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NYT: Major Miscalculation On The Part Of Obama

From a careening New York Times:

Budget Impasse Signals a Shift in G.O.P.’s Focus


WASHINGTON — With Congress unlikely to stop deep automatic spending cuts that will strike hard at the military, the fiscal stalemate is highlighting a significant shift in the Republican Party: lawmakers most keenly dedicated to shrinking the size of government are now more dominant than the bloc committed foremost to a robust national defense, particularly in the House.

Or the Republicans might realize that our federal deficit is even more of a danger to our national security than a 2.3% cut in the rate of growth of defense spending.

After all, back when Obama was trying to kill the Bush tax cuts extensions for everyone, he and his administration officials all agreed that the deficit was the foremost threat to national security. But now a 2% reduction in the increase in spending is suddenly the biggest threat facing the country.

That reality also underscores what Republicans, and some Democrats, say was a major miscalculation on the part of President Obama. He agreed to set up the automatic cuts 18 months ago because he believed the threat of sharp reductions in military spending would be enough to force Republicans to agree to a deficit reduction plan that included the tax increases he favored.

There are no "sharp reductions in military spending." At least not from the sequester.

“Fiscal questions trump defense in a way they never would have after 9/11,” said Representative Tom Cole, Republican of Oklahoma. “But the war in Iraq is over. Troops are coming home from Afghanistan, and we want to secure the cuts.”

Representative Howard P. McKeon of California, the chairman of the Armed Services Committee and one of the lawmakers Democrats had hoped would never accept the military cuts, went almost as far. “Republicans aren’t cookie cutter,” he said, “but we do agree on the basic premise of where we’re trying to go. And if we don’t get our fiscal house in order, it’s very hard to provide for the defense of the nation.”

As lawmakers prepared to return to Washington, the White House tried to raise the ante by highlighting the effects the cuts would have on programs in every state.

But at the heart of the battle over sequestration — the nearly $1 trillion in budget cuts that are scheduled to begin on Friday and accelerate over the next decade — are fundamental misunderstandings between the two parties over their respective priorities…

How did the Republicans miscalculate what the Democrats want? The so-called ‘stupid party’ can’t get any credit, even when they outsmart the Democrats.

Dan Pfeiffer, a senior adviser to Mr. Obama, said on Sunday that … If Republican leaders would step out of the way … rank-and-file Republicans most worried about the military cuts would step forward to compromise on taxes.

A sizable number of Republicans, including many senators, are incensed by the cuts about to fall on the Pentagon, totaling $43 billion for the 2013 fiscal year….

Which is not even true. The CBO says that the total cuts for 2013 will only reach $43 billion. And the cuts to the Pentagon will be half of that.

“There’s no way the party of Ronald Reagan should be accepting these cuts,” said Senator Lindsey Graham, Republican of South Carolina, who has privately sought some compromise on tax loopholes.

Writing in the conservative Weekly Standard, William Kristol, a Republican hawk, excoriated Republicans for being “so desperate for a ‘victory’ over Obama” that they were “willing to sacrifice national defense for minor cuts in domestic spending which will in no way fundamentally change our trajectory toward national insolvency.”

And yet these same (non) cuts will destroy the military? Which is no longer fighting two wars. Go figure.

Senator John McCain, Republican of Arizona, called the cuts “unconscionable” on the CNN program “State of the Union” on Sunday…

How is it possible to always be so consistently wrong as Kristol, Graham and McCain?

This article was posted by Steve on Monday, February 25th, 2013. Comments are currently closed.

9 Responses to “NYT: Major Miscalculation On The Part Of Obama”

  1. untrainable says:

    If Republican leaders would step out of the way … rank-and-file Republicans most worried about the military cuts would step forward to compromise on taxes.

    Typical liberal tripe. You guys just shut up and get out of the way so we can do whatever we want… for the collective good. And if I hear the phrase “compromise on taxes” or “balanced apporach” one more time, I think my head will explode. Obama got the tax increases he had been waiting for just a few months ago and he’s already back for more.

    Conservative/Tea Party republicans, who John Boehner has done his level best to remove from any positions where they could make a difference, want to lower taxes, shrink government, reduce the regulatory burden on business, and begin to exploit our own natural resources to bring energy prices down. Democrats/Socialist/Marxists want to raise taxes, grow government, create more regulations on everything, and force us to rely on unicorn farts and fairy dust to power our nation. Where exactly is there, in these two positions, any area for compromise? Easy, if Republicans would just step out of the way.

