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NYT Is Giddy Over Limbaugh’s Rubio Interview

From the New York Times:

In Limbaugh Interview, Rubio Charms the Host

By ASHLEY PARKER | January 29, 2013

WASHINGTON — Senator Marco Rubio, Republican of Florida, continued his conservative media tour Tuesday with an afternoon telephone interview on Rush Limbaugh’s talk radio show. The back and forth went so well, from Mr. Rubio’s point of view, that at 6 p.m. his office was still tweeting out highlights from the exchange.

That Mr. Rubio was there to woo Mr. Limbaugh, who has been a constant opponent of an immigration compromise, became clear at the outset, when Mr. Rubio said he had been listening to Mr. Limbaugh’s chatter for a long while.

“I remember the TV program,” Mr. Rubio said. “Do you remember your TV program?”

Mr. Limbaugh did indeed, laughing, “That’s way back,” he said. “That’s 20 years.”

Don’t worry, the DNC is already working this into an anti-Rubio campaign ad: ‘Did you know that Marco Rubio is a longtime listener of Rush Limbaugh’s?’

Mr. Rubio laid out his broad principles for immigration legislation, including a precondition, popular with Republicans, than any pathway to citizenship could come only after additional border security and an employment verification program are instituted.

Notice that the idea of securing our border just like every other nation in the world is "precondition" only "popular with Republicans." Apparently, being for ‘open borders’ is now the default position, at least for enlightened people.

And never mind that protecting a country’s borders is usually thought of as the most fundamental duty of its government. ‘Open borders’ is the ‘new normal’ under Obama.

When Mr. Limbaugh worried aloud that real border security wouldn’t happen, Mr. Rubio quickly agreed. “This is going to be a challenge,” he said.

“If, in fact, this bill does not have real triggers in there, if there is not language in this bill that guarantees that nothing else will happen unless these enforcement mechanisms are in place, I won’t support it,” Mr. Rubio continued. “But the principles clearly call for that. Now, obviously, we have to make sure the law does, too.”

Not to quibble, but can anyone cite any ‘triggers’ in legislation that have ever worked? Tax increases usually include spending cut triggers. But somehow they never happen.

Indeed, the ‘triggers’ in last summer’s deficit deal, including sequestration, keep getting kicked down the road and will probably never get pulled. (To mix metaphors.)

Mr. Rubio also sought to explain his decision to join a bipartisan group of eight senators pushing for immigration legislation as a politically savvy move. When Mr. Limbaugh warned that he thought President Obama and Democrats planned to use immigration as a wedge issue, “to continue to beat the Republicans up for two more years in hopes of winning the House,” Mr. Rubio acknowledged the possibility, before adding that it was one of the reasons he wanted to get out ahead on an immigration overhaul.

“That’s precisely why I thought it was important that our principles be out there early,” Mr. Rubio said. “They can try to sell that,” he said, referring to Democrats, “but I doubt people are going to buy it because the reality is we have put something that is very common sense and reasonable. If you take our principles, 70 percent of the American people would agree, if not more, with the general principles that we have outlined. And if they want to go further than that, then I think they’ve got a problem because they can’t argue that we haven’t tried to do our part to come up with something reasonable here, which has always been our point.”

The trouble is it is often a fine line between ‘getting ahead of an issue,’ and caving.

He continued, “Our point has always been we understand we have to fix this problem, but just because we’re not for what you’re for doesn’t mean that we’re anti-immigrant and anti-immigration.”

Don’t worry. Whoever opposes anything except a quick and easy amnesty for all will be tarred as anti-immigrant by our news media and the rest of the Democrat Party, no matter what.

Mr. Rubio cast himself as the politician for the job — “Someone whose family are immigrants, married into a family of immigrants, my neighbors are immigrants,” he said. “I’ve grown up around it my whole life. I didn’t read about this in a book. I live this every day.”

Echoing a point he made at a news conference Monday, Mr. Rubio said, “I’ve seen the good that legal immigration has done for our country, and I see the strain that illegal immigration places on our country.”

By the end, Mr. Limbaugh seemed downright smitten.

“Well, what you are doing is admirable and noteworthy,” Mr. Limbaugh said. “You are recognizing reality. You’re trumpeting it, you’re shouting it. You have a difficult job ahead of you because you are meeting everybody honestly, forthrightly, halfway. You’re seeking compromise.”

Then, the talk radio host sent Mr. Rubio off with some well-wishes: “The country really does hinge on it, I think, so the best to you, and good luck.”

Isn’t it funny how downright civil the New York Times can be even to an evil conservative when they think they can turn him to their side?

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2 Responses to “NYT Is Giddy Over Limbaugh’s Rubio Interview”

  1. River0 says:

    Rush was respectful and supportive of Rubio, but after the interview said,”Rubio is a true believer…” who will show us once and for all whether there’s a shred of hope that any Demonicrats are bargaining in good faith [I paraphrase]. Rush knows this won’t end well.

    Rubio will prove Rush right or wrong. We know the crooked chicanery that’s happened in the past, and the worst of it was perpetrated under Bush. He sold us out on border security. The Demonicrats are just finishing the job started by Ted Kennedy, with the aid of Ronald Reagan in ’86.

    Apparently, only when the system collapses will America awaken.

    • Rusty Shackleford says:

      During the interview, I was thinking, “Even now the national socialists are digging…digging….digging to find dirt on Rubio to destroy him somehow without it looking racist.”

      They will find some indiscretion that will be magnified a thousand-fold by the media megaphone and suddenly he will be discredited. Maybe his great uncle fought for the Nazis or something. They have little else..and of course, if they can’t find anything, they’ll make it up.

      National socialists hate honest, cold, unfeeling reality. It’s anathema to their machine of “feel-think” where the emotions rule the day and allow them the leverage to come up with ridiculous BS plans that really only take more money out of our pockets or result in more control over people.

      It’s not so much that they’re “sly as a fox” they are actually greedy little slothful slugs who have no job skills but love to party and play little adolescent games in order to feel good about themselves. It’s all about ego gratification (look at Reid and tell me I’m wrong) and putting one over on “the bad guys” who they don’t like simply because they remind them of the voices of reason from their own parents who are now long dead and gone.

      They quickly forgot the sacrifices many of their own parents made so that they could become a spoiled little shit in the government. But true-to-form, they don’t care even if they do remember.

      Kerry, the second most magnificent opportunist is a p*ssy-whipped idiot who knew he didn’t have a chance in hell of being ANYTHING in his adult life. So…he figured out a way to woo a billionaire and get him some o’ dat monies from da ketchup man.

      Honestly, WHO in our current government has done ANYTHING that produced a product, made anything, built a company, could be described as a “self-made-man”?





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