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NYT: Nobody Wants To Cut Entitlements

From the fingers on the American pulse New York Times:

Poll Finds Wariness About Cutting Entitlements

January 20, 2011

As President Obama and Congress brace to battle over how to reduce chronic annual budget deficits, Americans overwhelmingly say that in general they prefer cutting government spending to paying higher taxes, according to the latest New York Times/CBS News poll.

And yet we have a headline that implies almost the opposite.

Yet their preference for spending cuts, even in programs that benefit them, dissolves when they are presented with specific options related to Medicare and Social Security, the programs that directly touch the most people and also are the biggest drivers of the government’s projected long-term debt.

Every time there is ever any talk about cutting spending the news media rush out their push polls proving that people don’t want their entitlements cut. However, there is quite a big difference between Social Security and Medicare — which people have had to pay into for all their lives — and the other so-called entitlements and other wasteful government spending.

But the media’s knee-jerk reaction is practically Pavlovian — and we don’t mean the ballet dancer.

Nearly two-thirds of Americans choose higher payroll taxes for Medicare and Social Security over reduced benefits in either program. And asked to choose among cuts to Medicare, Social Security or the nation’s third-largest spending program — the military — a majority by a large margin said cut the Pentagon.

And, after all, those are the only choices. Cutting Medicare, Social Security or the military. There is no other government spending that could be cut.

While Americans are near-unanimous in calling deficits a problem — a “very serious” problem, say 7 out of 10 — a majority believes it should not be necessary for them to pay higher taxes to bridge the shortfall between what the government spends and what it takes in. But given a choice of often-discussed revenue options, they preferred a national sales tax or a limit in the deduction for mortgage interest to a higher gasoline tax or taxing employer-provided health benefits

The Times simply cannot help themselves. Here they are helpfully listing new taxes which they claim the American public will swallow.

And never mind the historic electoral shift we just witnessed in November, largely brought about by the Taxed Enough Already party. That was just a crazy dream.

The antitax sentiment reflected in the poll is in line with [sic] Republicans’ mantra that spending, not taxes, is the problem for the federal budget. Yet that assessment contradicts the conclusions of several bipartisan and academic panels that proposed debt-reduction plans over the past year…

Have you ever noticed that the Democrats’ solution of endlessly raising taxes is never called a "mantra"? Why is that?

But sure, tell us more about the ‘bipartisan panels.’ We saw how much that mattered to the Democrats during their attempt to ram through record amounts of pork in the lame duck session.

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8 Responses to “NYT: Nobody Wants To Cut Entitlements”

  1. bill says:

    Aww man, we just can’t make our useful idiot voters mad. After the 2010 shellacking, just think what would happen then.

  2. Reality Bytes says:

    Reminds me of these morbidly obese who say they can’t help it….





    Want to reform entitlements? END IT! Works everytime. We’ve been here before people. What charity is it that incentifies people not to work for their own benefit. THIS ISN’T HAITI FOR CRYIN’ OUT LOUD!


  3. GetBackJack says:

    Nobody Wants To Cut Entitlements … how come everyone but me gets an entitlement?

  4. wardmama4 says:

    How about the NYTs contacts anyone who doesn’t live in Manhatten? Ok, and Boston – I for one would cut everything in the Budget by 1% and double it for all social programs until the entitlements are GONE. Defense then stays at the 1% cut (crapweasels in DC – read the Constitution – Defense is in there_ – not the social program du jour. Cut the IRS 100% immediately and REPEAL the 16th Amendment (ok, use a decreasing FLAT TAX until the second part is accomplished) – Once again – the 10th Amendment – States Rights – Let the States send money to DC not vise versa. REPEAL the 17th Amendment – Once again – the 10th Amendment – States Rights – Let the States send Senators to DC.

    Freeze Congress crapweasels pay until there is a balanced budget (NOW there’s an incentive if I’ve ever seen one to get these duplicitous malingerers to do some real work). And cap it – What’s good for the POTUS is good the Crapweasels.

    Put them all (536) onto the very healthcare/retirement system that all the We The People have to live under (again, another incentive to get these lying cheats to do some real work). And permanently cap it – at 10% LESS than any Civilian/Private plan.

    Cut every Dept by 10% and double until they are HISTORY (talk about something that would be really HISTORIC) – Starting with that pure waste of taxpayer money – the NEA or maybe Planned Partenthood or ACORN or – well you get the picture – there is a lot in Gov that has no place. Back when we were just starting out in the Armed Forces (well it was when my 1st hubby & I were starting out, ancient history) – the oh-so-cute-and-pithy anti-war crowd developed the catchy – Let the Armed Forces hold bake sales and fund the Educational System. . . How about letting everyone (except Defense – I continue to go back to the Constitution) – raise their own money – If a city/town/area respects education chances are their schools will be excellent – if not – so be it – Take a look around liberal liars – even you vaulted funding of schools – hasn’t changed that – WHY? Because education and it’s outcome – Isn’t about MONEY It is about the citizens and whether they respect and value Education – and all the money in the World isn’t going to change that at all. Ever.

    And that translates to all the ‘social programs du jour’ – It isn’t about MONEY – It is about character, humanity and values. Which the lying, duplicitous liberals have none of – so why should we (the hard-working employed We The People) continue to fund their failing and disgraceful cesspools of graft money?

    So NYTs – I for one would gladly end all entitlement programs forever.

  5. proreason says:

    I’m ready to go commando.

    Cut the entire government, except the military, Social Security and Medicare (which we have all paid for 10 times over by the hundreds of thousands of dollars we have put into the “lock box” for decades).

    Sell the White House; sell congress; sell Yosemite. Sell it all.

    And disband every department other than Defense.

    The president can buy his own house. Congress can meet over the internet. SCOTUS’s will be restricted to constitutional issues, which will reduce their workload to a week a year, max; and they can do that from their home offices. Piglosi can buy her own botox.

    This is the best plan yet.

    • Reality Bytes says:

      better yet Pro – contract border enforcement to Blackwater, the fence to EZ Pass, Conrail to Halliburton, lease out the Statue of Liberty, Grand Canyon, every toll bridge in America to the highest bidder & NASA to Lockheed’s Skunkworks & the tax savings & revenue increases would be staggering.

      When you think about it, one way or another it’s gonna happen anyway, with them or without them – Washington that is.

    • proreason says:

      The ironic thing, RB, is that the Founders actually designed a form of free enterprise for governments in the US. What is federalism, if not that? As designed, if you don’t like New York, move to New Hampshire. If Texas isn’t your cup of tea, get a higher form of tea in California.

      Yet, even this has been undermined by the relentless assault on the Constitution and liberty. States have less power than the PTA.

      It’s all unconstitutional. Frankly, even SS and Medicare is unconstitutional. The only reason I support them is because I want my frigging money back.

      But the constitution is just a speedbump to Stalinism. We need to get there quicker so Soros and the Moron can begin to enjoy the lives they are stealing from the rest of us.

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