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NYT: Obama’s Hands Are Tied On Economy

From the New York Times:

Weak Economy Points to Obama’s Constraints

June 2, 2012

WASHINGTON — The bleak jobs report on Friday predictably had heads snapping toward the White House, looking to President Obama to do something. Yet his proposed remedies only underscore how much the president, just five months before he faces voters, is at the mercy of actors in Europe, China and Congress whose political interests often conflict with his own.

This is the alternate headline (from their website and RSS feed) for this NYT story: "Obama’s Hands Tied on Weak Economy."

That day, Mr. Obama continued his weekly travels around the country, prodding Congressional Republicans to pass his “to-do list” of temporary tax cuts and spending initiatives to help create jobs. The Republicans only mock him, which leaves Mr. Obama free to blame his opponents and their presidential standard-bearer, Mitt Romney. But in doing so, he telegraphs a message of powerlessness that no leader likes to convey — least of all one who ran for office four years ago vowing to bridge Washington’s partisan gulf.

Yes, Obama has a "to-do list" that would solve all of our economic problems, but their nasty Republicans refuse to address it. And they just mock him instead.

And never mind that for the first two years of his administration, Mr. Obama had veto-proof super majorities in both houses of Congress and he did nothing that helped the economy. In fact, he did the opposite. He simply funneled money to his union cronies and other constituents.

Developments overseas have not helped either. American officials have complained as Beijing began letting its currency devalue again, making its exports cheaper and those from the United States to China more costly. And administration officials, and Mr. Obama himself, have lobbied leaders in Europe for more forceful action to promote growth or at least contain the threat of financial contagion there.

Those European leaders are disgraceful. Some of them have talked about cutting government spending instead of ratcheting it up.

In his weekly address on Saturday, recorded on Friday at a Honeywell International plant near Minneapolis, the president cited the global woes buffeting the economy. But he singled out Congress for rebuke.

“While we can’t fully control everything that happens in other parts of the world, there are plenty of things we can control here at home,” Mr. Obama said. “There are plenty of steps we can take right now to help create jobs and grow this economy.”

For instance he could just ‘give’ everybody $3,000 to buy "thingamajigs."

Without mentioning Republicans, Mr. Obama said Congress had not passed measures he had proposed to get jobless construction workers rebuilding roads, bridges and runways; to give small businesses a tax break for new hires; and to help states pay teachers, firefighters and police officers. The steady elimination of public sector jobs has offset increased hiring in the private sector for more than two years.

That is to say, Obama is blaming Congress for not having passed a fifth (or is it a sixth?) ‘stimulus’ to shovel still more taxpayer dollars to the bloated public sector unions.

“So my message to Congress is: Get to work,” he added

Obama issued this order while he was campaigning, and after having attended six fundraisers the night before.

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5 Responses to “NYT: Obama’s Hands Are Tied On Economy”

  1. Rusty Shackleford says:

    “So my message to Congress is: Get to work,” he added…

    Typical D’oh-bama bluster. I firmly believe that he thinks of the office of president as “being in charge of everything and to bark orders at people” much the way pedestrian society views the job.

    There’s a difference in the job between commander and chief executive. Chief executives must possess, above almost anything else, an intellect that provides a canvas for persuasion, in both directions, I might add. That is, he must be able to, with convincing and salient argument, convince others that what he’s thinking is valid, while also listening to others and considering what they say might be valid as well.

    Barry McFlappyEars does not possess this ability. Among his other dysfunctional traits, this one is probably the most annoying. So he ordered congress to “get to work”. Well, maybe…just maybe…they are. Maybe they’re doing their job much better than you do your own.

  2. GetBackJack says:

    Well, yeah, Obama’s hands are tied. His Master has spoken. And the stench of sulfur and brimstone of his Master is choking an America that refuses to kneel

  3. Tater Salad says:

    Obama out of touch with his spending problem
    Chicago Tribune Editorial:

    President Barack Obama knows the federal government has a big spending problem, and he is not reluctant to point it out. “The American people deserve to have their leaders come together to make the tough choices necessary to live within our means, just as American families do every day in these tough economic times,” the White House said in November.
    In his State of the Union address, Obama was not so keen on preaching austerity. As part of his plan to create an economy that is “built to last,” he said it’s necessary to “pay down our debt and invest in our future.”
    The phrase “invest in our future,” we regret to report, is Washington-speak for “spend money.” And in the current fiscal context, that means “spend money we don’t have.”
    His speech to Congress contained a litany of new spending programs, from creating a new “Trade Enforcement Unit” to helping out homeowners who haven’t been able to refinance their mortgages. Each one, taken by itself, can be defended. But added together, the National Taxpayers Union Foundation reports, they would require more than $20 billion in new spending.
    The president says that doesn’t matter because defense spending will be coming down by some $48 billion, for a net saving of about $28 billion. That sounds pretty good — until you consider that next year (according to the fiscal watchdog Concord Coalition), the government will most likely run a deficit of about $1 trillion.

    Obama’s spending addiction seems unabated by a lack of money. He thinks that taxing the rich will pay for his “investments.” But Obama’s history of investments is not as good as that of the rich. the economy would be better off if we let the rich make the investments and crate the jobs.

  4. canary says:

    To think Obama just shouted to people to “stop sitting on your hands”.

    Politics aside, on occasion hearing Bush speak, or speaking when he was President is now so prominent and stands out now as a soothing voice like Reagan, compared to hearing Obama shout and talk so condescending to everyone with such arrogance.

    And When his eyes go back and forth switching teleprompters it gave me a headache so I avoid him.
    I’ve never been so thankful for remote control as the last 4 years.

  5. JohnMG says:

    …..“There are plenty of steps we can take right now to help create jobs and grow this economy.”

    What a turd-merchant!

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