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NYT: US Arrests SUV Owner – From Conn!

Buried in the ‘N.Y. / Region’ section of the New York Times:

Arrest Made in Times Square Bomb Case


May 4, 2010

Federal agents and police detectives arrested a Connecticut man, a naturalized United States citizen from Pakistan, shortly before midnight Monday for driving a car bomb into Times Square on Saturday evening in what turned out to be an unsuccessful attack, Justice Department officials announced.

Note the order of this description. He’s 1) a Connecticut man, 2) a naturalized United States citizen and, oh yeah, 3) he is from Pakistan.

The man, Faisal Shahzad, 30, was believed to have recently bought the 1993 Nissan Pathfinder that was found loaded with gasoline, propane, fireworks and fertilizer in the heart of Times Square, a person briefed on the investigation said.

Mr. Shahzad was taken into custody at Kennedy Airport as he tried to board a flight to Dubai, U.S. Attorney General Eric H. Holder Jr. said in an early morning statement delivered at the Justice Department in Washington.

Mr. Shahzad was on his way to Pakistan, by way of Dubai. Something the New York Times might have mentioned.

Charges against Mr. Shahzad, who had returned recently from a trip to Pakistan, were not announced, but he was expected to be charged Tuesday in federal court.

“Over the course of the day today, we have gathered significant additional evidence that led to tonight’s arrest,” Mr. Holder said. “The investigation is ongoing, as are our attempts to gather useful intelligence, and we continue to pursue a number of leads.” He continued, “But it’s clear that the intent behind this terrorist act was to kill Americans.” …

So we can call it “terrorism,” now?

Of course now the question of the day is will our hero be Mirandized quickly enough? Lest we forget, the founders did not ‘Mirandize.’

The concept of "Miranda rights" was only enshrined in US law following the 1966 Miranda v. Arizona Supreme Court decision, which found that the Fifth Amendment and Sixth Amendment rights of Ernesto Arturo Miranda had been violated during his arrest and trial for rape and kidnapping. (Miranda was subsequently retried, found guilty and sentenced to 20-30 years.)

The Constitution is not a suicide pact.

The former owner told investigators that it appeared the buyer was of Middle Eastern or Hispanic descent, but could not recall his name.

Obviously, the former owner did not want to be accused of the hate crime of ‘profiling.’

It was unclear how agents from the Joint Terrorist Task Force identified Mr. Shahzad. Federal authorities provided few details on Monday night about the arrest, the suspect or the scope of any conspiracy in the failed attack.

The authorities have been exploring whether the man or others who might have been involved in the attempted bombing had been in contact with people or groups overseas, according to federal officials.

The investigation was shifted on Monday to the control of the international terrorism branch of the Joint Terrorism Task Force, a multiagency group led by the Justice Department, according to two federal officials.

“As we move forward, we will focus on not just holding those responsible for it accountable, but also on obtaining any intelligence about terrorist organizations overseas,” Mr. Holder said.

Officials cautioned that the investigation of possible international contacts did not mean they had established a connection to a known terrorist group.

“It’s a prominent lead that they’re following, the international association,” said a senior official, who spoke on condition of anonymity to discuss a continuing investigation. “But there’s still a lot of information being gathered.” …

Early Tuesday, at Mr. Shahzad’s former home in Shelton, Conn., just outside Bridgeport, a neighbor said that Mr. Shahzad and his wife, Huma Mian, spoke limited English, and kept mostly to themselves. The couple had two young children, a girl and a boy, said the neighbor, Brenda Thurman.

Ms. Thurman said the couple had lived at the house at 119 Long Hill Avenue for about three years before moving out last year. Mr. Shahzad left around May, she said, and his wife followed about a month later.

The house was a gray, two story Colonial-style three-bedroom built in 2003, according to the real estate site trulia.com.

According to other reports Mr. Shahzad was ‘naturalized’ in April of 2009 and immediately left his house in Connecticut in May — for Pakistan. He never returned to that house. He only returned to the US in February.

Ms. Thurman said Mr. Shahzad got up early every morning and left to work nicely dressed, and had told her that he worked on Wall Street.

"I think he caught the train to New York," she said…

Investigators initially focused on a man who appeared to be in his 40s who was seen on one video, walking away from the area where the Pathfinder was parked and through Shubert Alley, which runs between 44th and 45th Streets. He looked over his shoulder at least twice and pulled off a shirt, revealing a red T-shirt underneath.

The New York police commissioner, Raymond W. Kelly, said investigators still wanted to speak to that man, but acknowledged that he might not be connected to the failed bombing.

Yes, just as we suspected. But that clip sure helped out the news media for a few days, didn’t it?

Paul J. Browne, the department’s top spokesman, said the police had stopped looking for additional video in the area that might have tracked the man’s movements.

“It may turn out that he was just somebody in the area, but not connected with the car bomb,” Mr. Browne said…

Janet Napolitano, the homeland security secretary, had said on the “Today” show that it was premature to label any person or group as suspect. “Right now, every lead has to be pursued,” she said. “I caution against premature decisions one way or the other.”

Is this the same Janet Napolitano who assured us over the weekend that this was an isolated incident and that it was not part of any larger conspiracy?

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Just a note, the original headline for this New York Times story was: “U.S. Arrests S.U.V. Owner in Times Square Case.”

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13 Responses to “NYT: US Arrests SUV Owner – From Conn!”

  1. canary says:

    The below AP article on Pakistani in custody contradicts FOX News that says the attempt was part of an “International” planned attempt. FOX is giving NYPD credit for the capture.

    Obama’s officials are dropping the ball, not looking for others involved.

    As far as the questionable quality of fertilizer perhaps they should get with global warmers who can explain how cow manure can burn up the entire earth.

