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NYT: White House ‘Tweaks’ Tax Penalty Deadline

From the New York Times:

White House to Tweak Tax-Penalty Deadline

By Robert Pear | October 23, 2013

WASHINGTON — The Obama administration said Wednesday that people who obtained health insurance by March 31 would not face any tax penalties for being uninsured in the first three months of 2014…

You see? When Obama changes the ‘Law of the Land,’ it’s just a tweak. When a Republican even suggests any changes, it’s called rank ‘sedition.’ Terrorism. Hostage taking.’

Under an earlier official interpretation of the law, people would have needed to sign up by Feb. 15 to avoid tax penalties. The administration said it was working on a policy to match up the deadlines. In effect, the administration is extending the February deadline by six weeks so that it coincides with the end of the enrollment period…

You see? Obama is just re-interpreting the law. Just like the way he re-interpreted the law that requires Congress to be under Obama-Care to mean that Congress gets a 75% premium taxpayer-provided subsidy.

Without knowing the intricacies of the federal law and regulations, many consumers had assumed that they would be in compliance if they bought insurance by March 31. The administration is tweaking federal policy to match those expectations…

You see? This has nothing to do with the website being impossible to navigate. They are just tweaking federal policy "to match expectations."

White House officials said their action was different from the type of relief being sought for other reasons by some members of Congress…

Like delaying the individual mandate for a year, or doing away with Congress’s (illegal) subsidy. Those types of relief are treasonous. They are terrorism.

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5 Responses to “NYT: White House ‘Tweaks’ Tax Penalty Deadline”

  1. mr_bill says:

    “You see? When Obama changes the ‘Law of the Land,’ it’s just a tweak. When a Republican even suggests any changes, it’s called rank ‘sedition.’ Terrorism. Hostage taking.’ ”

    Steve, you forgot “arson.” ;-)

  2. untrainable says:

    They are just tweaking federal policy “to match expectations.”
    We expected to have health insurance costs to go down by $2500 a year.
    We expected it to cost less than a trillion dollars.
    We expected to be able to keep our doctors.
    We expected to keep our insurance if we liked it.
    We expected it not to destroy the job market.
    We expected the economy to have recovered already.
    And the real hardcore Obamatons expected healthcare to be free.

    When are they going to tweak federal policy to match all those expectations? Hmmmmmm?

  3. captstubby says:

    or the most terrible crime ;
    Republicans pushing Voter ID laws !
    “Research shows that more than 21 million Americans do not have government-issued photo identification; a disproportionate number of these Americans are low-income, racial and ethnic minorities, and elderly.”

    “…have the potential to deny the right to vote to thousands of registered voters who do not have, and, in many instances, cannot obtain the limited identification states accept for voting. Many of these Americans cannot afford to pay for the required documents needed to secure a government-issued photo ID. As such, these laws impede access to the polls and are at odds with the fundamental right to vote.”
    ACLU website.

    so, somehow, you have a computer, Internet, Food Stamps, Obama phones, SS benifits, money for ObamaCare , but can’t “afford to pay for the required documents “.

    sign up on line and i bet you have to show proof of Identity.
    “oh, while you are here Online, lets register to Vote.”

    “But this is different”.

    • Noyzmakr says:

      I just came home from a doctor (PA-same price!) appointment. On the wall of the little room waiting for the PA I noticed a flyer with a picture of the receptionist on it. So, I took the two steps across the room and read the flyer. She’s a genuine Obamacare navigator and the flyer asked three questions to determine if you qualified for the ACA.

      1-Do you want health insurance?
      2-Has an insurance company denied you because you have a pre-existing condition (diabetes, stroke, ect. )?
      3-Are you currently receiving government benefits such as SNAP or WIC but are not on Medicare or Medicaid?

      If you answered yes to any or all of these question please contact XXXXXXXXXXXXXX.

      You must bring two forms of identification and one of them must be a picture ID.

      It went on to state all the needed information they would have to bring to the appointment with this navigator.

      So, as I was at the receptionist’s desk settling up the fees, I casually asked the ‘navigator’ if she was having any luck signing up anyone for Obamacare. “No, we going to give it a month before tryin’ again.” Then I asked were all her clients white. She looked at me real curious like, as we have a good relationship and she knows me pretty well, and she gave me a big smile and replied, “No. None. Why?” I told her that according to the news, black folks didn’t have any picture ID’s and making them get one was racist. She laughed out loud and said, “They’ve got all kinds of ID when it’s time to sign up for government goodies, but they won’t have one when it’s time to vote.” We both laughed and she said, “I just do as I’m told.”

      Her honesty says it all. Democrat arguments about voter ID laws is just a huge lie and they know it.

    • Petronius says:

      LOL. That’s a hoot, Noyz.

      Thanks for making my day.

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