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NYY Caps, Obama – Popular Among Thugs

We can’t personally vouch for the reliability of this information, coming as it does from the New York Times:

Crime Blotter Has a Regular: Yankees Caps

September 15, 2010

Two men and a woman broke into a locker at a Manhattan gym in February and stole credit cards, the first in a series of similar thefts.

Three months later, in May, a young man tried to rob a Chase bank in the Bronx armed with only a note, which he slipped to a teller. She read it and stepped away, and he fled empty-handed. Weeks later, in June, a gunman robbed a Family Dollar store in Queens.

Gym-locker heists, bank robberies, daylight holdups — these New York City crimes have only one thing in common, and it is not the culprits.

It is the Yankees caps they wore.

A curious phenomenon has emerged at the intersection of fashion, sports and crime: dozens of men and women who have robbed, beaten, stabbed and shot at their fellow New Yorkers have done so while wearing Yankees caps or clothing

Yankees caps and clothing have dominated the crime blotter for so long, in so many parts of the city and in so many types of offenses, that it defies an easy explanation. Criminologists, sports marketing analysts, consumer psychologists and Yankees fans have developed their own theories, with some attributing the trend to the popularity of the caps among gangsta rappers and others wondering whether criminals are identifying with the team’s aura of money, power and success.

Since 2000, more than 100 people who have been suspects or persons of interest in connection with serious crimes in New York City wore Yankees apparel at the time of the crimes or at the time of their arrest or arraignment. The tally is based on a review of New York Police Department news releases, surveillance video and images of robberies and other crimes, as well as police sketches and newspaper articles that described suspects’ clothing. No other sports team comes close

It’s funny that the New York Times didn’t mention another phenomenon subtly noted by The Smoking Gun in their photo spread, ‘2008 Mug Shots Of The Year,’ which we have previously posted about:

We don’t know about the New York Yankees caps phenomenon.

But maybe Mr. Obama’s message of ‘redistributing the wealth’ has something to do with his popularity among the criminal class.

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2 Responses to “NYY Caps, Obama – Popular Among Thugs”

  1. Liberals Make Great Speedbumps says:

    Now I’m pissed!!!!! This is BLATANT Yankeephobia!

  2. Reality Bytes says:

    More Friends, Barry?!


    Why Can’t We Be Friends?

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