    If sequester cuts will be decided on by Obama, as far as where in the government the cuts come from, how about cutting things like government studies on shrimp running on treadmills, the speed with which various brands of catsup come out of the bottle, and teaching Chinese prostitutes how to wash their hoohaas. Instead, our glorious leader goes straight for children and first responders. And most of the dire warnings about who is going to lose their jobs are empty because the federal government DOESN’T PAY FIIREMEN!

  2. GetBackJack says:

    But do any of us know what sequestration is, in terms of the Law?

    “A writ authorizing the taking into the custody of the law of the real and personal estate of a defendant who is held in contempt and holding the same until he shall comply.”

    h/t American Thinker

  3. mr_bill says:

    nerobama’s constant m.o. is that he creates the framework for a “crisis,” then steps back from it (with the help of a compliant media cabal) and claims he didn’t create the “crisis.” All the while the media continues to tell us how terrible it will be, “cats and dogs living together…mass hysteria!” nerobama then points to his way as the only feasible solution.

    The sequester was his plan to create an ultimatum situation that would force Congress to raise taxes. A year ago, he promised to veto any sequester work-around, unelss he got his tax hike. Well, as untrainable noted above, nerobama got his tax hike and wants more. This time, people are tired. People are physically and mentally fatigued from nerobama’s constant crisis mode. This seems to be his only method to pursue his legislative agenda: manufacture fear, then use that fear to goad Congress into doing what he wants. nerobama wants to be Legislator-in-Chief, Fearmonger-in-Chief, and Supreme-Tell-Everybody-How-To-Live-Tyrant-In-Chief, but he spends so much time on his schemes to control Americans, that he has utterly neglected the legitimate duties of President. This is tyranny. Here is an executive who spends his time contriving methods to scare people into doing what he wants them to do. A leader would show people how to do things and explain the benefits. nerobama has neither benefits nor ability to demonstrate. He must rely entirely on fear, lies, and manipulation.

    • Rusty Shackleford says:

      Your summation is quite correct. Interestingly, it appears that more and more Americans are on to it. Not sure how the media will be able to control more and more people coming out and (correctly) identifying the man and his motives but it will be interesting to watch.

      He failed to fill auditoriums and such during his cam-PAIN for this term and the turnout was decidedly lower, though of course he still won. That may be due to any number of motivations on the part of the right. Feeble candidate, disgust and desire to let the national socialists ruin everything so that everyone can see…what-have-you.

      In any case, I used to have an enlisted guy who worked for me. He thought he was pretty clever. He would explain things to me as if I was a gullible tool and I’d pretend to go along. But then, I’d ask questions that he had no answers to and obviously hadn’t thought about. Many times I reversed his setups so they’d backfire on him. And the same can be done with captain you-didn’t-build-that.

      But, as I predicted some months ago, he’s been so busy thinking he’s clever that he cannot see (or control) every permutation and every variable to his liking. Thus, he sets himself up for failure. So far though, blaming the republicans for it all has worked, as Rush explained today with a very good example of how they think. If that’s thinking, that is.

      Over time, fewer and fewer people will be enamored with this guy. He keeps saying the same thing, over and over and over again. The drooling mouth-breathers also have incredibly short attention-spans and they quickly get bored of the same thing. It takes longer, because the thinking people know instantly when he’s repeating himself and selling the same schtick in a new wrapper. But the ADD voter…they have to be taught more slowly and though they largely aren’t capable of self-inflicted learning, they aren’t immune, either.

      Again, as Rush said today, we conservatives sit and wait for the light-bulb over their heads to eventually illuminate when they realize they’ve been had. This may be why president mom-jeans works so hard to make it seem that he’s the guy working against “the system” and “the bad guys”; Perhaps the ultimate in straw-man arguing. Those guys who want to destroy families (who?) or eliminate the fire department (how?) or keep starving kids from getting food (why?).

      Perhaps one of the things that escapes me the most is how so many Americans can go about their daily lives and not notice how the streets aren’t filled with homeless, poor, starving wretches. Or, do they compartmentalize that notion the way they do with TV; A fabricated place where it really exists but it’s the result of those nasty, evil, mean republicans. But like Rush also said, “We’ll never beat them on the basis of their hypocrisy”. They can’t see it and irony, like the enlisted guy under my command, is lost on them.

      Moochelle giving an Oscar for a movie about a rescue in 1979 at a US embassy in Iran, while her dopey hubby let Americans die during his reign as golfer-in-chief. To say nothing of the fact that it was the democrats who made the hostage-taking in Iran possible in the first place.

