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NYT: Obama Gives Up Trying To ‘Coax’ GOP

From a seemingly straight-faced New York Times:

Obama Shifts Gears From Coaxing G.O.P. to Swaying the Public

August 14, 2011

CANNON FALLS, Minn. — House Speaker John A. Boehner once explained conservatives’ hard line on the debt limit this way: “A lot of them,” he told a radio host, believe “enough chaos” would make opponents yield.

Chaos arrived in financial markets last week after Standard & Poor’s, citing Washington gridlock, stripped the United States of its AAA credit rating.

The "chaos" of course proved the "hard line" conservatives right. Since S&P downgraded the US credit rating because they did not believe the government will cut ever spending. And the debt ceiling deal simply confirmed their worst fears.

Whoever ultimately gains political advantage, the events of the last few weeks have opened a new phase of President Obama’s fight to advance his agenda and win a second term.

Ever since Democrats lost the House in midterm elections last year, the president has vacillated between conciliation and confrontation with ascendant Republicans.

He struck a lame-duck deal with Mr. Boehner and the Senate Republican leader, Mitch McConnell, after the 2010 election to extend the tax cuts passed under President George W. Bush…

Actually, Mr. Obama realized that if he signed off on the biggest tax increase in history in the middle of a very weak (if it exists at all) recovery, he would be blamed for throwing the country back into recession.

Not that he cares about the economy. But a second recession could put a crimp in his re-election efforts.

He assailed the budget overhaul proposed by Representative Paul Ryan, Republican of Wisconsin. Then, under threat from House Republicans who would not raise the government’s borrowing cap, he retreated to private negotiations on a “grand bargain” to reduce the budget deficit.

This is what The Times calls "conciliation."

But the failure of those talks and the deterioration of the country’s economic outlook have unsettled Mr. Obama and are now altering his approach.

He still wants Congress to pass stimulus and deficit reduction measures that his economic team is preparing to unveil as early as this month.

Some alteration. Mr. Obama has been pushing for more government spending since before he wrote ‘The Audacity Of Hope’ in 2006.

But his strategy no longer turns on coaxing Republican leaders.

Wow. What another amazing shift. After all, we all remember how much coaxing he has done, starting with his "I won" declaration. And calling Republicans ‘the enemy’ who would have to "sit in the back of the bus." Maybe calling people ‘hostage-takers’ a new kind of coaxing?

It turns, instead, on his ability to leverage public opinion through events like the town hall-style meeting planned for Monday here, kicking off his Midwestern bus tour.

"Town hall-style meeting" is New York Times speak for a entirely scripted show, where the questions and answers have all been written by Organizers For Obama.

If he cannot apply enough public pressure to move Congress, he will try to move 2012 voters to give him a mandate

Just like he did in November 2010. Meanwhile, every single Obama initiative is opposed by a vast majority of the American people in poll after poll. The trouble is, Mr. Obama ignores the mandates he gets from voters.

But this article is just part and parcel of the latest Democrat Party talking points, which portray the Tea Party as out of touch with the American public and ‘fading fast.’

Which, of course is the latest example of the Democrats’ amazing powers of projection.

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3 Responses to “NYT: Obama Gives Up Trying To ‘Coax’ GOP”

  1. Right of the People says:

    “If he cannot apply enough public pressure to move Congress, he will try to move 2012 voters to give him a mandate…”

    He WAS given the closest thing to a mandate you can get in today’s political world when the Dims controlled the White House, the House and the Senate with large majorities and he still had a hard time shoving the crap sandwich down the people’s throat. The only mandate I want for him to the mandate to be a 1 term president.

    I know that he wants the same power as Chavez and his hero Castro had but I don’t think Americans will ever tolerate a “President for Life”.

  2. proreason says:

    I’ve been “coaxed” out of 50% of my net worth by Little Lenin, Goldfinger and the gang..

    But “coaxing” isn’t the word I would use. It feels more like an enema with a jackhammer.

  3. fallingpianos says:

    We’ll see real progress when the GOP gives up trying to “coax” Obama.

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