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NYT: Primaries Unwelcome News For GOP

From a highly concerned New York Times:

Murkowski on the Ropes in Alaska Senate Primary

August 25, 2010

Is another political surprise coming from Alaska?

When Alaska Republicans awoke on Wednesday, they were stunned to see that Senator Lisa Murkowski was trailing in the party’s primary, perhaps becoming the latest lawmaker this year to be swept up by an antiestablishment fervor.

Yes, The Times as always nails it. We are in an antiestablishment fervor. Not an anti-Democrat or anti-liberal or anti-RINO fervor. – It’s incumbents in general that the voters don’t like.

Results showed that Joe Miller, whose candidacy was backed by former Gov. Sarah Palin and the Tea Party movement, was leading Ms. Murkowski by 1,900 votes. Determining the final outcome could take a day – or several – as a few thousand absentee ballots are counted, but Mr. Miller had 51 percent of the vote with 98 percent of precincts reporting, so it would take a shift in that trend for Ms. Murkowski to make up the difference.

If Ms. Murkowski loses, it would be one of the biggest political defeats of the year. And that is exactly what Republican leaders in Washington were bracing for on Wednesday, the latest in a growing set of examples that the party’s primary voters were rejecting preferred Republican candidates across the country

No, the voters were rejecting non-conservative Republicans, regardless of whether they were preferred by the party fathers or not.

So with another set of primaries in the books, is the midterm election cycle sending mixed signals about the depth of antiestablishment sentiment? Let’s take a look.

How did Senator John McCain of Arizona record a strong victory in the state’s Republican primary – crushing J.D. Hayworth, a former congressman, by 24 percentage points – while Ms. Murkowski struggled?

Answer: Mr. McCain took Mr. Hayworth seriously from the start and bombarded him with TV ads – costing him a large chunk of the $21 million he spent on the primary – and defined him as an unacceptable choice…

Far be it from us to doubt the rulings of the New York Times. But could another possible ‘answer’ be that both Mr. McCain and Mr. Miller were endorsed by that political has-been Sarah Palin?

How did Bill McCollum, the attorney general of Florida and a former congressman, lose to Rick Scott, a conservative and wealthy health executive, whose company was fined by the government on a host of charges?

Answer: Mr. Scott hammered Mr. McCollum in a massive assault of television commercials, which the restless Republican primary electorate responded to.

And Mr. Scott being a conservative versus a squishy at best McCollum had absolutely nothing to do with Scott’s stunning victory.

The outcome of the primaries on Tuesday night – with the exception of Mr. McCain’s victory – brought a new wave of unwelcome news for Republicans in Washington.

They are worried that if Ms. Murkowski loses, it will be seen as another sign that the party is siding with candidates on the right side of the party’s ideological spectrum. That worry is echoed in Florida, where Mr. Scott’s victory over Mr. McCollum was hard for the Republican Governors Association to take.

Sure, the GOP is scared to death that the party would be seen as ‘conservative’ in a nation that identifies itself in polls as conservative in record numbers.

By the way, the turnout for Republicans has averaged more than twice the turnout for Democrats in many of these primary races.

Only the staunch ‘Republicans’ at The Times could pretend to see these primary results as an omen of trouble in November.

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10 Responses to “NYT: Primaries Unwelcome News For GOP”

  1. Liberals Demise says:

    Don’t worry your ugly little brains at the NYSlimes.
    NOvember isa comin’ and this might shake your printing presses but Americans are tired of being ‘Bamboozled’ by you and your puppet mooselimb houseboy!

  2. oldpuppydixie says:

    Every time I’m asked to peruse a NY Times article, I get the distinct feeling I’ve been robbed of several thousand brain cells.

    • Ultra-C says:

      Don’t worry, just keep reading until your mental acuity has diminished to that of the average Liberal, and it won’t bother you so much. Better yet, spend the afternoon watching MSNBC, and you’ll lose enough brain cells to qualify for government aide by nightfall!

  3. BannedbytheTaliban says:

    Their biggest fear is that they won’t be able to play the Bush card. Once the “establishment” candidates are gone, ‘the party of no’ will go as well. In its place will be a fresh new Republican party with new ideas and a commitment to a smaller federal government. This will leave the Democrats with nothing to demagogue. All they can is “that TEA party candidate has extreme views,” but that ship won’t float. Especially when you juxtapose the TEA party with the Socialist Democrats like Messer Reid, the voters will see who are the real extremist.

    • Mithrandir says:

      AND the best news of all is that the voters in Florida weren’t stupid enough to elect another DIRTBAG LAWYER for higher office.

      “Bill McCollum, the attorney general of Florida…..”
      (blah blah blah, the “I’m entitled” dirtbag lawyer lost, that is all that needs to be said!)

  4. proreason says:

    “Anti-candidate fervor” would work better to allow the Slimes to cover all bases and propagate its bile.

  5. Ultra-C says:

    Actually, I believe they hit the nail on the head, this is certainly “unwelcome news for Republicans in Washington.” As for Republicans everywhere BUT Washington, this is welcome news indeed.

    Ronald Reagan was not from the “inside the beltway” Washington crowd, he was very much an outsider who dared rock the boat by running against Ford and then against George HW Bush. The blue-blood Repbublicans have had a grip on the party for too long.

    So perhaps the Terrorist Times should have said that the recent upsets are “unwelcome news for blue-bloods in Washington.” It would have been more bipartisan and accurate.

  6. Mithrandir says:

    Why is it that ALL GOOD REPUBLICAN NEWS is spun as as a historic defeat….

    and ALL BAD NEWS ABOUT DEMOCRATS has a marvelous silver lining?

    What was it? MSNBC woman reporter smiling and eager-eyed about the horrific economy that “People are tightening their belts, spending less, and finally paying off their debts!” [people love being forced to be responsible and getting their financial house in order] Of all the ways to report terrible news that hurts democrats, the media marketing arm of the democrat party never stops the propaganda.

  7. Rusty Shackleford says:

    It’s moments like these that really make me glad to be an American.

    Once the dust clears and conservative Americans are at the helm, the whining from the left returns and I am satisfied. But then, regardless of who’s running the show, the whining from the left never really diminishes, does it? So it doesn’t matter.

    Damned if you do, damned if you don’t. So I’d rather be damned while conservatives are making the correct decisions to not spend us into oblivion, not create ridiculous give-away programs, not build government into a juggernaut of bureaucracy, not protect unions in gangster-like fashion, etc etc.

    Every time a bell rings, a conservative candidate gets elected.

    • Mithrandir says:

      That’s right. When the liberals are in the minority, PLUG YOUR EARS and keep the conservative train moving forward. Bush tried too hard to throw them a few bones when he was in power. NEVER give them anything, but take from them EVERYTHING!

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