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NYT/Obama Win – Paterson Won’t Run

From the New York Post:

Gov. Paterson drops election bid; announcement expected soon


February 26, 2010

Gov. David Paterson has told Democratic leaders that he won’t seek election to a full term amid a roiling scandal over whether he and his troopers intimidated a woman who’d reported domestic violence against one of his top aides, The Post has learned.

Paterson communicated his intentions to top advisers and supporters, saying he’ll make an announcement today, multiple sources said — confirming a Post report.

Paterson, who took over the state’s top spot when Eliot Spitzer resigned after it was disclosed that he had sex with a prostitute, is expected to say he won’t resign.

Just last night Paterson said he intended to continue his campaign, which he launched this past weekend. But he also said he would talk to fellow Democrats about his future.

Paterson yesterday was hit with a flurry of body blows following the disclosure that he called a woman who said aide David Johnson attacked her. In addition, the State Police may have intervened in the case.

Attorney General Andrew Cuomo, who likely will become the Democratic nominee for governor, is investigating what happened.

The resignation yesterday of Denise E. O’Donnell, Paterson’s deputy secretary for public safety, was the biggest jolt to the governor’s campaign.

"The fact that the governor and members of the State Police have acknowledged direct contact with a woman who had filed for an order of protection against a senior member of the Governor’s staff is a very serious matter," she wrote in a statement. "These actions are unacceptable regardless of their intent." …

At the very least this does prove that the New York Times, for all their problems, can still make or break candidates.

(In case you haven’t been following this story, The Times has played up Mr. Paterson’s latest minor scandal as if it were the biggest thing since the crash of the Hindenburg.)

Of course the lickspittle lackeys at The Times are only doing the bidding of their Democrat bosses who announced months ago they wanted Mr. Paterson out of the race. (Maybe offers of plum federal jobs didn’t work for the Governor, either.)

For the record, this is the second New York State governor the New York Times has brought down in a row.

We hope it is some small consolation for their failed attempts to bring down President Bush.

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12 Responses to “NYT/Obama Win – Paterson Won’t Run”

  1. GetBackJack says:

    Every day it looks more and more like Obama is going to be our Nicolae Ceausescu, Michelle as Elena we’re going to end up as the Romania.

  2. proreason says:

    It won’t matter.

    New York is hopeless.

    New Yorkers are hypnotized.

  3. philmarlowe says:

    Paterson has been a train wreck, but Mr. Cuomo is not an appealing alternative. As HUD Secretary under Bill Clinton, Cuomo’s strong-arm tactics contributed greatly to the sub-prime mortgage disaster.

    Rick Lazio seems like a rather tepid candidate for the Republicans. The last decent candidate for governor offered by the GOP was Lew Lehrman. Pataki was a wolf in sheep’s clothing who helped to emasculate the Republican party in this state.

  4. Bronson says:

    The democrats want this black politician to step down becuase of ethic concerns. Meanwhile Charlie Rengal is enthrolled in a slew of ethic complaints, and house democrats – including Pelosi – are defending him. This must mean they don’t have any white candidates like Andrew Cuomo interested in Rengal’s job.

  5. GetBackJack says:

    Andrew Cuomo …. Where is the Missing $59 Billion, punk?


  6. pamypo says:

    More Black on Black crime. This is dead end job anyway, no one can get this mess cleaned up. The Federal government is going to suck the cash out wall street, so the state budget will not have a chance.

  7. Mithrandir says:

    That’s the way the system works for the Democrats: They have to follow the leader, if they want to gain points in return for leveling up some time in the future.

    You want favors?
    You want a sweet gov’t job some day?
    You want payback?
    You want the media to downplay your problems?
    You want a pardon?
    You want to be invited to parties?

    Well, the system is keeping score of what you do for them, and when you come knocking, they are going to check the score-card first to see the W / L column. If you have been a ‘good Democrat’ your desires will go to the inbox of the backscratching list for sure. . .

    John McCain thought he was gaining Democrat points all along, until he campaigned against them.

  8. canary says:

    Patterson made sure his accused aid was served the restraining order immediately. The girlfriend did not even have to make the next court date. The aid’s girlfriend’s attorney doesn’t even dispute it.

  9. canary says:

    NYT should do a story on how
    Obama: pushed his white girlfriend away during an arguement, as an adult.
    Obama hung out with Bill Ayes who bombed and killed police officer
    Obama who ministered for sex offenders at his trinity church.
    Obama voted no against a bill to protect children from sexual perverts & abusers, and got his AXLE aid to scare Republicans from an ad on it. .
    Obama on the podium with Kobe Bryant, fine example for children to see.
    Obama shoved the only other black girl in his school to the ground, because the boys were teasing him that he liked her.

    I imagine Paterson has kept his long-time aid, because as a blind man, he needed someone he trusted, to not only be his eyes in a back-stabbing, dirty political arena, but to protect Peterson against SEIU Union thugs, and the violent Van Jones, Obama chose to be uppity for him.
    All the sex-offenders Obama helped at church all got jobs at ACORN,
    and are willing to traffic young girls into the country for prostitution.
    Obama is a soft hearted when it comes to terrorists who kill Americans..

  10. proreason says:

    Rush explained what this is all about.

    Patterson didn’t nominate Carolyn Kennedy.

    Don’t mess with what the thug in chief wants.

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