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NYT Posts 2nd Story Saying Iraqi Forces Raped

From an outraged New York Times:

University students protest in Mosul, 360 kilometers (225 miles) northwest of Baghdad, Iraq, Wednesday, Feb. 21, 2007, in support of a woman that accused members of the Iraqi police force of rape.

Iraqi Official Dismissed After Seeking Rape Inquiry

February 21, 2007

Political tensions ran high in Iraq today as Prime Minister Nuri Kamal al-Maliki ordered the dismissal of a top Sunni official who called for an international investigation into the alleged rape of a Sunni woman by Iraqi security forces.

Mr. Maliki did not give a reason for his decision to dismiss Sheikh Ahmad Abdul Ghafoor al-Samaraei, the head of the Sunni Endowment, whose organization cares for Sunni mosques and shrines in Iraq.

Mr. Samaraei, speaking to the Al-Arabiya television network from Amman, Jordan, said that he knew of many cases of rape by Iraqi security forces, but victims were reluctant to come forward because of the stigma attached to the crime. He also said he also knew of cases of rape by Sunni clergy members.

Mr. Samaraei disputed Mr. Maliki’s right to fire him, arguing that only Iraq’s Presidential Council had that authority. He made his comments after Mr. Maliki said that the accused officers were innocent.

After news of the rape case surfaced, Mr. Samaraei signed a statement saying, “The Sunni Endowment strongly denounces this horrific crime and lets out a cry for help from the international community and human rights organizations, demanding that they launch an immediate investigation into this crime.” The 20-year-old woman said she was assaulted Sunday at a police garrison where she was taken on suspicion of helping Sunni insurgents.

Maj. Gen. William B. Caldwell, the chief American military spokesman, said the woman was admitted to an American-run medical facility on Sunday and was released the next day. He refused to disclose details of her medical treatment or examination, saying that she left the hospital with her medical reports.

Today, Mr. Maliki’s office released what it said was a medical report indicating that there were no signs that she had been raped.

The office also released a report on the investigation it conducted, saying that Americans were present at all stages of the arrest and transportation of the woman, and that her interrogation did not take more than 15 minutes.

“We expected this fabricated propaganda,” the report stated of the accusations that she was raped while in custody. “It seems that the success of the law enforcing plan was resented by some people because it foils some political calculations.”

A spokesman for the Iraqi security forces in Baghdad, Brig. Qasim Atta, bemoaned what he called media bias in the reporting of the rape allegations, especially on the part of the satellite television network Al Jazeera.

He said he expects more such false accusations to be made, but that this case is clear-cut.

“We’ve prepared some solid evidence, and they are undisputable,” he said.

From what I have read this case was already being investigated by the US and Iraqi authorities. So what would be the point of an "international" investigation, except for propaganda purposes.

Mind you, this is the second front page New York Times story on this probably fabricated incident.

When has our watchdog media ever reported on a rape in the Iraq, apart from those where US or Iraqi government forces stand accused? Do their heroes the "freedom fighters" never rape women?

Even according to their friends in the United Nations, these bravos throw acid on people, torture them to death with power tools. But apparently they never rape anyone. Being so respectful of women.

Or could it be that our terrorist loving media simply neglects to report those incidents?

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