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NYT: Optics Of MJK March Shows GOP Are Racists

From the ‘Television’ section of the New York Times:

At Ceremony for Civil Rights Milestone, an Image That Spoke Volumes

By ALESSANDRA STANLEY | August 28, 2013

He could have mentioned it. But he didn’t…. Mr. Obama talked about Dr. King’s legacy and the civil rights movement, but he didn’t feel the need to tell his life story; he barely used the word “I.” …

Partly Mr. Obama’s reticence is reflexive, a lifelong reluctance to focus on the color of his skin…

Huh? This is preposterously uninformed, even for a New York Times article. Mr. Obama has been obsessed with race all of his life. As anyone will learn who reads his first autobiography, which was all about his racial struggles.

His work as a community organizer was all about race. His selection to be the president of the Harvard review was all about race. Obama even taught race at the University of Chicago law school.

From the New York Times July 30, 2008 article, "Teaching Law, Testing Ideas, Obama Stood Slightly": "His most original course, a historical and political seminar as much as a legal one, was on racism and law… Mr. Obama was especially eager for his charges to understand the horrors of the past, students say. He assigned a 1919 catalog of lynching victims, including some who were first raped or stripped of their ears and fingers, others who were pregnant or lynched with their children, and some whose charred bodies were sold off, bone fragment by bone fragment, to gawkers."

It’s also a recognition that the day was about Dr. King and the civil rights movement, not him. (Oprah Winfrey, on the other hand, was less inhibited. She told the crowd triumphantly, “It took me 50 years, but I am here today.”)..

It was touching to hear about ‘oppression’ from such a widely beloved billionaire.

Mostly, though, the day showed how deeply the power of television has been absorbed into the national consciousness. Rhetoric soars, but everyone knows a visual image can convey more than even the most dramatic or inspiring language. Dr. King’s words still captivate, but nowadays, the camera trumps sound… But imagery mattered more.

Because we have been so dumbed down?

Former President George W. Bush did not attend the ceremony, and no other prominent Republican leaders stepped in to help fill the frame. Whether they were not invited or chose not to attend didn’t matter.

It doesn’t? Oh, that’s right, it’s all about optics. Facts don’t enter into it. And it is unthinkable that the organizers might have planned things to turn out this way.

In a day set aside for reflection, conciliation and bell ringing, that very visible gap was perhaps as illustrative as anything of the remaining political discord that so many speakers bemoaned.

You see? The lack of Republicans at the even just proves what racists they are.

What stood out even more vividly was something too obvious, and perhaps even too familiar, for television to showcase: an African-American president holding court as two white, and white-haired, former presidents, Jimmy Carter and Bill Clinton, looked on deferentially…

One of whom, Bill Clinton, once famously told Ted Kennedy that a few years ago Barack Obama would have been fetching them coffee.

But speaking of imagery, who are the racists here? Where is the colorblind society that MLK was calling for? It’s certainly not at the New York Times.

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6 Responses to “NYT: Optics Of MJK March Shows GOP Are Racists”

  1. Petronius says:

    My youngest daughter had a chance encounter with one of the immortal 100,000 on her US Airways flight from Reagan National to Charlotte.

    The Immortal was rather gorilla-like in size and appearance, and brightly festooned with assorted NAACP and Obama buttons, badges, ribbons, and pins.

    The Immortal had boarded early and then stationed himself toward the back of the coach cabin. As the other passengers began to board and work their way down the aisle, struggling with their carryon bags and the overhead bins, he suddenly decided to swim upstream.

    And so he barged and bullied his way back up the aisle toward the front of the plane, like a fullback on a goal line plunge up the middle, knocking aside my lovely 115-pound daughter, then trampling over the white woman following immediately behind her, and so continued bulldozing his way over and through the rest of the boarding passengers who scurried to avoid him, leaving bodies and baggage scattered in his wake.

    What jolly fun!

    What was it that the St. Rev. Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. said about “content of their character”? More than a few of the Immortals seem to have missed that part.

    Of course I asked my daughter why she didn’t report the Immortal to the flight attendants? She replied that the attendants were themselves too afraid and had that studied don’t-ask-me-for-help-because-I-don’t-want-to-get-involved look. Besides, my daughter explained, with her blonde Nordic good looks she would undoubtedly be profiled as a terrorist or troublemaker or — even worse — a racist, and so be ejected from the plane. Better to suffer in silence than miss her flight.

    And there was still the rest of the flight, then negotiating through Charlotte Douglas International Airport, and the shanty towns and bantustans beyond to navigate, so why risk becoming the next Eve Carson, Channon Christian, or Heather Muller? Better to keep a low profile.

    Oh, where is Gen. Forrest when we really need him?

    • Noyzmakr says:

      It couldhave been worse. It could have been NC NAALCP president Rev. William Barber and all 400lbs of him.
      The flight would have never gotten off the ground.

    • captstubby says:

      back when my oldest daughter was in her collage dorm room, her Black roommate brought her boyfriend back to their bunk-bed bedroom and did the Deed.

      laying bellow in the lower bunk, must have been traumatic to say the lest.

      i of course was not told about this for some time after, you can imagine what my daughter anticipated what my response would be.

      today she lives and works in Chicago and like all my children are color blind .

      something her old man is lacking.

    • Noyzmakr says:

      hear ya capt. I meet that type petronius spoke of almost every trip to the local retail outlets. I don’t take their crap and my reputation proceeds me here at home. As a result I don’t get much trouble, just the occasional visitor from DC or Baltimore who doesn’t know the rules.

      Bullies, and that’s all they are, will usually wither like a blade of grass after a shot of round-up once you stand up to them. The males that is. Now the female of the species are much more agressive. When they sense some perceived slight or turn an innocent bump into an assualt on their 400 lb. arse, they pounce. Shouting as loud as they can, repeating the same word or phrase over, and over, and over, hundreds of times. Like a stupid tourists trying to order chicken fried steak in Paris.

      I just let it be known that I don’t care. You can scream all day. You’re not going to win because I can scream louder, longer, because I’m not lazy, and I use more than one word. Many, as a matter of fact, that would embarass a sailor. Those who don’t know my name call me “that crazy white man”, and those who do know me call me “that seriously effing crazy white man”.

      I treat people exactly like they treat me. I’m one of the nicest, most courteous people you will ever meet. I’m always quick to say thank you, yes sir and no ma’am, you’re welcome and so on to everyone. I get very good service in restaurants because I always say thank you and I always tip well. No matter what station in life people find themselves makes no difference to me. But…if you want to act like an a$$hole?…. I’m real good at that.

      That fat-a$$ on the plane would have never gotten by me unless the plane was on fire.

  2. Liberals Demise says:

    NYT helping keep the slaves on the plantation.
    How demoKKKrat of them.

  3. captstubby says:

    “the female of the species are much more aggressive.”
    it would seem this is a universal trait and not regional, of all the North American group.
    .the brazen , dare you glare when they walk in front of your vehicle, at a intersection or street corner,regardless of the signs or lights.
    the complete absence of civility or manners is foreign to my way of thinking.
    (note; i nor any one one in my family’s history owned Black slaves.)
    i don’t do White Guilt.

    i will let this rest now, before it fires stronger passions .

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