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NYT Wants More Climate Change Agit-Prop

From the “Science” section of the New York Times:

Talking Heads Not Talking Climate

By Andrew C. Revkin

December 22, 2007

The League of Conservation Voters generated quite a bit of buzz on environmental blogs this week after it launched a new campaign pressing America’s most-watched political reporters to bring up global warming more often on all those influential Sunday talk shows. The group reviewed videotape of more than 120 interviews of presidential contenders by Chris Wallace, Tim Russert, George Stephanopoulos, Wolf Blitzer and Bob Schieffer this year.

In the 2,275 questions posed, the phrases “climate change” or “global warming” were used three times, and a total of 24 questions indirectly touched on climate or related issues, the group said.

There’s more below on the broader question of what the media can, and can’t, do to galvanize a response to the interwoven issues of climate and energy.

Here’s the League’s count of 2007 talk-show questions mentioning climate:

– Wolf Blitzer, CNN: 1 out of 311
– Tim Russert, NBC: 0 out of 664
– Bob Scheiffer, CBS: 0 out of 212
– George Stephanopoulos, ABC: 0 out of 661
– Chris Wallace, FOX: 2 out of 427

“The scientific community has warned that ‘time is running out,’” Gene Karpinski, the president of the League, said in a news release. “It is time for these journalists to focus on the human race, not the horse race.” …

Many commentators have called on the media to lead the public toward action. Some outlets, like Time Magazine, (and The Times editorial page and columnists like Tom Friedman) have taken on an advocacy role.

But polls persistently put the issue at the bottom of lists of voter concerns. Can the media make a difference?

Whatever happened to reporting the news? You know, what they used to call facts Instead of propagandizing for a dubious cause, just because it is anti-American and anti-capitalism?

Some day it will be fun to look back on all of this and mock the New York Times for its hysteria and outright mendacity. However, if The Times keep this up they will not be around to enjoy it.

People will only take so much of being lied to, day in and day out.

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