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NYT: Townhalls Want Dems To Fight Harder

From the DNC’s most subservient lickspittle minions, the New York Times:

Fight Harder, Voters Telling Congressmen

Published: August 11, 2011

VIRGINIA BEACH — Taking in the highly unfavorable view most Americans have about Congress right now, it might be assumed that what voters seek is a lowered volume, thoughtful bipartisanship and legislative compromise. But in meetings with voters across the country this week, many members of Congress are seeing a mirror of the House floor.

As lawmakers meet with voters back home in their districts, the message is often not “Can’t we all just get along?” but rather a push to get back into the ring and fight harder, as they face the most partisan and intransigent factions of both parties.

Don’t these rubes, these hayseeds, these hicks read the New York Times?

In middle school auditoriums, retirement centers, recital halls and other such venues, angry constituents are deriding their representatives for the spectacle of the past month over the raising of the debt ceiling.

Which is why, as we have previously noted, it was so important for Obama and the news media and the rest of the Democrat Party to stampede the Republicans into a deal before the August recess. They did not what the Republicans to hear from their constituents.

But in many cases, the anger is less about the dissension that brought the nation to the edge of default than frustration with both Democrats — including President Obama — and Republicans that their side had not been tough enough.

“I sometimes wonder,” said John Joslin, 70, a Democrat reflecting on Mr. Obama during a town hall-style meeting on Tuesday with Representative Betty McCollum, Democrat of Minnesota, “Whose side is he on? He’s almost Republican. He’s just rolled over and rolled over and rolled over, and I hope that you, as a progressive, can somehow add some steel to his blood.”

No, your eyes aren’t deceiving you. The Times is actually trying to pretend that middle America is rising up in fury against the Democrats for not pushing hard enough for their socialist agenda. (Of course this is the same ‘newspaper’ that claimed yesterday that the Wisconsin recall results were a tremendous victory for the Democrat.)

But The Times only wrote this piece to try to push this lie. And to clarify that when they have demanded more civility and compromise in the past, they were talking about Republicans compromising — not their side.

So far, the post debt-debate gatherings have neither the urgency nor the toxicity of those from the summer of 2009, when angry voters and interest groups came out slugging over health care…

Those gatherings were ‘toxic’ because even The Times couldn’t spin them as complaints from the left.

Representative Tom Graves, Republican of Georgia, told an audience of about 100 in Fort Oglethorpe this week that he did not vote for a final deal to increase the debt ceiling, because: “I believe compromises are what got us into this mess in the first place. You can’t compromise your way out of it.” He was met with thunderous applause

You see how obstreperous those un-compromising Republicans are? They are dangerous. Toxic.

Meanwhile, buried down near the end of this article, we find this startling admission:

Town hall-style meetings are an imperfect arbiter of voter sentiment. While the meetings draw plenty of local constituents, they are also a magnet for activists, as Democrats and Republican have learned the importance of packing the halls with supporters…

There is clear evidence that some liberal groups are stoking the partisan fires at meetings. A group called the American Dream Movement has been protesting outside Republican meetings — a small group formed here Tuesday night, and handed out buttons — and other groups have also sent protesters or hostile questioners to meetings

The hell you say.

Of course The Times would never bother to mention it, but the "American Dream Movement" is actually George Soros and union funded astroturf operation fronted by Anthony ‘Van’ Jones. The news media and the rest of the Democrat Party hope to fool the gullible into thinking it is an alternative to the ‘Tea Party.’

But they are just the Democrats’ latest incarnation of the Ku Klux Klan, the Brown Shirts, the Komsomol. They only exist to shout down and intimidate anyone who disagrees with them. (Cf. Mitt Romney, who was harassed yesterday in Iowa by these very hirelings.)

In fact, as we noted the other day, the goals of the "American Dream Movement" are exactly identical to the currently espoused goals of the Communist Party, USA.

Which shouldn’t be too surprising, given the fact that Mr. ‘Van’ Jones is himself an avowed communist, and that this latest group is composed of the same old tired collection of professional America haters that we see behind all of these ‘grassroots’ organizations.

