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NYT: ‘Long, Sad Pause – Perry Can’t Get To 3’

From a pitying (and pitiful) New York Times:

‘Oops’ and a Long, Sad Pause at Debate When Perry Can’t Get to Three

November 9, 2011

ROCHESTER, Mich. — Gov. Rick Perry of Texas arrived at the Republican presidential debate here on Wednesday night on a mission to get his candidacy back on track. The first hour passed without incident. The second hour did not.

He emphatically declared that he planned to eliminate three government agencies in Washington. But as he began to explain, he could think of only two.

“Commerce, Education,” Mr. Perry said before pausing for an uncomfortable moment as he looked from side to side, counting on his fingers and flipping through his notes. As his rivals volunteered suggestions, a moderator asked Mr. Perry if he could name the third agency.

Rather, the moderator pounced on what was clearly a minor momentary lapse of memory.

“The third one, I can’t,” he finally said, a sad look on his face, after 53 seconds had gone by. “Sorry. Oops.”

It didn’t strike us as particularly sad. But The Times says it was sad – twice – so it must have been.

For any other candidate, the moment may have been quickly forgotten or easily explained. But for Mr. Perry, whose candidacy has been consistently undercut by his debate performances, the gravity of the matter grew obvious as chuckles in the Republican audience turned to gasps

Supporters of Mr. Perry groaned, with one contributor saying by e-mail: “It’s over, isn’t it?”

Contributors to Perry email the New York Times all the time to get their advice.

Republican operatives almost uniformly declared it as a sign of great trouble for his candidacy, with Mark McKinnon, an aide to former President George W. Bush, describing the moment as the “human equivalent of shuttle Challenger.”

“I think the biggest question now is whether or not he can raise any more real money,” said Mike Murphy, a Republican strategist. “A donor strike will totally cripple what’s left of his campaign.”

“It was a political death knell,” said Sara Taylor Fagen [sic], a Republican strategist who advised Mr. Bush. “There’s just no recovering from a moment like that when you’ve had such a bad record of debates.” …

Not to be outdone, the Associated Press gives us this:

Perry tries to spin debate gaffe to his advantage

November 10, 2011

WASHINGTON (AP) — Texas Gov. Rick Perry is trying to turn his debate gaffe into a talking point about a supersized government.

The Republican presidential candidate in an NBC "Today" interview that his forgetfulness in a Michigan debate was not a shining moment…

But in Thursday’s interview, he sought to turn his lapse in thinking to his advantage. Perry said the slip-up helps him make his major campaign point. Perry said, "It just surely gets to the core of the line — that we’ve got so much government out there." …

If you can’t remember the name of a government agency, you should just quit. At least that is the drumbeat message, from the news media and again, the Associated Press:

Perry says his campaign won’t end

By KASIE HUNT – Associated Press
November 10, 2011

BLOOMFIELD HILLS, Mich. (AP) — Rick Perry says he "stepped in it" during Wednesday night’s Republican debate, but insisted Thursday that it won’t force him out of the presidential race.

"Oh, shoot, no," Perry told The Associated Press Thursday morning, a day after he stood on stage unable to remember the third federal department he would cut. He was asked if his campaign, struggling to regain traction, could survive. "This ain’t a day for quitting nothing."

Perry says others have made similar mistakes and that the screw up will humanize him. "The president of the United States said there were 57 states one time. Everybody makes mistakes," he said…

The nerve of the guy.

With a blitz of early morning interviews and TV appearances, the Texas governor was looking to stem any fallout Thursday from a major misstep he made the night before during a GOP presidential debate

"A major misstep." What a laugh.

The AP obviously can’t understand why this doesn’t make him drop out of the race. In fact, the mainstream media are incredulous that Perry won’t quit after such a "major misstep." As if our primary system is some game show. Which come to think of it, maybe it is.

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6 Responses to “NYT: ‘Long, Sad Pause – Perry Can’t Get To 3’”

  1. tranquil.night says:

    Levin has a montage of Obamaisms, Bidenisms and brain farts that has me in tears.

    Erikson has that quote from Boortz show which is pretty true: Perry’s no worse than Barry without Totus.

  2. Mithrandir says:

    1. Obama & Biden’s Gaffes are legendary. 57 states? Signed his name with 2008, when it was 2010? Gave the queen DVDs formatted for U.S? –ugh!

    2. Perhaps now the idiotic Republicans will FINALLY realize these debates are nothing but set-ups designed to have gotcha moments, soul-less, baseless, issue-less nonsense. They need to control the nature of the debates, ignore stupid questions, or perhaps just engineer their own debate format, instead of letting their political enemies run the show –eh?

  3. artboyusa says:

    Speaking as someone who the other day forgot the word for “toothbrush” even though I was holding one in my hand, maybe I shouldn’t carp but Perry so far is giving an awfully good impersonation of someone who is not too quick, not too bright and more than a little bit camp. President Perry? Ain’t gonna happen…

  4. David says:

    Mark McKinnon…describing the moment as the “human equivalent of shuttle Challenger.”

    There is showing some sensitivity to the 7 great Americans who lost their lives. I suppose he probably toned it down from describing it like the Holocaust!

  5. retire05 says:

    Well, it’s settled then. We have now become a nation not of voters, but American Idol judges. All the talking heads are yapping about Perry’s performance. So………………since we are to judge a candidate, not on their records, but on their performance on stage, I’m voting for Clint Eastwood, or maybe Tom Selleck. At least they’re Republicans and can perform.

  6. P. Aaron says:

    Obama goin’ off prompter is a heckuva lot uglier.

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