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NZ Arrests Maori, Eco And Peacenik Terrorists

From the terrorist mouthpiece, Al Jazeera:

New Zealand in first terror raid

New Zealand police have arrested more than a dozen people in a series of raids across the North Island in the first operation under the country’s Terrorism Suppression Act.

Media reports said Maori and environmental activists were the main target of Monday’s arrests carried out after months of surveillance.

Police Commissioner Howard Broad said police received information that a number of people had taken part in training camps involving the use of firearms and other weapons.

“It was military-style activities they were training for,” Broad said.

“Based on the information and the activity known to have taken place, I decided it was prudent that action should be taken in the interests of public safety.” …

Broad said several firearms were found and at least 14 arrests made involving people of various ethnicities.

Media reports said Maori sovereignty campaigners, environmentalists and “peace” groups were implicated.

Fairfax Media said the arrests were the culmination of months of work by a police anti-terror unit which recorded hours of bugged conversations, carried out video surveillance, and tapped mobile phone calls and text messages…

What a great idea.

“It was military-style activities they were training for,” Broad said.

Apparently “peace groups” are the same all over the world.

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