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NYT Mocks US/Muslim Brotherhood ‘Conspiracy’

From the New York Times:

As Egyptians Ignore Curfew, Talk of a U.S.-Brotherhood Conspiracy

By ROD NORDLAND | August 25, 2013

CAIRO — … When the conversation [in Egypt] turns to politics, the predominant topic is a surprise to American ears: the conspiracy between the United States and the Muslim Brotherhood to destroy Egypt.

However crackpot that view may sound, it is widespread among supporters of the military, which ousted the Muslim Brotherhood’s elected president, Mohamed Morsi, last month.

For journalists who ventured out Saturday night in violation of the curfew, the biggest danger was not from police officers and soldiers at checkpoints, but from angry men with a chip on their shoulders and a grudge against Al Jazeera, the Western press and America…

But this would only be a surprise to ‘journalists.’ The rest of us have watched as Al Jazeera, the Western news media and Obama have tried to foist the so-called Arab Spring on us. Which, in reality, was just a way to get the Muslim Brotherhood into power. (After all, Al Jazeera, is owned by Qatar, which is the foremost supporter of the Muslim Brotherhood.)

As patrons of the Red Apple Cafe ignored the new 9 p.m. curfew, the presence of an American elicited bountiful conspiracy theories, all of them involving America’s plan to destroy Egypt through its paid Brotherhood confederates…

It’s a natural enough supposition. Given what the Muslim Brotherhood had in mind.

“Americans are with the Muslim Brotherhood,” Farouq [a middle-aged man making deliveries to supermarkets with a motorcycle-drawn cart] stated in a tone suggesting that it was common knowledge. “O.K., you did something good when you killed Osama bin Laden, but now you are with Al Qaeda. You support the terrorists.” …

But now anti-American sentiment is being stoked by an outpouring of dubious pronouncements from both state and private news media. Anti-Americanism has even been given the ultimate imprimatur of state tolerance: billboards. One next door to the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, for instance, shows President Obama with a beard like those worn by the Brotherhood, alongside a more flattering picture of the clean-shaven military leader, Gen. Abdul-Fattah el-Sisi.

Youm 7, which claims to be the Arab world’s biggest news Web site, recently invited reader reactions to a forum titled “America and Al Qaeda: One Hand Against Egypt.” Hundreds responded…

Also notice how Mr. Obama’s name barely appears in this long article. Instead, all we hear about is the ‘anti-American’ sentiment. Apparently, Obama isn’t being blamed at all.

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3 Responses to “NYT Mocks US/Muslim Brotherhood ‘Conspiracy’”

  1. Noyzmakr says:

    The Egyptians aren’t stupid. Somehow we need to inform them that it’s the political left in this coutry who sided with the brotherhood, not most americans.

  2. GetBackJack says:

    Boy, I wish Steve would let me post an animated GIF of a trombone going wa, wa, wa, waaaaa ….

  3. John Carter says:

    The muslim brotherhood is sunni.
    Obama is sunni.
    Hillary’s Huma Abedin is sunni.
    Obama is in support of the muslim brotherhood in Syria.

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