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NYT: Gun-Loving, Right-Wing Loughner

Say what you will about the New York Times, they do not give up:

Looking Behind the Mug-Shot Grin

January 15, 2011

(This article was reported by Jo Becker, Serge F. Kovaleski, Michael Luo and Dan Barry and written by Mr. Barry.)

Mr. Loughner’s spellbinding mug shot — that bald head, that bright-eyed gaze, that smile — yields no answer to why, why, why, why, the aching question cried out in a subdued Tucson synagogue last week.

And never mind that the New York Times, as well as the rest of the media, have been telling us why this happened almost as soon as it happened.

Does the absence of hair suggest a girding for battle? Does the grin convey a sense of accomplishment, or complete disengagement from the consequence of his actions?

And is his slightly blackened left eye all but winking at the wholesale violence that preceded the camera’s click?

Since last Saturday’s shooting frenzy in Tucson, investigators and the news media have spent the week frantically trying to assemble the Jared Loughner jigsaw puzzle in hopes that the pieces will fit, a clear picture will emerge and the answer to why will be found, providing the faint reassurance of a dark mystery solved

In truth the news media have frantically tried to pin this on their political opponents. And, as we will see in this seven page (online) article, The Times has not given up this effort. In fact, they have only just begun to pin this on conservatives.

What the cacophony of facts do suggest is that Mr. Loughner is struggling with a profound mental illness (most likely paranoid schizophrenia, many psychiatrists say); that his recent years have been marked by stinging rejection — from his country’s military, his community college, his girlfriends and, perhaps, his father; that he, in turn, rejected American society, including its government, its currency, its language, even its math

As he alienated himself from his small clutch of friends, grew contemptuous of women in positions of power and became increasingly oblivious to basic social mores, Mr. Loughner seemed to develop a dreamy alternate world, where the sky was sometimes orange, the grass sometimes blue and the Internet’s informational chaos provided refuge.

And despite the fact that The Times has just in many ways described a classic leftwing dropout they go on to claim:

He became an echo chamber for stray ideas, amplifying, for example, certain grandiose tenets of a number of extremist right-wing groups — including the need for a new money system and the government’s mind-manipulation of the masses through language.

We would contend that neither of these ideas are from the right-wing. They are found in Mr. Loughner’s two movies, ‘Loose Change’ and ‘Zeitgeist.’ Both of which were made by virulently anti-American leftwing radicals. 

In the last three months, Mr. Loughner had a 9-millimeter bullet tattooed on his right shoulder blade and turned increasingly to the Internet to post indecipherable tutorials about the new currency, bemoan the prevalence of illiteracy and settle scores with the Army and Pima Community College, both of which had shunned him.

If you can’t blame talk radio, then blame the internet. By the way, Mr. Loughner’s complaints about illiteracy have nothing to do with what is normally meant by the word.

He also may have felt rejected by the American government in general, and by Ms. Giffords in particular, with whom he had a brief — and, to him, unsatisfactory — encounter in 2007

You see where we are going here. Mr. Loughner felt rejected by the government. Therefore we need more government.

Clarence Dupnik, the outspoken [sic] sheriff of Pima County, was driving back from Palm Springs when he received word of the shooting. Ms. Giffords and the slain judge, John M. Roll, were friends of his. “It was like someone kicked me in the stomach,” he recalled. “Shock turned to anger. The closer to Tucson, the angrier I got.”

Is anger what we want from our law enforcement officers at times like these?

Although his law enforcement colleagues are diligently working to shore up their criminal case to counter a possible plea of insanity that could mitigate punishment, Sheriff Dupnik seems torn about Mr. Loughner’s mental state.

“There’s no doubt in my mind that the whole trial will be about did he know right from wrong,” the sheriff said. “We’ll have 15 psychiatrists saying yes. We’ll have 15 psychiatrists saying no. What do I say? I think he’s mentally disturbed.”

Disturbed enough to be found guilty but insane?

“I majored in psychology at the university,” Sheriff Dupnik answered. “Based on what I’ve seen, he is psychotic, he has serious problems with reality, and I think he’s delusional. Does he meet the legal test of guilty but insane? I don’t know.”

It really does seem like Mr. Dupnik is doing his level best to throw this case.

[Jared’] father, Randy Loughner, was so rarely mentioned by his son that some of Jared’s friends assumed that his parents were divorced. Mr. Loughner installed carpets and pool decks, and spent much of his free time restoring old cars…

Some neighbors saw Randy Loughner as private; others as standoffish, even a bit scary. As a member of one neighboring family suggested: if your child’s ball came to rest in the Loughners’ yard, you left it there.

And, occasionally, word would trickle back to the homes of Jared’s friends of a family unhappy in its own way. That Jared and his father did not get along. That a palpable sense of estrangement hovered in the Loughner home…

Here we go. Jared’s father was mean. Maybe he listens to talk radio.

Several of Jared’s friends said he used marijuana, mushrooms and, especially, the hallucinogenic herb called Salvia divinorum. When smoked or chewed, the plant can cause brief but intense highs.

