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NYT Praises Russia’s ‘Citizen Volunteers’

From the vigilantes at the New York Times:

Civilian patrols in Moscow were revived to help the police combat what officials fear will be more crime due to the bad economy. (Click to enlarge)

Russian Volunteers Keep Eye on Citizens, and the Police

Published: March 24, 2009

MOSCOW — Moscow’s typically traffic-clogged central thoroughfare was jammed this day with people, basking in a rare late-winter sun as a fire department marching band in lime-green uniforms and shiny gold helmets warmed up for a spring festival parade.

As the band prepared to march, Vladimir K. Kazerzin moved in with his men to help clear a path through the crowd. Mr. Kazerzin is a former philosophy teacher, not a police officer, and that is the point. He leads a contingent of volunteers, called druzhiniki, who patrol with increasing frequency in the capital alongside the professionals to bolster their ranks and, at times, counter their belligerence.

“Look at that sad-looking soldier in comparison with my guys,” Mr. Kazerzin said with a glimmer of pride, pointing out a particularly morose conscript soldier working crowd control along with his volunteers. Nearby, Moscow police officers barked aggressively at the crowd from under big fur hats to clear out, prompting snarls of indignation.

Meanwhile, Mr. Kazerzin’s men, mostly college students in red armbands and with piercings glittering in their ears, smiled and chatted with passers-by while directing them to spots where they could watch the parade without getting in the way.

For those who recall life in the Soviet Union, the druzhiniki are often a nostalgic reminder of the citizen patrols of students and grandmothers walking the streets in red armbands at the behest of the Communist Party to keep a lookout for hooligans and petty criminals.

Though their numbers have dwindled since the Soviet collapse, the government is working to revive the druzhiniki in part to help law enforcement agencies combat what officials fear will be a spike in crime and public disorder amid the growing unemployment and rising prices of the economic crisis. A group of lawmakers in Russia’s Parliament is pushing legislation that could enhance the authority of existing volunteer patrols

There are now as many as 17,000 volunteers in Moscow and units in more than 40 other regions of Russia, said Vyacheslav I. Kharlamov, an assistant to the chief of the Moscow druzhiniki. In the capital, volunteers help the police with crowd control at major public events like concerts, sporting events, festivals and protests

In Soviet days, he said, they could detain people on misdemeanor charges and write traffic tickets, and they were compensated if injured while on patrol. For the most part, today’s druzhiniki get little outside of free public transportation and the red armband…

The new legislation, which will probably come up for hearings in Russia’s Parliament this spring, would institute the druzhiniki on a federal level and allow them to impose fines for failure to obey their orders and provide compensation for injuries suffered while on patrol. Legislators have even debated the possibility of allowing the volunteers to carry weapons like batons or stun guns.

“We are now giving society a chance through this structure to fight against crime, help protect public order and, most importantly, to guarantee security in one’s own backyard,” said Vladimir A. Vasilyev, the head of the Security Committee in Russia’s Parliament

Gee, what a coincidence.

The New York Times is extolling a street army made up of “volunteers” at the very moment when Congress is passing a bill which will expand Mr. Obama’s army of foot soldiers.

What are the odds?

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20 Responses to “NYT Praises Russia’s ‘Citizen Volunteers’”

  1. Liberals Demise says:

    While the PEOPLE here in Amerika scream, “NYET”
    Our beloved Politico vote,”DA”

  2. proreason says:

    Russia has always been the guiding light for The Moron.

    That country brought iron-fisted control of the population to it’s zenith.

  3. bullforever says:

    Can’t figure out how to starta new threard, but check this article on Fed-Ex threatening to cancel Boeing orders


    • proreason says:

      The site owner starts all of the threads. Articles you consider interesting can be posted in the Selected News – from our commentators section (see box at the right). In general, articles should be from news sources, not blogs, but it isn’t vigorously enforced. Read the section to see how to format the articles.

      Some, myself included, sometimes post interesting blogs or articles as comments in the thread that best fits.

  4. Grzegorz says:

    Comrades! The Motherland calls! The Party, under the wise and firm leadership of comrade chairman Cheney, has an urgent need for volunteers for this great patriotic endeavor: http://cortez.gnn.tv/blogs/14561/Halliburton_building_Concentration_Camps_in_the_US

  5. TwilightZoned says:

    What are the odds O is taking notes from Soviet model?

