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NYT: States Obstructing Obama-Care Enrollment

From the New York Times:

Florida Among States Undercutting Health Care Enrollment

By LIZETTE ALVAREZ and ROBERT PEAR | September 17, 2013

MIAMI — As many states prepare to introduce a linchpin of the 2010 health care law — the insurance exchanges designed to make health care more affordable — a handful of others are taking the opposite tack: They are complicating enrollment efforts and limiting information about the new program.

How are these states limiting information? Are they blocking the federal government’s websites? Are they keeping people from being able to go to the online exchanges? (Hint: no.)

Chief among them is Florida, where Gov. Rick Scott and the Republican-dominated Legislature have made it more difficult for Floridians to obtain the cheapest insurance rates under the exchange and to get help from specially trained outreach counselors.

Missouri and Ohio, two other states troubled by the Affordable Care Act, have also moved to undercut the law and its insurance exchanges, set to open on Oct. 1. In Georgia, the state insurance commissioner, Ralph T. Hudgens, has said he will do “everything in our power to be an obstructionist.”

Burn him!

Alarmed by the resistance, the secretary of health and human services, Kathleen Sebelius, and the Obama administration are intensifying their efforts to win public support for the exchanges in Florida and elsewhere and are confronting their critics head on.

On Tuesday, Ms. Sebelius capped a three-city visit to Florida — home to the country’s second largest uninsured population — with sharp words about the state’s unwillingness to embrace the law. She will do the same in Missouri later this week.

“It’s unfortunate that keeping information from people seems to be something of a pattern here in the state,” Ms. Sebelius said at a news conference in Miami, referring to restrictions on outreach counselors…

Again, how are these states able to keep anyone from learning about Obama-Care?

Last week, Florida’s deputy health secretary ordered county health facilities to bar navigators, or outreach counselors. The health department said it was following established policy: All outside groups are prohibited from using county health property to conduct nonstate business. Brochures, though, will be made available, according to a statement. No written requests for space have been made by navigators, a spokesman said…

So Florida isn’t barring navigators at all. They are just not giving them free state office space, as required by their laws. And they haven’t asked for space anyway.

And on Monday, in a letter to the top Republican and Democrat in Congress, Mr. Scott raised concerns about privacy, saying that navigators and others involved in the health care effort could use applicant information improperly. Attorneys general from 13 states have expressed similar worries about the release of financial and medical information — be it intentional or accidental…

What a roadblock! The nerve of actually raising questions!

A Missouri law adopted this year requires the licensing of navigators and also restricts their activities. Without that license, the Missouri law says, navigators cannot “provide advice concerning the benefits, terms and features of a particular health plan” or “advise consumers about which health plan to choose.”

Ohio has adopted a similar law, stating that navigators can distribute some information but cannot recommend a plan or offer advice about benefits in a particular plan.

In Georgia, the insurance commissioner, Mr. Hudgens, said his “job is to protect consumers.” To that end, Georgia mandates that health insurance counselors be licensed to become navigators, a process that requires criminal background checks and fingerprinting of applicants…

How dare these states try to protect their citizens from Democrat operatives?

“They couldn’t beat Obamacare in Congress, where they’ve tried 41 times to repeal it, they couldn’t beat it in the Supreme Court, so they are trying death by a thousand cuts,” said Representative Debbie Wasserman Schultz, a Florida Democrat and chairwoman of the Democratic National Committee.

What projection. Ask Ms. Wasserman Schultz about the DREAM Act. For just one example of how the Democrats do this each and every day.

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3 Responses to “NYT: States Obstructing Obama-Care Enrollment”

    • canary says:

      I think the insane thing about Obama Care is the 20% who don’t have health care in the US will be exempt from having to buy it.

      Bill O’Reilly said it was impossible to defund Obama care and compared those trying to stop it as bankrupting the government.

    • Noyzmakr says:

      Bill O’Rino is a f#*ing idiot. I completely stopped watching him last year. He’s always harping on ‘big oil’, still thinks islam is a religion of peace and repeatedly has said that the Bible is a book of allegories and fabels. It turns out his religious belieifs are just as malleable as his wishy-washy, middle of the road political beliefs.

      Then he announced he was having another book written so he could take credit for it, but this time it’s ‘Killing Jesus’.

      Again, he’s an idiot and according to several interns, a pervert.

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