None of this necessarily distinguished him from his high school buddies. Several of them dabbled in drugs, played computer games like World of Warcraft and Diablo and went through Goth and alternative phases

Observe that heavy drug use is practically described here as good clean fun. And a rite of passage for every high school kid.

Even going through a ‘Goth’ phase (aka ‘dabbling in witchcraft’) is perfectly normal all of a sudden. Of course The Times and the rest of the media pretended otherwise during Christine O’Donnell’s campaign.

Jared and a friend, Zane Gutierrez, would also shoot guns for practice in the desert; Jared, Mr. Gutierrez recalled, became quite proficient at picking off can targets with a gun.

But Jared, a curious teenager who at times could be intellectually intimidating, stood out because of his passionate opinions about government — and his obsession with dreams.

Notice how this article keeps bringing up government. Even though, according to everything we have heard so far, Mr. Loughner was not particularly passionate about government. 

He didn’t listen to the news or talk radio, according to one of his friends. He was just an extreme liberal, according another. (Who, oddly enough, are not cited.)

He became intrigued by antigovernment conspiracy theories, including that the Sept. 11 attacks were perpetrated by the government and that the country’s central banking system was enslaving its citizens. His anger would well up at the sight of President George W. Bush, or in discussing what he considered to be the nefarious designs of government.

“I think he feels the people should be able to govern themselves,” said Ms. Figueroa, his former girlfriend. “We didn’t need a higher authority.”

Breanna Castle, 21, another friend from junior and senior high school, agreed. “He was all about less government and less America,” she said, adding, “He thought it was full of conspiracies and that the government censored the Internet and banned certain books from being read by us.”

Notice how this is conveniently called being “passionate about government.” And not being a radical leftist anarchist. Anarchists don’t want limited government. They want no laws whatsoever.

They do want “less America.”

Not long after showing up intoxicated at school, Jared dropped out. He also dropped out of band. Then, in September 2007, he and a friend were caught with drug paraphernalia in a white van.

Something was happening to Jared Loughner. It was clear to his friends, clear to anyone who encountered him.

And, of course, his drug use at the time did nothing to exacerbate his psychological problems.

Two Pima Community College police officers drove into Orangewood Estates and up to a flat-roofed house on Soledad Avenue…

The owner of the house, Randy Loughner, locked away the dogs and directed the officers to the garage, where his son, Jared, a student at the community college, was waiting. One of the officers explained that the purpose of their visit was to serve Jared with a “Notice of Immediate Suspension” from the college.

The officer, Dana Mattocks, read the letter aloud, detailing a litany of troubled and disruptive behavior, including the recent posting of an unsettling video titled “Pima Community College School — Genocide/Scam — Free Education — Broken United States Constitution.”

Again, the authors of this lengthy piece are careful to stress every time Mr. Loughner used the word “Constitution.” It proves him to be a right-wing nutjob.

Mr. Loughner seemed to meet rejection at every turn. He tried to enlist in the Army in 2008 but failed its drug test. He held a series of jobs, often briefly: Peter Piper Pizza, but not long enough to make it past the three-month probationary period, an executive said; the Mandarin Grill, where the owner recalled that after less than a month of employment, the teenager simply stopped showing up.

And that is described as meeting rejection?

After leaving his job at Eddie Bauer, he became a volunteer at an animal-care center in Tucson. On his application, he came across as a normal and ambitious teenager, expressing interest in “community service, fun, reference and experience.” But within two months he was told not to come back until he could follow rules

Again, who is rejecting whom?

But beginning in 2010, Mr. Loughner’s mostly private struggle with basic societal norms tipped into the public settings of the classroom, the library, the campus…

In February, an administrator reported to the campus police that Mr. Loughner had disrupted the class with his strange reaction to the reading of another student’s poem, taking a huge leap from its context to abortion, wars and killing people

Notice how The Times skips over his seemingly cavalier attitude about abortion. Why is that?

In May, an instructor reported to the campus police that when she informed Mr. Loughner that he had gotten a B in her Pilates class, he threw his work down and declared the grade unacceptable. Things got so tense that the instructor felt intimidated, and feared that the moment might become physical

Typical right-winger. They are famous for their love of Pilates.

In September, Mr. Loughner filled out paperwork to have his record expunged on the 2007 drug paraphernalia charge. Although he did not need to bother — he completed a diversion program, so the charge was never actually on his record — Judge Jose Luis Castillo, who handled the case in Pima County Consolidated Justice Court, said after the shooting that, in retrospect, it definitely “crossed my mind” that Mr. Loughner was worried that the charge would prevent him from buying a weapon.

And that same month, there was another incident at Pima Community College, another class disruption caused by Mr. Loughner, another summoning of the campus police. A teacher had informed him that he would receive only a half-credit for handing in an assignment late, and he was declaring this a violation of his right to freedom of speech

A few days later, during a meeting with a school administrator, Mr. Loughner said that he had paid for his courses illegally because, “I did not pay with gold and silver” — a standard position among right-wing extremist groups

You see how subtle the New York Times is – and how shameless? We suppose that there are probably lunatic fringe groups who claim to be on the right who espouse such nonsense. But there are probably those on the left who do as well.

