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NYT: Mexicans No Longer Want To Come To US

From the shameless dis-informationalists at the New York Times:

In Mexican Villages, Few Are Left to Dream of U.S.

By DAMIEN CAVE | April 2, 2013

EL CARGADERO, Mexico — The pretty houses in the hills here, with their bright paint and new additions, clearly display the material benefits of having millions of workers move to the United States over the past few decades. But these simple homes also reveal why another huge exodus would be unlikely: the bulk of them are empty.

For the record, the alternative headline for this article online is: "New Wave of Mexican Immigrants Seems Unlikely."

This is hilarious. The New York Times is claiming that there is no more reason to oppose illegal immigration because practically everybody has already left Mexico.

So we are to suppose means Mexicans are no longer having babies. And that Mexico’s poverty and drug wars are no longer driving people out of the country.

All across Mexico’s ruddy central plains, most of the people who could go north already have. In a region long regarded as a bellwether of illegal immigration — where the flow of migrants has often seemed never-ending — the streets are wind-whipped and silent. Homes await returning families, while dozens of schools have closed because of a lack of students…

As Congress considers a sweeping overhaul of immigration, many lawmakers say they are deeply concerned that providing a pathway to citizenship for the estimated 11 million immigrants living illegally in the United States would mean only more illegal immigration.

They blame the amnesty that President Ronald Reagan approved in 1986 for the human wave that followed, and they fear a repeat if Congress rewards lawbreakers and creates an incentive for more immigrants to sneak across the border…

What lunatics these bigots are. None of that happened. We have no more Hispanics in our country today than we did in 1986.

But past experience and current trends in both Mexico and the United States suggest that legalization would not lead to a sudden flood of illegal immigration on the scale of what occurred after 1986. Long-running surveys of migrants from Mexico found that work, not the potential to gain legal status, was the main cause of increased border crossings in the 1990s and 2000s…

The American economy is no longer flush with jobs. The border is more secure than ever. And in Mexico the birthrate has fallen precipitously, while the people who left years ago have already sent their immediate relatives across, or started American families of their own…

You see? We have nothing to worry about. Mexicans just want to come here to work. (Which is why none of them ever go on welfare.) And there are no jobs in the US and there never again will be any jobs in the US.

The New York Times has said so. And if things don’t work out this way, they will take full responsibility.

Of course, hundreds of thousands of people, from all over Mexico and other parts of the world, still try to reach the United States each year, and the country’s magnetism will partly depend on the details of what Congress approves. Who will be eligible? How long will they have to wait, and what barriers will lawmakers erect to prevent new immigrants from entering illegally and finding work?

So everything the article just claimed up to now is nonsense.

Many lawmakers, particularly Republicans, see the 1986 law — the Immigration Reform and Control Act — as the prime example of what can go wrong…

[E]xperts say, work visas for Mexico’s masses of poor, young men were hard to obtain and sanctions against employers using illegal workers were rarely enforced. As a result, American companies and immigrants continued to seek each other out…

The hell you say. Naturally, that could never happen again.

But over the past few years, the traffic patterns have changed. In Jerez and other places, the established cross-border networks of family connections that made possible one of the greatest immigration waves in American history are either tapped out — with most close relatives already in the United States — or they are sending people home. Not only were more than 10,000 Zacatecans deported in 2012 alone, according to state figures, but thousands of others have returned voluntarily because of a lack of work…

What a minute! We thought there was no such thing as ‘self deportation.’ In fact, the New York Times and the rest of the Democrat Party thoroughly mocked Mitt Romney for even suggesting such a thing was possible.

Though most of the men had worked illegally in the United States before, they all said that even if they got in again, new rules would probably make it harder for them to work and impossible for them to qualify for any proposed pathway to citizenship. And because of increased prosecution in the United States, they said, getting caught without papers now could torpedo any chance of a visa later on, even just to visit relatives…

And we believe them. Just like we believe the New York Times.

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    Casey Stengel – “It’s so busy no one goes there anymore.”

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