  6. wardmama4 says:

    Everyone needs to rent (or buy) Das Leben der Anderen (The Lives of Others) 2006 Best Foreign Film – about life in East Germany under the Stasi (Secret Police) just before the fall of the wall.
    It is perhaps the best movie I’ve watched in a long time. And remember – Those who do not study history are doomed to repeat it.

    This (the NYTs article) is all in advance of the passage of The One’s ™ innocuous GIVE (HR 1388) and SERVE (S277) ‘legislation’ forcing the ‘volunteerism’ of Americans. Yeah right – it is forced taxpayer funding of ACORN, Code Pink, Open Society et al and the forced indoctrination of our children into the belief that the Government (hereafter known as the Corporation for National and Community Service (Corporation) – how ironic is that) is the solution to all problems and must be served.

    America has been the beacon of Freedom, Liberty and Opportunity for the World, are We The People going to let a empty-suit TOTUS, his human gaffe machine sidekick and the Klownposse in DC – destroy what Patriots conceived and dedicated their lives and blood, sweat and tears for?

    My children and grandchildren deserve better than this pathetic, stupid, vapid excuse of a ‘community organizer’ – and most certainly better than what The One ™ has planned for this country.

  7. jrmcdonald says:

    In Collge, I remember looking over the Soviet battle maps for the seige of
    Stalingrad. The map showed 20+ Divisions on the outside of the city, and three additional Divisions spreadout behind the Red Army. The three backing Divisions were KJB. Their job was to shoot any deserter. The people in the Red Army were all volunteers.

  8. Warmonger Infidel says:

    As someone who has been working in Ukraine with side trips to Russian since the first of the year, I can tell you that any group of Russian/Ukrainian volunteer men one may encounter on the streets is a scary thing to experience (unless of course you’re a fearless retired Warmonger Infidel :->). Seriously though, what a crock of crap this NYT article is. These groups are thugs, nothing more or less.

    And now for the update Steve requested…..home on a break, going back in country (or the belly of the beast) next week. I’ll continue to comment on things eastern European, Russian or Ukrainian.

    • canary says:

      God Bless. Think there are some Russian mobs where I’m at. One of them defected, and plays dumb like he can’t speak English, but is very fluent. Once I mentioned a fed government cover-up (something he came close to be killed in) he literally blew up. I mean blew his top off. I fired him.

    • sheehanjihad says:

      Good to see you War…….

  9. canary says:

    Wish they were taking volunteers like this to gaurd the borders. It’s a very dangerous unappreciated job. Wonder if any of the stimulous plan went to resolve this problem. Could create jobs, but I believe Americans would be glad to volunteer.

    • Liberals Demise says:

      There are “Minute Men” volunteers in Arizona and New Mexico on the border watching and sometimes catching these “LAW” breakers. Thank GOD this has nothing (nada) to do with the crud that slithers from the D.C. shiite zone.

      Thank You to all the AMERICANS who volunteer their time for this worthy cause. (without pledging allegiance to the Obama Socialist Volunteer Nazis!!)

    • canary says:

      Liberals Demis, I had saw a bit on news awhile back. I doubt any of the stimulous package went for the wall, as there was a debate during Bush, whether it be a state of federal issue. It used to be the states wanted to govern themselves. I noticed on news some state that’s flooding, and showed all these white people filling sand sacks, and their homes flooding, it look like Katrina, boats driving around houses. And wondered where Obama was. Wonder if California Arnold got the money to fix the levies he wanted. Guess all the money is spent, so there will be none for disasters.

    • TwilightZoned says:

      Funny you should mention the money being all spent. I was just thinking on my way home from work with all this money being spent would there be any for natural disasters.

  10. Enthalpy says:

    It is easy for these lame devils from the NYT to praise the Russian Volunteers or the coming visitors from Obama’s GIVE program, but THEY are not us; THEY don’t live in our world! It’s easy for them because they’re driven home in an armored vehicle to their secure home homes. THEY don’t have to worry about the Jun Horde; we do however.

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