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NYT Is Outraged At Rush’s Nomination For Nobel

From an outraged New York Times, via their blog The Lede:

Nobel Nominations — Left and Right

By Tom Zeller Jr.

Just as the deadline for recommendations was closing yesterday, the former vice president, Al Gore, was nominated for the 2007 Nobel Peace Prize, The Associate Press reports. Two Norwegian parliament members, Boerge Brende and Heidi Soerensen, put forth the nomination — as well as one for a Canadian Inuit activist, Sheila Watt-Cloutier.

Said Mr. Boerge:

A prerequisite for winning the Nobel Peace Prize is making a difference, and Al Gore has made a difference. …

Al Gore, like no other, has put climate change on the agenda. Gore uses his position to get politicians to understand, while Sheila works from the ground up.

Mr. Gore has been a dogged advocate for the environment and an evangelist for addressing the potential ravages of global warming — particularly since leaving office in 2001. His film “An Inconvenient Truth,” which documents the science behind climate change estimates, has been nominated for an Oscar. (There is also relentless speculation that Mr. Gore will throw his hat into the ring for the 2008 Democratic presidential nomination.)

Not to be outdone, the Landmark Legal Foundation, a public interest law firm “fighting for conservative principles in America,” submitted a nomination for its own candidate — someone, the group’s president, Mark R. Levin, said, whose “tireless efforts to promote liberty, equality and opportunity for all humankind, regardless of race, creed, economic stratum or national origin,” deserves to be recognized: Rush Limbaugh.

Said Mr. Levin’s nominating letter to Professor Ole Danbolt Mjos, the chairman of the Norwegian Nobel Institute, which was published along with a press release:

Rush Limbaugh is a nationally syndicated radio talk show host in the United States and one of the most popular broadcasters in the world. His daily radio show is heard on more than 600 radio stations in the United States and around the world. For 18 years he has used his show to become the foremost advocate for freedom and democracy in the world today. Everyday he gives voice to the values of democratic governance, individual opportunity and the just, equal application of the rule of law — and it is fitting the Nobel Committee recognize the power of these ideals to build a truly peaceful world for future generations.

The Nobel Institute did expand its rules in 2003, allowing for a wider array of nominators. From the Institute’s Web Site:

Any one of the following persons is entitled to submit proposals:

* members of national assemblies and governments;
* members of international courts of law;
* university chancellors; university professors of social science, history, philosophy, law and theology;
* leaders of peace research institutes and institutes of foreign affairs;
* former Nobel Peace Prize laureates;
* board members of organizations that have received the Nobel Peace Prize;
* present and past members of the Norwegian Nobel Committee; (committee members must present their nomination at the latest at the first committee meeting after February 1);
* former advisers at the Norwegian Nobel Institute.

We’re not sure which of these categories encompasses the Landmark Legal Foundation, but we’ll assume that Mr. Levin knows what he’s doing. It’s worth noting, however, that the Nobel Institute adds this suggestion at the same Web site:

“The nominators are strongly requested not to publish their proposals.”

Especially if said proposals nominate a conservative.

The nerve.

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