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NYT Trump Gets ‘Mixed News’ In Iowa Poll (Still Leads)

From a silver lining seeking New York Times:

Donald Trump Gets Mixed News in New Iowa Poll

By Alan Rappeport | August 11, 2015

Donald J. Trump’s erratic debate performance last week did not undo his standing as the favorite in Iowa, according to a poll released Tuesday from Suffolk University, but it did damage the confidence that potential Republican caucusgoers have in his ability to be president.

The Suffolk survey found that Mr. Trump has the support of 17 percent of Republicans who plan to caucus in Iowa. Gov. Scott Walker trails him with 12 percent and Senator Marco Rubio of Florida and Ben Carson round out the top tier…

Mr. Walker is from the state next door to Iowa. So this is a pretty good result for Mr. Trump.

While Mr. Trump has maintained his lead in the state, there were signs of weakness that could be problematic as his campaign carries on. Of the 500 people surveyed, 55 percent said that Mr. Trump’s debate performance made them less comfortable with him as candidate.

Moreover, 10 percent found Mr. Trump to have been the most impressive debater, raising doubts about his contention that he was the winner last Thursday night.

“It’s kind of a good news and bad news story for him,” said David Paleologos, director of the Suffolk University Political Research Center. “There were some damaging parts to this poll, but it’s only one debate and its one performance.” 

Mr. Paleologos said that Mr. Trump was able to maintain his lead because the size of the Republican field means support is being spread out among many candidates…


The poll, which has a margin of error of 4.4 percent, found that Mr. Rubio and Mr. Carson were seen as the most impressive debaters in the prime-time event and that Carly Fiorina was seen as the most impressive in the earlier debate on Thursday…

A Hispanic man and a black man and a woman. Of course we agree that they were all impressive. But let’s not forget the ‘Wilder effect’ in polls.

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