      Irony, Hypocrisy, accountability, credibility, and so much more are anathema to being a national socialist. It’s all a popularity contest, run by the mediocre, self-aggrandizing about how wonderful they all are and when real achievement occurs, they are left with dropped jaws and deride it.

      Being a national socialist means having flawed DNA and (most likely) some kind of brain damage. I mean, one has to mentally shut off the portion of the brain that uses reason, logic and factual, in-your-face evidence in order to believe that we’re headed for utopia.

      Remember Michael York in “Logan’s Run”? when he returns from outside the city and is being mind-probed? The question, “Where is Sanctuary?” and he keeps insisting “There IS no Sanctuary!”. Well, there is no utopia but…by being self-sufficient, reliable, credible and all those attributes that make a proper ADULT….one can carve a small piece out for him or herself and their family.

      But this the national socialists call “selfish” and though it may seem to be, when everyone is minding their own business and not depending on the government to make decisions for them or take care of them, they are quite happy. Thus, the unhappy ones usually have good reason to be so; Themselves. Not in all cases but when I see the welfare people who live next door and how uneducated, and truly stupid they are, probably as a result of being on the dole all their lives, then you have the opposite of utopia. They are not happy people, they are very narrow-minded and trying to talk to them is like trying to talk to a rock.

      This is the world that president not-my-fault wants. Whether he wants it because he relishes the destruction it will bring about or because he thinks it’ll actually solve all the problems in the world is immaterial. He is the embodiment of evil. By this I mean that ignorance and power are a very deadly combination…but for how I feel about this guy, I quote Mr Spock from Star Trek:

      “I object to you. I object to intellect without discipline; I object to power without constructive purpose.”

      The object of his derision is one, Trelane from “The Squire Of Gothos” where an alien takes on human form and uses the crew of the Enterprise for his own enjoyment and abuse. He is every bit as petulant as the guy who sits in the president’s seat and every bit as annoying. Arguably he possesses a significantly higher “intellect” than our liar-in-chief but the parallels are quite astonishing. Watching the episode last night I noted how much fun it would be for this administration’s underhanded ploys to all be derailed and all the players sent home for a good session in the woodshed.

      But we’re in a curious haze. A cloud of conformity, if you will of such thickness that everyone is deeply immersed inside it and cannot see that there’s truth out there, that their inside-their-own-head universe is a falsity. A fabrication, a lie. It, of course, cannot go on forever. It can last a good long while, but not forever. Change is inevitable.

      I think it will come from the ADD voters who are already feeling the pinch of the new tax arrangement that this administration so badly demanded. Then, with healthcare (in my understanding) killing more people than the way things are now, they will blame government.

      It will be hard to convince the ADD voter who the bad guys really are. Conservatives need to get on TV and start broadcasting the truth. Breitbart, Drudge, every single blog dedicated to the truth needs to have a channel where it is broadcast 24/7/365. No product will want to advertise on it…so it will have to be a private venture but somehow, someday…someone or some-ones will get the word out in huge volume and the truth will be known.

      New media is a start but if it’s on the screen in the home….it will have the impact it needs.

    • mr_bill says:

      Well said, Rusty. One of these days, I’m going to buy you a much-deserved beer.

  4. Astravogel says:

    Frankly, TCP isn’t very smart.

  5. Petronius says:

    The 2 percent sequester could be readily absorbed by all Federal agencies merely by cutting spending on diversity training programs for government employees.

  6. captstubby says:

    Being a national socialist means having flawed DNA.

    Rusty , your statment reminded me of this article i read a while back.

    Professor Leonard Jeffries, head of the Afro—American Studies Department at City College, New York, taught that whites were biologically inferior to blacks, that Jews financed the slave trade, and that the `ultimate culmination’ of the `white value system’ was Nazi Germany. Jeffries’ students were informed that white genes were deformed in the Ice Age, producing an inadequate supply of melanin, which in turn made whites capable of appalling crimes, while black genes were enhanced by `the value system of the sun.’ Other self—evident truths were unveiled by Professor Becky Thompson, head of the Women’s Studies Department at Braandeis University—the college named after the first Jew to attain the Supreme Court—who described to a meeting of the American Sociological Association her teaching methodology: `I begin the course with the basic feminist principle that in a racist, classist and sexist society we have all swallowed oppressive ways of being, whether intentionally or not. Specifically, this means that it is not open to debate whether a white student is racist or a male student is sexist. He/she simply is. Rather, the focus is on the social forces that keep these distortions in place.’

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