But how come we don’t hear any of Mr. Loughner’s other positions, such as his views on 9/11, characterized as “a standard position among left-wing extremists”? You know why.

With Mr. Loughner’s consent, that same administrator then arranged to meet with the student and his mother to discuss the creation of a “behavioral contract” for him…

Yes, that would be the obvious route to take.

By now the strange presence that was Jared Loughner was known in places beyond the Northwest Campus of Pima Community College…

At a small local branch of a major bank, for example, the tellers would have their fingers on the alarm button whenever they saw him approaching.

It was not just his appearance — the pale shaved head and eyebrows — that unnerved them. It was also the aggressive, often sexist things that he said, including asserting that women should not be allowed to hold positions of power or authority

Mind you, we have been told for a week that Mr. Loughner was a Tea Party supporter who shot Rep. Giffords because Sarah Palin commanded him to via her website.

And employees at the Sacred Art Tattoo shop would not forget that day in November — the same month in which Mr. Loughner bought a Glock — when he walked in wearing jean shorts and a muscle shirt and holding up a 9-millimeter bullet that he said he wanted replicated on his right shoulder…

Late the night before[ the day of the shoot, Loughner, had dropped off a roll of 35-millimeter film to be developed at a Walgreens on West Ina Road. Law-enforcement officials would later say the roll included many photographs of Mr. Loughner wearing a bright red G-string and posing with a Glock. In some photos, presumably mirrored reflections, he holds the gun by his crotch; in others, next to his naked buttocks

You know The Times loved hearing this.

But notice that Mr. Loughner does not seem to have had any unusual interest in guns previously. He was not a ‘gun nut.’ He is a nut who eventually bought a gun.

(Reporting was contributed by A.G. Sulzberger, Richard Oppel and Anissa Tanweer from Tucson; Sarah Wheaton from New York; and Janie Lorber from Washington. Jack Begg, Toby Lyles, Jack Styczynski and Kitty Bennett contributed research.)

So all told it took 13 ‘journalists’ to bring us this news, including the son of ‘Pinch,’ cub reporter A. G. Sulzberger. Of course it was worth the time and expense if it managed to convince just one more reader that Mr. Loughner was a right-wing extremist.

By the way, at the bottom of this seven page exegesis on the New York Times website there is a link to their next article: At a Gun Show and a Safeway, Tucson Looks for ‘Normalcy.’

It features a large photograph of a gawky looking man wearing a rife with a scope over his shoulder. Obviously he is another Jared Loughner just waiting to get his marching orders from Sarah Palin.

This article was posted by Steve on Sunday, January 16th, 2011. Comments are currently closed.

8 Responses to “NYT: Gun-Loving, Right-Wing Loughner”

  1. Rusty Shackleford says:

    I think the NYT should stop wasting our time explaining why something happened and instead, start predicting the future as to who and why someone will do something. They will at least stand an equal chance of being right.

  2. untrainable says:

    Mr. Loughner’s spellbinding mug shot — that bald head, that bright-eyed gaze, that smile — yields no answer to why, why, why, why, the aching question cried out in a subdued Tucson synagogue last week.

    Spellbinding? Really? The adjective I would have used would be F-ING CREEPY. Why Why Why. BECAUSE HE’S CRAZY. They try to make things so complicated. Feh.

    I also like this one – ” he, in turn, rejected American society, including its government, its currency, its language, even its math…” I wasn’t previously aware that we had our own math. Does American math differ from the math that the muslims invented and should be so proud of? In what math exactly is 6 actually 18? That was the nutjob’s assertion. That doesn’t even qualify as math does it? And how exactly does American math differ from any other math? I mean, personally I reject Obama’s math, the CBO’s math, Pelosi’s math, but none of those actually qualify as American math… do they?

    I think what this article tells us more than anything else is that we should make absolutely sure that the NYT doesn’t own any guns.

  3. proreason says:

    Well, the one thing I learned from this article is that the mother and father are leftists.

    Every word could be the truth, or could be a bald-faced lie…after all, it’s the Slimes.

    But we never hear a word about the politics of the family…which tells us for absolute sure that they are left-wing. Probably of the virulent sort.

    • GetBackJack says:

      I will bet you my remaining mortgage at the Big Window in Vegas that if you put a ton of stress on the parents, they’d BOTH run out and buy a copy of Catcher In The Rye.

      Just saying …

  4. GetBackJack says:

    Twinkle twinkle little star …..

    (some of you will understand)

  5. Liberals Demise says:

    Did they find his Tea Party T-shirt that says,
    “I didn’t bring my gun this time!” yet?

    You can not be a Right Wing nutcase w/o it!!

  6. JohnMG says:

    …..” including the son of ‘Pinch,’ cub reporter A. G. Sulzberger……”

    In an undeniable case of the “apple” not falling too far from the “tree” little A. G. proves to be a “chip off the old block”.

    Why, that low-life little son-of-a-Pinch!!

  7. merkelerk says:

    Thanks a bunch GetBackJack, as soon as I read your words I had this strange, overwhelming urge to walk with a limp and kiss Oprah.

    On a serious note, I believe you are correct.

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