is the NYT saying that Ms. Abramson was ‘too bossy’? Isn’t that sexism?

Anyway, what a classy thing to do. Fire someone and then trash her in public like this. Was Ms. Abramson a secret homophobe or Tea Party supporter?

In recent weeks, these people said, Mr. Baquet had become angered over a decision by Ms. Abramson to make a job offer to a senior editor from The Guardian, Janine Gibson, and install her alongside him in a co-managing editor position without consulting him. It escalated the conflict between them and rose to the attention of Mr. Sulzberger.

Mr. Baquet is black. So this must have been a tough call for ‘Pinch,’ given his obsession with identity politics.

Maybe Mr. Baquet is gay, and that tipped the balance. (This is a joke.) Heck, if he is gay he will have a job there for life.

Ms. Abramson had recently engaged a consultant to help her with her management style…

So even though she was seeking professional help with her problem, she got the axe. Let’s hope she sues the pants of the paper.

Ms. Abramson did not return messages seeking comment. As part of a settlement agreement between her and the paper, neither side would go into detail about her firing…

So Ms. Abramson has been paid to clam up. Now that is the kind of transparency we like to see in our media.

Mr. Baquet becomes the first African-American to serve as The Times’s executive editor. Ms. Abramson’s hiring also made history — she was the first woman to run the newspaper…

Hopefully, The Times has an Hispanic lined up for their next historic step forward.

Her dismissal, after less than three years in the job, was met with disappointment by some women in the newsroom, and could be perceived as a step backward in the cause of female leadership at The Times and elsewhere in the industry…

Tough toenails. The Times doesn’t care about ‘the women’s movement’ anymore. It’s all about the ‘gay movement’ now.

But as a leader of the newsroom, she was accused by some of divisiveness and criticized for several of her personnel choices, in particular the appointment of several major department heads who did not last long in their jobs.

With Mr. Sulzberger more closely monitoring her stewardship, tensions between Ms. Abramson and Mr. Baquet escalated. In one publicized incident, he angrily slammed his hand against a wall in the newsroom. He had been under consideration for the lead job when Ms. Abramson was selected and, according to people familiar with his thinking, he was growing frustrated working with her…

Gee, it’s almost like Mr. Baquet has ‘anger issues.’ And he can’t take not getting things his way. Has he hired a consultant to help him with his problem?

An annual meeting for senior executives at the newspaper had been planned for Thursday and Friday. Ms. Abramson was scheduled to be one of its leaders and to deliver a talk Thursday morning, titled “Our Evolving Newsroom.” The meeting has been canceled.

Isn’t irony ironic?

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One Response to “NYT Fires Jill Abramson, Then Trashes Her In Print”

  1. canary says:

    “she was polarizing and mercurial” I can’t believe they put that in print. It might be construed as releasing a medical condition.

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