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NYT: Romney Killed Wife Ad Compresses Time

This is the only news article you will find in the New York Times about the Priorities USA’s ad that claims Romney killed a man’s wife. And it is buried on their ‘Caucus’ blog.

It pretends to be a fact check of the ad:

Ad Watch: Ad Tries to Link Ex-Worker’s Losses to Bain

By RICHARD A. OPPEL JR. | August 7, 2012

Priorities USA Action, a “super PAC” supporting President Obama, released an advertisement on Tuesday suggesting that Mitt Romney’s actions indirectly contributed to a woman’s death. Joe Soptic, a former worker at GST Steel in Kansas City, Mo., speaks into the camera, while the ad intersperses shots of a shuttered factory.

Who Closed the Plant?

Mr. Romney technically retained control of Bain through August 2001, when he formally transferred his shares of Bain’s management corporation to the other Bain partners.

This, of course, is not true. But this is what The Times considers to be a ‘fact’ in a fact checking piece.

Health Care Coverage

The Romney campaign issued a statement that called the ad “dishonest” and “contemptible” but did not challenge how Mr. Soptic lost his insurance.

Remember, this is supposed to be a fact check of the Super Pac ad. But The Times is trying to make it sound like the Romney campaign has accepted the premise of the ad as true. Which, of course, they have not.


Mr. Soptic says his wife became ill “a short time after” his family lost health care. But Mr. Soptic lost his job at GST in 2001, and his wife died in June 2006…

Mr. Soptic was employed as a custodian for $24,000 a year — about one-third his former salary — but his health plan did not cover his wife, according to an article in January by Reuters. That article reported that when his wife began to lose weight, Mr. Soptic said that he “tried to get her to the doctor and she wouldn’t go.”

Even though she had her own insurance:

But CNN reported that he said his wife had insurance through her employer until 2002 or 2003, when she left her job because of an injury.

Notice that The Times never actually spells out that there is no rational connection between this woman’s death and Romney’s work in Bain, which ended seven years before.


The super PAC ad compresses time in way that links the closure of the GST plant with Mrs. Soptic’s fatal illness.

You see? There was nothing untrue in the ad. It was just a harmless compression. Sort of like what Obama did in his first autobiography.

Meanwhile, here is the first couple sentences of a blistering attack on the Romney campaign for ad about Obama’s executive order gutting welfare reform from the editors of the New York Times:

Mr. Romney Hits Bottom on Welfare

The Editors | August 8, 2012

Mitt Romney’s campaign has hit new depths of truth-twisting with its accusation that President Obama plans to “gut welfare reform” by ending federal work requirements. The claim is blatantly false, but it says a great deal about Mr. Romney’s increasingly desperate desire to define the president as something he is not.

For years, both Republican and Democratic governors have sought waivers from the 1996 work requirements in the welfare program, sometimes to tailor programs to their states’ needs, or to experiment with demonstration programs…

As we know from Robert Rector at the Heritage Foundation, this last line is also a blatant lie. But what do you expect from the editors of the New York Times?

This could not be more wrong, but this is what happens when a flailing campaign searches for a wedge issue to gain popularity among blue-collar voters. Mr. Romney’s empty promises to magically turn around the economy are losing effectiveness, so why not vilify welfare recipients and portray the president as coddling them?

That approach was favored by an earlier generation of Republican operatives, and it helped divide the country into warring political classes. Mr. Romney, no less cynical, seems bent on repeating the past.

Still, notice that the editors say this entirely honest ad is the absolute bottom in campaign politics. And yet they have said nothing about the Obama campaign and their surrogates calling Romney a felon, a tax cheat, a murderer, and a man who got rich using from money from rightwing death squads.

All of that is fine as pie with the editors of The Times. It’s almost as if they have an agenda.

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