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NYT: Rice ‘Concedes Error,’ But GOP ‘Digs In’

From a very sniffy New York Times:

Rice Concedes Error on Libya; G.O.P. Digs In

By MARK LANDLER and JEREMY W. PETERS | November 27, 2012

WASHINGTON — Susan E. Rice may have hoped that paying a conciliatory call on three hostile Senate Republicans on Tuesday would smooth over a festering dispute about the deadly attack on the American diplomatic mission in Benghazi, Libya, and clear a roadblock to her nomination as secretary of state.

You see? According to The Times, this is just "a festering dispute" with "three hostile Republicans." It’s not about trying to get to the truth. By the way, — was Watergate a feud? Iran-Contra? Valerie Plame?

But the senators seemed anything but mollified, signaling instead that they would still oppose Ms. Rice, the ambassador to the United Nations, if she is nominated by President Obama, even after she conceded errors in the account of the assault she gave on Sunday morning television programs shortly after it occurred in September

How unfair. She admitted there were "errors," and they still hold a grudge.

“Bottom line, I’m more disturbed than I was before,” Mr. Graham said after the tense, closed-door meeting.

The continued criticism of Ms. Rice, 48, a diplomat with close ties to Mr. Obama, deepens an already bitter and unusually personal feud between the White House and Republicans over Libya

There is nothing "personal" about this, except Obama’s attempts to make it seem personal, by accusing critics of racism and sexism. And it isn’t even a feud. It is an attempt to get at the truth about an attack on a US Mission and the death of four Americans.

In a statement after the meeting, Ms. Rice said she incorrectly described the attack in Benghazi, which killed Ambassador J. Christopher Stevens and three other Americans, as a spontaneous protest gone awry rather than a premeditated terrorist attack. But she said she based her remarks on the intelligence then available — intelligence that changed over time.

“Neither I nor anyone else in the administration intended to mislead the American people at any stage in the process,” said Ms. Rice, who was accompanied at the 10 a.m. meeting by the acting director of the Central Intelligence Agency, Michael J. Morell.

As the Ambassador to the UN and the de facto spokesman for the administration on this issue, Rice should have had access to the more accurate intel. (And she probably did.) In fact, she was purposefully and knowingly giving out disinformation.

But Mr. Morell reinforced the perception of an administration that cannot get its story straight by asserting during the meeting that the F.B.I. had modified Ms. Rice’s talking points by removing a specific reference to Al Qaeda. At 4 p.m., the senators said in a statement, the C.I.A. called to notify them that Mr. Morell had erred, and that the agency had made the change, not the bureau.

What a bunch of monkeys. (And we mean that in a non-racist, sexist way.)

“We are disturbed by the administration’s continued inability to answer even the most basic questions about the Benghazi attack and the administration’s response,” the senators said

The White House continued to defend Ms. Rice, publicly and privately. The press secretary, Jay Carney, said, “There are no unanswered questions about Ambassador Rice’s appearance on Sunday shows and the talking points she used.” …

In other words, ‘we have no answers, so shut up.’

On-the-ground accounts indicate that Ms. Rice’s description of the attack, though wrong in some respects, was accurate in others. Witnesses to the assault said it was carried out by members of the Ansar al-Shariah militant group, without any warning or protest, in retaliation for an American-made video mocking the Prophet Muhammad…

So where are these witnesses? And where is there any evidence that this attack had anything to do with the video? The Times can’t let go of this lie.

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One Response to “NYT: Rice ‘Concedes Error,’ But GOP ‘Digs In’”

  1. GetBackJack says:

    If Rice lies are unconvincing in the House of Lies, known as Congress, she has no business being appointed an ambassador

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