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The NYT Mocks Anti-Iran Pro-Palin Kooks

From where else but the New York Times:

Under Banner of Protest, All Kinds of Messages

Published: September 22, 2008

Most people who live or work in Midtown have grown to accept that meetings of the United Nations General Assembly are now high-security events accompanied by roadblocks, subway bag searches and even a portable police watchtower on First Avenue that is equipped with video cameras and a spotlight.

But the annual meetings are also an opportunity for some to express their opinions on the state of the world and those who help shape global events.

One of the more controversial figures to visit the United Nations in recent years is the Iranian president, Mahmoud Ahmadinejad. He is not scheduled to address the assembly until Tuesday, but his visit was a popular topic on Monday as dignitaries and diplomats began to gather. For instance, in a briefing held by Human Rights Watch at the Millennium U.N. Plaza Hotel, panelists examined Mr. Ahmadinejad’s record and found it lacking.

The members of the panel, which included Akbar Ganji, an Iranian journalist and dissident, accused Mr. Ahmadinejad of presiding over a host of inhumane practices, from the execution of juveniles accused of crimes to the imprisonment of people who criticize the government.

A few blocks north, at the Rally to Stop Iran Now, speakers leveled similar criticism at the Iranian leader as close to a thousand people listened behind barricades. The rally had become noteworthy for two speakers who did not attend; the organizers had invited Gov. Sarah Palin of Alaska, but that invitation prompted Senator Hillary Rodham Clinton to cancel her own scheduled appearance, and it ultimately led to the withdrawal of Ms. Palin’s invitation.

A man in the crowd held aloft a placard bearing the words, “Q: Disinvite Supporters” and “A: We’re Nuts!”

“I’m dismayed with some of our leadership group,” said the creator of the sign, Arnold Zeitlin, 75, of Scarborough, in Westchester County.

Asked if the disinvited supporters he was referring to were the governor of Alaska and the junior United States senator from New York, Mr. Zeitlin declined to answer, saying, “I don’t want to mention any names.” …

‘Palin Call Me’

About an hour later, a group of monks from Bhutan wandered into a protest pen on East 47th Street where Mr. Ahmadinejad — again — was being denounced, this time by a group of Iranian expatriates. The monks, clad in maroon robes, paused and gazed at the group before explaining that they were simply attempting to get to an airport.

Across the street, a young man wandered along Second Avenue with a green placard upon which he had written, “Palin call me,” along with a mobile phone number.

Reached at that number a few hours later, the man identified himself as Eitan Levine, 19, a Yeshiva University student from Springfield, N.J. He said that the sign was meant as a show of support for the Republican ticket and that he hoped the vice-presidential nominee would get in touch so he could extend his regards in person.

“There’s always a possibility she’ll call,” he said. “One can only hope.”

Well, it’s only fair that The Times would do an expose mocking the hicks and yahoos who don’t like the “controversial” Mr. Ahmadinejad.

After all, they mock the folks involved in Code Pink, the Veterans For Peace, ACORN and ANSWER practically every day.

Don’t they?

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8 Responses to “The NYT Mocks Anti-Iran Pro-Palin Kooks”

  1. crosspatch says:

    It’s a good thing that the only people reading the NYT these days are Republican bloggers! Nobody I know reads the Times.

  2. artboyusa says:

    MAHMOUD AHMADENIJAD, the Tiniest Tyrant, stars in “The Out of Towners”! Rated R for Adult Situations and Mahmoud-related homoeroticism.

    “What does this writing say here?” asked Mahmoud, holding up a copy of the Village Voice.

    “It says ‘The Man Hole’, Excellency” muttered Reza the Interpreter. “I think it is a type of café or gentlemen’s club”.

    “The Man Hole’ – no women, eh? Sounds like a very Islamic kind of joint” said Mahmoud. “Why is there a picture of a fist?”

    “Perhaps they hold boxing matches?” suggested Reza.

    “And what does this mean, this ‘water sports’?”

    “They must have an indoor pool, Excellency. It also says they offer ‘golden showers’.

    “So hygienic – and how poetically expressed, too. This ‘Man Hole’ seems like an ideal place for us to relax and unwind after accepting the rapturous adulation of our friends at the UN. We shall attend. Summon the limousine at once!”

    “Yes, Master” grovelled Reza.

    “It is so dark in here” shouted Mahmoud “and the music is so loud!”

    “Truly, Master!” Reza yelled back

    “Still, these all seem like very manly fellows, eh? So healthy looking. Behold their well-muscled torsos, powerful thighs and firm buttocks, gyrating and twisting to the music, their skin gleaming with perspiration, their organs of generation pressing urgently against the shining leather which restrains the rampant male power within”.

    “Um, yes…quite” murmured Reza uncomfortably. “Rampant”.

    “I like those little leather caps too” said Mahmoud. “How different are these strapping fellows to the effete and decadent Americans we usually encounter!”

    “Um, yes…most different indeed”.

    “I can’t stand those lousy faggots – hang them from the nearest crane I say! These wholesome lads remind me of our people – see how many have moustaches and trim little beards?”

    “Uh, of course, Excellency…wholesome”.

    “Look, I need to use the facilities. Here is some Yankee imperialist unbeliever money: why don’t you get us a couple of fruit juices?”

    “Yes, Excellency”.

    Mahmoud elbowed his way to the toilet, which was, if anything, even darker and more crowded than the dance floor.

    “Excusing pliz” he said, practicing his language skills. “Excusing pliz…”

    “Hey there, little guy” growled a figure in the gloom. “How about some of this action?” he suggested, proffering a dripping jar of Crisco.

    “No, thanking you” said Mahmoud. “I have already eaten”.

    “That’s a good one! You’re alright, guy. My name’s Buck – what’s yours?”

    “I am His Excellency Mahmoud Ahmadinejad, President of the Islamic Republic of Iran”.

    “From out of town, huh? That’s okay; you stick with old Buck –he’ll make sure you have a good time.” said Buck, draping a powerful arm around the thin shoulders of the ratlike Persian.

    “Hokay, Buck – I am looking for a goot time!” said Mahmoud brightly.

    “Me too, little fella” said Buck. “Me too. Nice suit, by the way”.

    “Is cotton poly blend. Extra shiny…”

    Later, a lot later, Reza felt a faint plucking at his sleeve.

    “Excellency – where have you been? Are you alright?”

    “I don’t know, Reza” muttered Mahmoud…”I don’t really know”.

    “Why are you walking so bowlegged, Master? Those leather shorts – what happened to your suit? Why are you wearing that little cap?”

    “So many questions. You go back to the hotel, Reza…I think I will stick around here for a little longer…to learn more about the, um, habits of the Americans”.

    “Are you sure, Excellency?”

    “Yes, er, no…I don’t know, Reza: I just don’t know about anything anymore…”

  3. Liberals Make Great Speedbumps says:

    Good one artboy. I would have changed the Crisco to bacon grease, but that’s just the islamophobia I harbor, I guess.

  4. artboyusa says:

    Thanks, Lib. I believe Crisco is the, um, fisting community’s, er, lubricant of choice for that, um, particular activity.

  5. 1sttofight says:

    Tell us more artboy.;)

  6. artboyusa says:

    Its only hearsay,1st. I can’t give you any more, um, first hand information, so to speak…

  7. 1sttofight says:

    Sorry, I could not resist. ;)

  8. artboyusa says:

    No problem -one man’s pan grease is another man’s…never mind. We’ll all find out how it feels if Obama gets in.

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