    AP:Source: Pakistani in custody in NY car bomb attack
    By Tom Hays And Colleen Long May 4 2010

    NEW YORK – A Pakistani man believed to be the driver of an SUV used as a car bomb in a failed terror attack on Times Square was taken into custody early Tuesday by federal and local police officials while trying to leave the country, a law enforcement official said.

    The suspect, Faisal Shahzad, was identified by customs agents at John F. Kennedy International Airport and was stopped before boarding an Emirates airlines flight to Dubai,….. He had recently returned from a five-month trip to Pakistan, where he had a wife.

    He has a Shelton, Conn., address; a phone number listed there wasn’t in service.

    Police said the bomb could have produced “a significant fireball” and sprayed shrapnel with enough force to kill pedestrians and knock out windows.

    The U.S. attorney’s office in Manhattan will handle the case.

    As the buyer came into focus, investigators backed off other leads. They had initially wanted to speak with a man apparently in his 40s who was videotaped shedding his shirt near the Pathfinder, but they backed away as the buyer became clear. The man had not been considered a suspect, and officials said it’s possible he was just a bystander.

    The motive remained unclear. The Pakistani Taliban appeared to claim responsibility for the bomb in three videos that surfaced after the weekend scare, monitoring groups said. New York officials said police have no evidence to support the claims. It was unclear if the suspect in custody had any relationship to the group.

    The SUV was captured on video crossing an intersection at 6:28 p.m. Saturday. A vendor pointed out the Pathfinder to an officer about two minutes later.

    A metal rifle cabinet placed in the cargo area was packed with fertilizer, but NYPD bomb experts believe it was not a type volatile enough to explode like the ammonium nitrate grade fertilizer used in previous terrorist bombings.


    • canary says:

      Witnesses accounts of hearing explosion was real.

      At link scroll down to diagram of inside terrorist bomb car. Arrow pointing where fireworkers that went off, that witnesses heard. See one of unfired fireworks that look larger more like dynamite sticks. hmm.

  2. Enthalpy says:

    A secret admirer of Timothy McVeigh, no doubt.

  3. Right of the People says:

    Hmmmm, let’s see if I’ve got all the facts straight here.

    1) The person they arrested was a Pakistani immigrant who as soon as he received his citizenship leaves the US and goes back to Pakistan to later come back and build a car bomb that he places in Times Square.

    2) The Pakistani Taliban claim responsibility for the bomb.

    3) The Pakistani Taliban are in Pakistan which is where the “suspect” is from originally and just came from.

    4) The Pakistani Taliban claim they are going to launch a series of attacks, this most likely being the first one.

    Conclusion: This is a terrorist incident!

    There Miss Napolitano, I said it for you.

    (Note pertaining to number one. I would speculate that the Taliban’s thinking is that if this dude is a citizen he can claim the fifth and be protected under Miranda rights instead of being an enemy combatant. False, he can still be considered an enemy combatant but probably won’t under Oblah-blahs clown of a Attorney General.)

    Hang folks, the ride is about to get bumpier!

  4. mr_bill says:

    I wonder if this guy is an alumni of Nerobama’s madrassa. I’m sure the boy king will be willing to stick his neck out for a friend from “Pockeystohn,” as he pronounces it. Apparatchik Holder to the rescue.

    • canary says:

      Obama may need to fire recruiter Ayers. He, like the DHS Sec Pit Pull are sooo amateurish. Even reducing the number of security cameras in NYC hasn’t provided the amateurs any breaks.

      Bloomberg’s bold statement saying terrorism was not involved, made world wide news.

  5. canary says:

    Fox news said the NYC car bomb terrorist was actually on “board” the plane and law enforcement sat on plane, to watch and see if anyone else the terrorist knew were with him (update rumor is there may have been a few more escorted off with him) then he was taken off, and readhis Miranda
    Rights and clamped up.
    His Miranda Rights were read, and he clamped up..

    Fox said the terrorists had papers on him showing it was international involvment to include phone records.
    Also, he gave his e-mail address to the car owner on Graigs list.

    Finally, Obombies looking stupid creeped out saying the threat was serious. Obama did not thank the Vietnam Vet, who responded in 2 minutes from the time the car was seen pulled up via security camera.

    Obama, DHS Sec incompetent Napolitano, & “Valeri Jarret” had been busy in LA trying to catch lobsters while the NYC crisis unfolded.

    New York Times sucks.

  6. canary says:

    Maybe if officials released a photo of Shazad who says he acted alone, they could get public help and find out, if he telling the truth between scarfing down those donuts..
    Let’s hope they try to look for an Obama Doe II, before he goes too far underground.

    • chainsaw says:

      That’s funny canary…..release a photo? of a muslim?!? Only your white 40 somethings would be so lucky.

  7. proreason says:

    Here are the key facts.

    The guy just got naturalized, in 2009, and he is 30 years old.

    That means he was planted here in 1999 when he was 20 (unless there is a quicker path to become a citizen).

    Since I’m a known racist, I can say that if I was in charge of Homeland security, I’d be taking a hard look at every other recently naturalized “south asian”.

    • Right of the People says:

      That would be profiling and you know we can’t do that. We’ve got to keep looking for those 40 something white guys they’re much more likely to be dirty don’t you know. The agents in my sector are getting mighty PO’ed with Ms. Napolitano.

  8. Mithrandir says:

    Liberals are TOTALLY ignoring Islam’s beheading and imprisonment of homosexuals, the oppression of their women, and tolerating their religion whenever and where ever they want to practice it, and tip-toeing around even mentioning them in the news.


    But the cultural trains are on a collision course, and at some point, liberals are going to snap, and the Muslims will fight back. Conservatives need to speed this process along, and stop being offending by both extremes. Anyone who has even casually played the board game “RISK” knows to let your enemies beat the snot out of each other first……

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