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NYT: Give Carbon Offsets For Christmas!

From an ever thoughtful New York Times:

Rebecca Young of Mountain View, Calif., and her 3-year-old twins, Jason and Lea, framing the carbon reduction certificate they received for Christmas.

For Caring Consumers, the Gift of Carbon Dioxide


December 24, 2009

What says holiday cheer better than a ton of carbon dioxide?

Rebecca Young of Mountain View, Calif., recently opened her mail to find a gift from an old friend in New York City.

“Carbon reduction certificate,” it read. It is good for three tons of carbon emissions that will be “retired” in her name so that no power plant will ever release them into the atmosphere.

To some people, the certificate may be as welcome as a lump of coal. But Ms. Young, a marketing manager for the environmental Web site Care2.com, was delighted.

“I don’t need stuff,” said Ms. Young, 37, the mother of 3-year-old twins. “And as someone who cares about the environment, I thought it was a very kind gesture. It obviously showed that he knew me.”

Carbon reduction certificates are the latest hot eco-gift, suitable for the environmentally aware, hard-to-shop-for loved one who already has an adopted humpback whale or some symbolic rainforest acreage.

They are sold by the Adirondack Council, a nonprofit group that watches over New York’s 9,300-square-mile Adirondack Park and sells $25 certificates for carbon emissions that it obtained at carbon trading auctions.

The auctions are held four times a year by the only cap-and-trade program for carbon dioxide operating in the country, the Regional Greenhouse Gas Initiative. Popularly known as RGGI (pronounced Reggie), the program sets a ceiling on carbon dioxide emissions from power plants in New York and nine other Northeastern states to combat global warming. (Carbon dioxide is the dominant heat-trapping gas linked to climate change.) …

Alan Chartock, president and chief executive of WAMC Northeast Public Radio in Albany, said his station offered 600 carbon certificates donated by the council for a minimum of $100 per certificate during a fund drive earlier this year.

He said he was “astounded” by the response. “We were inundated with telephone calls,” he said. “Some people wanted one for each grandchild.” …

The appeal is fear,” he said. “People are really concerned about what’s happening in the planet.” …

The only thing the left has to give is fear itself.

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9 Responses to “NYT: Give Carbon Offsets For Christmas!”

  1. Liberals Demise says:

    “…………and if you are one of the first 5000 callers we will toss in a Pet Rock at no additional charge! Just pay shipping and handling to cover our cost.”

  2. BillK says:

    Hmmm, I think I’d burn mine. :-)

  3. BigOil says:

    I think Ms Granola also needs to buy some carbon offsets to cover the tree carcas that will serve as a frame for the worthless certificate. What about the murdered Christmas tree in the background, and the roof over her head, or that fancy wooden table?

    Of course, she says ” I don’t need stuff”, while being surrounded by stuff. Typical liberal.

    • jobeth says:

      You know, after looking at the enlarged pic…I believe that Christmas tree is only a plastic…..EEEEKKKK! PLASTIC!….Just like most of the ornaments!….What a hypocrite!

  4. Chuckk says:

    I wonder if the IRS will accept carbon credits as payment for taxes?

  5. canary says:

    The mailed certificate took a long carbon flight to get there, or did the New York Times crew take it on their flight to California.

  6. GL0120 says:

    If only I’d seen this before I spent all that money on presents that people enjoyed!
    Seriously though, I have a few questions.
    First of all, this sounds an awful lot like the “Name a Star” scam. How do you really know that any carbon is being “retired?”
    Next, doesn’t Algore have more than enough money? Why do we have to give him more when he’s already a multi-millionaire (thanks to this exact scam.)?
    Third, why in the heck didn’t I think of this? I need the money more than Algore does.

  7. wirenut says:

    What happens if you only got lumps of coal for Christmas? Not like thats all I got, or anything like that, ya know.
    Just asking.

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