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NYT Frets: No One Will Notice Sequester ‘Cuts’

From the New York Times:

Many Steps to Be Taken When ‘Sequester’ Is Law

By MICHAEL D. SHEAR | February 28, 2013

WASHINGTON — At some point on Friday (no one will say precisely when), President Obama will formally notify government agencies that an obscure process known as sequestration is in effect, triggering deep, across-the-board budget cuts that will force federal spending to shrink.

At that moment, somewhere in the bowels of the Treasury Department, officials will take offline the computers that process payments for school construction and clean energy bonds to reprogram them for reduced rates. Payments will be delayed while they are made manually for the next six weeks.

Hours later, employees at the Environmental Protection Agency will open e-mails notifying them of the bad news: a forced furlough of up to 13 days in the weeks ahead.

And over at the Department of Housing and Urban Development, officials will spend the weekend mailing out letters to governors in all 50 states showing how much their grants will be reduced in the coming days and weeks.

Created by desperate politicians in Washington to force themselves to find a smarter way to cut government, the “sequester” will instead become the law of the land as a result of a failure of Mr. Obama and congressional Republicans to compromise.

It will be a law, like the law of gravity. Except that, with government spending, ‘what goes up never comes down.’

But doesn’t it sound like The Times is about to bust out crying? And yet they immediately begin to fret that there won’t be enough damage for anyone to notice:

But the law does not create an immediate spending crisis or government shutdown like the ones that have loomed over so many of the previous budget fights in Washington. On Friday, the immediate impact on most Americans will be exactly nothing.

And this has the New York Times and the rest of the Democrat Party sweating bullets — gum drops.

Federally funded day care programs will continue to operate. National parks will stay open. Government employees will continue to report to work. Border patrol agents will do their best to prevent illegal crossings. Experts do not expect the stock market to flinch.

This is the only disaster that the New York Times really fears. Can’t Obama do something to make things worse?!

It will be, Mr. Obama said Wednesday night, more of a “tumble downward” than a quick descent into budgetary nightmare. “It’s conceivable that in the first week, the first two weeks, the first three weeks, the first month, a lot of people may not notice the full impact of the sequester,” Mr. Obama told a group of business officials…

White House officials become indignant with suggestions that Mr. Obama and his top lieutenants might have hyped the devastation wrought by the automatic cuts…

Strategists in the West Wing are betting that the growing impact of the budget cuts — including what they expect will be a hit to the nation’s already slow economic growth rate — will eventually bring Republicans to the table for a deal…

So, don’t worry. From this day forward, not a sparrow will fall without the Obama administration and their media minions blaming it on the ‘Republicans’ sequester.’

Which, at least, will sound a little more convincing than blaming Bush, after he has been out of office for four years.

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2 Responses to “NYT Frets: No One Will Notice Sequester ‘Cuts’”

  1. Mithrandir says:


    Don’t worry folks the 2-party cabal will ensure that things go well for themselves, and pretend to fight publicly for your amusement.

    1. Republicans will cave. (you should know that by now)
    2. What ever cuts do happen, BACK PAY will be snuck in to every nook and cranny imaginable.
    3. Republicans and Democrats will offset the “cuts” with tax increases ensuring that there is a zero-sum gain. You can just hear Pelosi now can’t you? “These cuts / tax breaks need to be paid for!”
    4. The 44 billion or whatever it is, will be budgeted right back in, either by this crop of losers, or the next Congress.

    Come on! look in the mirror and stop lying to yourself already! THIS IS ALL THEATER, and the news organizations make plenty of money over your fears–along with their advertisers knowing they have a captive audience, all politicians fill up their coffers for 2014 with scare letters and emails, “Won’t you contribute $10, $15, $25 to help stop __________ from doing ____________?”

    Everyone comes out smelling like a rose, and the 2 crime families, the Republicabinos, and the Democranannos will move on to the next crisis after they decide how they can help each other look good to their voters.

    You all know exactly how this is and will play out, we’ve seen this hundreds of times before.

  2. captstubby says:

    Obama, congressional leaders fail to reach last-ditch sequester deal
    WASHINGTON – President Obama placed blame squarely on Republican lawmakers at a Friday press conference for failing to stop automatic spending cuts that were to begin kicking in later in the day, calling the cuts “dumb, arbitrary.”

    Republicans, for their part, said the fault was his, for insisting that increased taxes be part of the resolution

    The president said the impact of the cuts won’t immediately be felt, but middle class families will begin to “have their lives disrupted in significant ways.” He said that as long as the cuts stay in effect, Americans will know that the economy could have been better had they been averted.

    “The pain, though, will be real,” Obama said.

    “Let’s be clear: None of this is necessary,” Obama told reporters at the White House. “It’s happening because of a choice that Republicans in Congress have made. We shouldn’t be making a series of dumb, arbitrary cuts to things.”

    and Obama will do everything to make “The pain be real,”
    and know one asked him , “could you explain again how you are powerless to prevent this?”

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