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NYT Parrots WH Talking Points: ‘Let’s Move On’

From the New York Times:

Obama Faces Political Risks in Emphasizing Effects of Spending Cuts

By MICHAEL D. SHEAR | March 4, 2013

WASHINGTON — As the nation’s top Democrat, President Obama has a clear imperative: to ratchet up pressure on Republicans for across-the-board spending cuts by using the power of his office to dramatize the impact on families, businesses and the military.

But as president, Mr. Obama is charged with minimizing the damage from the spending reductions and must steer clear of talking down the economy. A sustained campaign against the cuts by the president could become what one former aide called “a self-fulfilling kind of mess.”

The trouble is, Mr. Obama has never been the country’s President. He has always just been the top Democrat. The man in charge of the Democrats’ political machine.

He sees his job as buying votes, increasing government dependency, handing out patronage jobs, and, most of all, punishing his and the party’s enemies.

As a result, Mr. Obama is carefully navigating between maximizing heat on Republicans to undo the cuts while mobilizing efforts to make sure that the steep spending cuts do not hurt Americans…

How so? All we are seeing is that Obama is doing everything in his power to maximize the pain.

In fact, Obama is doing everything in his power to maximize the pain from the cuts, even at the risk to our safety. With his cuts to our defense, intelligence agencies, TSA, Border Patrol, and, of course, his release of thousands of illegal alien criminals.

The president’s approach is unlikely to satisfy Mr. Obama’s most partisan backers, who view blaming Republicans for the deep spending cuts — especially in the military — as a tantalizing opportunity for political gain. And stepping back from a battle over the cuts could allow the significantly lower spending to become the “new normal” for the federal budget…

The spending is not significantly lower. The federal government is still on track to spend $2.4 trillion more a decade from now than it does today. For the record, the entire federal tax revenue for last year was only $2.5 trillion.

But both Obama and his lickspittle minions at the New York Times are deathly afraid that any reduction to government spending might become ‘normal.’

If severe economic pain ultimately fails to materialize, Mr. Obama could be blamed for hyping the situation, much like his cabinet secretaries were in recent weeks. (Homeland Security Secretary Janet Napolitano, for example, was criticized for declaring the nation would be “less safe” because of furloughs of border patrol agents.) …

Who is going to blame him? The New York Times? It is to laugh.

Mr. Obama’s team is keenly aware that the more he focuses on the cuts, the more he threatens to divert attention from his second-term priorities on guns, immigration and preschool…

So he has to move on to the next round of lies and distortions.

The question now for the president is how much to keep up the drumbeat of concern about the spending cuts in the weeks ahead.

In talking points distributed by the White House to Democratic pundits on Friday, advisers suggested focusing on how Republican refusal to accept tax increases will “threaten our national security and hundreds of thousands of middle-class jobs and our entire economy while too many Americans are still looking for work.”

And you will notice how The Times and the rest of the news media have dutifully promulgated these talking points.

But the document also urges them to make the point that it is time to turn to other issues…

Which The Times is doing here. Obama says ‘jump,’ and his news media puppets say ‘how high’?

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