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3 Responses to “NYT: Townhalls Want Dems To Fight Harder”

  1. Anonymoose says:

    I just looked at the “American Dream” website; there must honestly be 30 allied organizations they link to. The operation of the modern left is by continual obfuscation and surreptitious activity. Some group get outed? There’s five more to take their place; they all look alike, but a couple have enough difference to make people think they’re unique and thus have the right message. After all, the Republic is going to fall from fear of bad manners and offending people, and keeping up the appearance of being civil and enlightened at all costs.

    This “fury” of the Democrats shows what has become the impasse in this country. The extreme left has become more mainstream, and votes Democrat to fill their dreams, dreams which are out of step with the majority of the country. No one elected by them can fulfill that, and when they think they’ll come close their true colors come out. I still remember one elderly woman posting on the news message boards right after Obama’s election that she was going to report anyone who dared to badmouth Obama to the FBI. The same people who were screaming at Bush as an usurper were now crying that Obama as “our president” and beyond reproach.

    So what gets us here? Obama is mostly a figurehead, so it looks like they’re pinning the failure of their dreams on him, so people will focus on Obama and not the actions of the party. Obama will leave and get his retirement, and a new hopeful spouting the same things will be elected.

    • Rusty Shackleford says:

      “so it looks like they’re pinning the failure of their dreams on him”


      When you live in plastic-ville, it’s not so different than it’s ever been. Indeed, the lack of background information was intentional so that when it all fell apart, and it will all fall apart, the left will be the first to excoriate him and denounce him.

      The mechanisms involved are fascinating. They had to find a “blank slate” who was marxist enough to be in the tank for the destruction of our beloved constitutional republic and who hated capitalism enough to be complicit in its demise, while at the same time, the socialists, knowing that it could all go south on them when they pissed off a sufficient number of people, they can still distance themselves from it.

      The pundits and sycophants are just acceptable losses. When Matthews realizes that the left has abandoned Captain Zero, it will be too late and Crissy will be history, his career over.

      The bigger picture is the left will start leaking things out about Brack, selectively and through the most ardent channels (NYT, alphabet networks, etc) and that will provide distance until they can find their next “candidate”. However, the damage that has been done is like gum on the shoe. Sooner or later, you have to stop, take the time to remove it and then you can move on. They especially like that part of it because undoing all the garbage will take a long time and there’s no guarantee it will be successful; There are still plenty of people around who think national healthcare is the way to go, but just needs some “tweaking”.

      I fear the nation has slid off the rails. Truly. Talking to people I find that as much as they don’t like this president in the empirical sense, they still believe that the government needs to run our healthcare system. They have three kids and they just can’t afford the insurance premiums anymore. (“Can’t” or “don’t want to”?)

      As has been discussed in another thread, government isn’t the answer. The private sector and free market system is the answer. Yes, it’s “unfair”. But therein lies the motivation to do well in school, get a good job, a career so you can afford more freedom. Our system is so misunderstood. But as I used to tell high-schoolers, “It’s designed to allow you to fail. You think about that, and let me know tomorrow what you think that means”.

      By controlling the chance to fail, you hogtie the ability to succeed as well. Success is not automatic. The Wright Brothers did not just suddenly fly. The list of failures is huge. Edison’s successful lightbulb was the several hundredeth iteration after so many failures. Government would not pay for such inefficient research. Any new invention would never happen.

      How well is Russia, the USSR known for its inventiveness? Drawing a blank? How about the U.S? Yup, the U.S. owns most new patents. With good reason. FREEDOM. Especially the freedom to fail.

  2. eaglewingz08 says:

    The NYSlimes is still repeating the DNC line from the defeat of Hillarycare, that the reason the dems lost big were that they weren’t liberal enough and failed to pass Hillarycare. But funny how a public who believed that the dems weren’t liberal enough to pass that signature bill, turned out en masse to elect candidates who explicitly told them that they would never vote for such an abomination. I guess when libs want to elect more liberal members they go out and vote for conservatives of the opposite party. Makes as much sense as anything else in the socialist playbook.

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